Huffington Post report claims Wayne Allyn Root is running for President

The Huffington Post published an article today about the “the more than 300 lesser known Americans who have registered with the Federal Election Commission to run for the highest office in the land.”  Those mentioned include Green Party candidate Mike Ballantine, and Independent candidates “Naked Cowboy” Robert Burck and “Average Joe” Schriner.

The article also claims that Libertarian National Committee member Wayne Allyn Root is running for president:

The smart money may be against a third party candidate, but sports handicapper Wayne Allyn Root, hopes to be the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. The Las Vegas resident served as the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008 and points to England, where a third-party candidate was able to make an impact in the last election after turning in a great debate performance.

Root is also the executive producer for the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” He believes a one-year tax holiday would have been more successful at saving the economy than the stimulus package passed by Congress was. Root would like to introduce a flat tax.

His vocation as a sports handicapper on radio and TV stations isn’t much different from the profession of a stock analyst, he said, noting that critics point to his occupation to marginalize him.

But, Root believes a sports handicapper is well suited to understand the country’s character.

“America is the biggest gambling nation in the world, especially when it comes to gambling on small-business creation,” he said. “It’s the risk-taking entrepreneurs that made America great.”

Despite the report, Root has not filed with the FEC as a presidential candidate and is not currently seeking the Libertarian Party (LP) nomination. Nevertheless, he is often mentioned as a potential vice presidential nominee.

Candidates actually seeking the LP nomination include former air traffic controller RJ Harris, activist R. Lee Wrights, and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

40 thoughts on “Huffington Post report claims Wayne Allyn Root is running for President

  1. matt cholko

    I am not a fan, but I am absolutely certain that he is not stupid enough to run against johnson. I cannot picture wayne getting into a situation where he is almost certain to lose.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    He listed on his website until fairly recently that he was running. I don’t know when he changed it, but it was definitely only the last month or two.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    “He listed on his website until fairly recently that he was running.”

    Not exactly. He made it a point to call himself himself (and others, presumably prompted by or cribbing from him, also called him) “the frontrunner” for the 2012 presidential nomination, had a volunteer recruitment form, etc., up, but didn’t formally declare that he was running.

    In 2007, he declared in May, declared that he hadn’t declared in July, started toying again with declaring in September, and re-declared in November. So toeing the “haven’t actually declared” line this time around is a bit of an improvement on the message clarity end of things.

  4. Humongous Fungus

    @4 do a search for

    Go to the most recent archived page at this time, Jul 25 2011

    Go to Wayne’s Bio

    It reads in part (emphasis added):

    This REAGAN LIBERTARIAN was the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee and is today the leading contender for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential nomination. He is an elected member of the Libertarian National Committee (the #1 vote-getter in the country); serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee; and Vice Chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party.

    In fact it still says that right now (2/19/12) at

    This is outdated information however, as Root has indicated more recently that he is supporting Gary Johnson.

    Thanks for this article though; I didn’t know RJ Harris was a former air traffic controller.

  5. ralph swanson

    I had a laugh over that article too, then hustled here to see if you had it.

    Last I knew Mr. Root’s aim was to become a Senator from Nevada. He’s already served without complaint in appointive office as a Libertarian. I think as Senator he could do some good.

  6. NewFederalist

    I had not heard that Root was interested in a Senate race. When was that possibility discussed? Forgive my asking but which party nomination would he be seeking?

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    ” the #1 vote-getter in the country”

    Wow, this guy just doesn’t quit. He was indeed the top vote getter for an At-Large Member, as I recall,
    but that was only AFTER he was NOT the top vote-getter for chair.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    I’ll also post my thoughts of WHY Root isn’t running to be the LP’s candidate: he’s not sure he’d win (probably wouldn’t, in fact), and he can’t risk having to explain that loss to his Tea-Partier friends, who believe he’s the # 1 guy at the LP (because he’s told him that). Gary Johnson announcing was a great “out” for Wayne.

  9. Alan Pyeatt

    Dennis @ 10: Yes, as much as I disagree with WAR, he deserves to be given credit for creating the concept of the “Reagan libertarian.”

    I guess that makes me an “Ed Clark/David Bergland libertarian,” because I voted for actual, bona fide LIBERTARIANS instead of a drug warrior who tremendously increased federal spending, wasted the lives of 200 of our soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, bombed Libya without Congressional approval (sound familiar?), invaded Grenada without Congressional approval, militarized our police forces, and destroyed what was left of posse comitatus in this country.

