New York Conservative Party Picks Senatorial Nominee Wendy Long

The Conservative Party of New York has nominated as its senatorial candidate Wendy Long, who is in a three way primary for the Republican Party’s nomination.

New York’s Conservative Party nominated a strong social and fiscal conservative, Wendy Long, as its Senate candidate on Monday — handing Long’s Republican Party bid a significant boost but also threatening to divide Republican voters.

The endorsement from the small but influential party was a coveted prize sought by all three Republican candidates, who will face off in a June 26 primary. The winner of that race will run as the GOP candidate in November U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, in a bid to be the first Republican to win a senatorial contest in New York since 1992.

Wendy Long has promised she will run until November, regardless of whether she wins the Republican Party’s nomination in April.

4 thoughts on “New York Conservative Party Picks Senatorial Nominee Wendy Long

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    S. MArty Pantz,

    Why? Long polled the highest amongst the NY GOP delegates at their state convention and almost won an outright majority (48%, I think), while her two opponents got around 25%.

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