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Americans Elect presidential candidate Buddy Roemer defeats both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich in the Puerto Rico primary

According to the results from the Green Papers,  former Louisiana governor and current Americans Elect (AE) presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, who previously ran as a Republican, came in third place yesterday at the Puerto Rico Republican presidential primary.  He received more votes than both former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Congressman Ron Paul.

Roemer won 2,622  votes (2.21%) behind first place Mitt Romney, who had 98,375  (82.88%), and second place Rick Santorum, who received 9,524  (8.02%). Gingrich finished fourth with 2,431 votes (2.05%), while Paul came in last place with  1,452  (1.22%).  Paul actually received less votes than gay rights advocate Fred Karger, who won 1,702 (1.43%).  There were 2,590  write-in votes.

Roemer ended his Republican Party presidential campaign last month after announcing he would seek the Reform Party nomination. He has run for the AE nomination since December, and leads all announced candidates on the organization’s website with 1,745 supporters.

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who announced he would seek the nomination last week is second with 517.


  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger March 19, 2012

    Buddy Roemer was listed first on the Puerto Rico ballot.

  2. Trent Hill Trent Hill March 19, 2012

    Thanks, Richard.

  3. RJo RJo March 19, 2012

    Ron Paul has 6107 supporters at AE followed by Jon Huntsman at 2198, and neither has even declared an independent run yet.

  4. Jose C. Jose C. March 19, 2012

    Raun Paul you are the weekest link. Good by!

    Or in the board room:

    Ron Paul you have not won a primary, you have not won a caucus, you have finshed last in the Puerto Rico primary finishing behind Buddy Roemer. Ron Paul your fired!

  5. Jose Can't Spell Jose Can't Spell March 20, 2012

    Raun Paul you are the weekest link. Good by!

    Ron, not Raun

    weakest, not weekest

    Good-bye, not Good by

    Ron Paul your fired!

    you’re, not your

  6. S. Marty Pantz IV, Esq. S. Marty Pantz IV, Esq. March 20, 2012

    Being pedantic may win you some spelling bees, but little else.

  7. Jose Can't Spell Jose Can't Spell March 20, 2012

    If someone makes one mistake, that may be overlooked. It would be pedantic to correct.

    But if someone makes four mistakes, then that just cries for an intervention.

  8. Dan Reale Dan Reale March 20, 2012

    Puerto Rico is not a state.

    It can’t have any electors in the electoral college.

    It has zero say in who becomes president.

    This isn’t even relevant at all.

    It’s like saying “Buddy Roemer placed third when the Swiss voted on who should be the next president. Ahead of him were Mr. War on Porn Santorum and Mittens Obamacare Romney because the Swiss were so disillusioned with their ability to influence the outcome that they voted for the yokel they thought would be popular to endorse unless they voted merely in protest. After polls closed, the Swiss wished that the actual 50 states would take their meaningless expression into consideration.”

  9. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | March 21, 2012

    Puerto Rico has 23 delegates in the Republican Party nomination process.

    Your analogy does not work. Switzerland is not an American territory.

  10. RedPhillips RedPhillips March 21, 2012

    Give Puerto Rico their independence now. It should have been done a long time ago.

  11. paulie paulie March 21, 2012

    Red and I agree, although probably for different reasons.

  12. Trent Hill Trent Hill March 21, 2012

    Puerto Rico doesn’t actually want independence, Red, I don’t think. Look at the polling, I’m pretty sure they want to remain a commonwealth (wouldn’t you? All the rights, no income tax).

  13. paulie paulie March 21, 2012


    Do you think the US should admit any other country that may like to join? I realize the US has been occupying Puerto Rico for over a century, but the same held true for Cuba, the Philippines, etc., for decades.

    Should they have been kept as part of the US if the majority there voted for it?

  14. Humongous Fungus Humongous Fungus March 22, 2012

    Viva libertad!

  15. Melty Melty March 24, 2012

    At the rate Buddy Roemer’s been picking up supporters at Americans Elect, he’ll surpass Jon Huntsman within a few days and go way beyond.

    Since Rocky Anderson declared, he too has picked up supporters quickly. Before the first round of voting in early May, Anderson’ll almost certainly exceed Bernie Sanders, and maybe Jon Huntsman too.

    Still, nobody’s catching up to Ron Paul. For picking up supporters at AE, Paul seems unassailable, even though he shows no interest whatsoever in their nomination. I wonder if he’s even heard of it.

  16. paulie paulie March 24, 2012

    One serious recruiting effort will swamp all that by orders of magnitude.

  17. Nick Nick March 31, 2012

    He was on the top of the ballot. It’s not unheard of for people to vote for the top name, and is a known phenomenon.

  18. Nick Nick March 31, 2012

    Never mind that last one, I posted that in the wrong tab. Gah.

  19. NobodyAskedMe, But NobodyAskedMe, But March 31, 2012

    As stated above by Richard Winger, Buddy Roemer was listed first on the Puerto Rico Ballot. His name begins with “Ro” just as Romney, who won by a landslide. Both of their names have six letters. Roemer did not campaign at all in Puerto Rico. Do you really think the voters there intended to vote for Roemer? Have any of them ever heard of Roemer or knew he was on the ballot?

  20. George Phillies George Phillies March 31, 2012

    @5 It appeared that a sarcasm warning tag might have helped.

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