    Yeah, that guy was some libertarian, all right. 🙁

  10. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    I’m sure the term “Reagan libertarian” pre-dates Root.

    Reagan has always had fans (as well as detractors) among libertarians.

  11. wolfefan

    Wayne’s a Reagan Libertarian who dislikes most of Reagan’s achievements, except for lowering the top marginal tax rate.

  12. Mario Conde

    @ 9 New Federalist

    Wayne has discussed running for U.S. Senate and represent Nevada. He stated that on his book “Millionaire Republican” and “The Conscience of a Libertarian”. Wayne has stated that he needs to become a well known nationally political figuere before running for President or Senator.

    I think he might challenge Harry Reid in 2016.

  13. wolfefan

    That’s what he claims, but he’s wrong. He knows he’s wrong, too – it’s just an effort to tie himself to Reagan, as most people who want to reach conservative voters do. If Reagan were running for president today, he would not win the GOP nomination and Root would not support him for the Libertarian nomination. His record is far too liberal for Root and/or the GOP.

  14. wolfefan

    Hi Mario @17 – well, Root must already be well known nationally, since he has already run for president. He’s said here that he needs to re-make the LP in order to have it in good shape for his run in 2016. I’m watching to see how he does with the Nevada LP, since he has de facto control of it.

  15. Darryl W. Perry

    One could also read WAR’s comments at

    “There?s no need to debate. Whatever happens under a President is his responsibility. Just as all of you wrongly accuse Reagan of massive debt increaes?when in reality it was Top O?Neill who was most responsible.

    It doesn?t matter. Reagan was the boss. The buck stops here.

    That?s why Reagan also gets credit for greatest economic turnaround in history?and the greatest expansion of economy ever.”

  16. Alan Pyeatt

    Root’s Teeth @ 14: “I’m sure the term “Reagan libertarian” pre-dates Root.

    Reagan has always had fans (as well as detractors) among libertarians.”

    Fine. Come up with a source to prove me wrong, and then I’ll have even less reason to give him any credit. Doesn’t really matter much to me one way or another.

    But FWIW, I never heard the term before Root spoke it. Then again, I’ve generally been fortunate enough to spend my time with real libertarians.

  17. Here's a radical idea

    Root for US Senate from Nevada.
    As a Libertarian.
    In the next few years.

    So what if he actually won in this sparsely populated state. How many other Libertarians been elected to Federal office?

  18. wolfefan

    Hi @20 and @21 – I was thinking more of specific policies rather than general results or what Wayne says about Reagan. Reagan greatly expanded US military presence abroad and assistance to freedom fighters and resistance movements. Reagan enacted a negative income tax with the EITC. Reagan greatly increased deficits. Reagan expanded the reach of the federal government in many areas. Reagan increased defense spending by a huge amount. Reagan regularly and often compromised with his political opponents and was an incrementalist. Reagan did not aim bile and invective at his opponents. Reagan respected the working poor who did not make enough to pay income taxes. These may or may not be good things – but they are all things that Wayne has either rejected in his blog posts or on his website.

  19. paulie

    Root for US Senate from Nevada.
    As a Libertarian.
    In the next few years.

    So what if he actually won in this sparsely populated state. How many other Libertarians been elected to Federal office?

    You are serious? You don’t think it would matter if an LP candidate were to be elected to the US Senate?


    For some reason I thought you had some kind of aspirations towards pragmatism?

    Any alt party electing a US Senator would be a big deal for that party and alt parties in general in the modern era.

  20. Wayne Root

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I’ve been away for 5 days in NY on media tour…lots of TV and radio.

    So I just saw this…I have no idea where Huffington Post got this idea. I’m not running for President…I’ve stated loudly I’m not running for President…I helped to recruit Gary Johnson so the LP would have a credible, respectable, and nationally-recognized POTUS candidate.

    And to my knowledge…I never did any interview with HuffPost. Although I do so many media interviews per day, it’s possible I did one and can’t remember. Unlikely. But you never know. More likely is I did an interview in the past year before I decided not to run, and the freelance journalist that interviewed me sold it to HuffPost. But it’s old and out-dated news.

    I was on former NY Governor David Patterson’s show while in NY. He introduced me as the next LP Presidential candidate. That’s how he opened the interview. What an honor to have Governor’s of major states thinking I’m Presidential material…but I quickly corrected him and told him I’m aiming for 2016.

    But the LP should be thrilled the mainstream media seems to know my name. Because they’ve never had a LP candidate’s name on their lips before.

    That’s a good thing. Think how big my name recognition will be by 2016.

    I want to run after Obama factor is over. He is bigger than life and sucks all energy out of the air. Almost all conservatives will vote GOP to beat Obama. Almost all liberals will vote Obama to keep him in office. In the end this will be difficult year to get anyone’s attention away from Obama or anti-Obama. I understood that…so I’m not running. I’ll save my powder for day when a strong media personality can run as third party Prez candidate and have credible chance to win.

    In meantime LP could not ask for a more impressive candidate than the 2-term Governor of New Mexico who never raised taxes, who kept spending down, and led the nation in vetoes.


  21. bruuno

    Don’t worry Mr. Root, the only articles on the Huffington Post that normal people take seriously are the ones they link from other sources. Kind of like Drudge for liberals.

  22. Steven R Linnabary

    I want to run after Obama factor is over. He is bigger than life and sucks all energy out of the air.

    I’d be willing to bet that the democrat and republican in 2016 will also suck. And they’ll still get all the media air. And purported “liberals” and alleged “conservatives” will still perform mental gymnastics to rationalize their irrationality.

    I wish you would concentrate your efforts on this years open US Senate race in Nevada. That alone could shore up the now moribund Nevada LP.


  23. wolfefan

    Hi Wayne –

    With respect, you know very well where HuffPo could have gotten this idea – from your own website, which says you are THE leading contender for the 2012 LP presidential nomination. If you’re serious about endorsing Johnson, you’d get your website updated so that there’s no confusion. It’s just my opinion and this isn’t intended disrespectfully, but if you can’t keep track of what is on your own site or what your own publicists are doing in your name, it raises serious questions about whether you can keep track of a political party or a government. If you keep expressing amazement that some folks think you’re a candidate in the face of numerous people pointing out in this and many other thread(s) that your own website implies that, it raises serious questions about either your reading comprehension, your attention to detail, or your honesty.

    BTW – Steven R Linnaberry is giving you much better advice than anyone who is encouraging you to think nationally. You are far better known in Nevada right now than you ever will be nationally. Most voters don’t like to elect a president with no experience in government whatsoever.

  24. Dan Ciammaichella

    Palin…err…Root is deliberately being ambiguous. He should just run…he’d fit right in with the current cast of clowns. None of the Above – 2012!

  25. Jill Pyeatt

    I think Root running for Senate in his state is a really good idea. It would be an opportunity for those of us wary of him to see how he represents our party when it comes down to really getting votes. If he does it right, I might very well be interested in backing him in 2016. I am NOT being sarcastic here.

  26. Steve

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Root should run for Mayor of Las Vegas. Admittedly, it might be a demotion from “king” but it would give him a chance to prove to his critics that he can win for the LP, give the LP a mayor of a major city, and be a great springboard for higher office. I believe the office comes open in 2015, think about it Wayne!

  27. William Saturn Post author


    I agree. He should definitely run for the Heller seat, and if he loses then perhaps run for mayor.

  28. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    I doubt Root would run for a Nevada senate seat on the LP ticket. His Tea Party fans would accuse him of “stealing votes” from the Republicans.

    That’s one reason, I think, Root avoids running for local or statewide office. He’d have to choose between the LP and GOP, and either choice would upset part of his customer base.

    He’d only run LP or GOP on a fusion ticket, or if one of the other parties choose to sit it out.

  29. Darryl W. Perry

    If memory serves correctly, there was a contingent at the Nevada LP convention in 2010 that tried convincing Root to run for US Senate. Instead, Root declined and NOTA was chosen instead of Jim Burns.

  30. Carol Moore

    I mean City Council of Las Vegas. Hey, the guys at the hotel running the LP convention probably owe him a big favor and can contribute heavily.

  31. Timmer

    Root ran in ’08, lost the Libertarian nomination to Bob Barr, and became his running mate.

    Isn’t Gov. Gary Johnson running for the Libertarian nomination?

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