Tom Hoefling is the America’s Party Presidential Nominee

I was over at Politics1 and ran across this news. As far as I know IPR has not previously reported on this.

Tom Hoefling has been nominated to be the Presidential Candidate of America’s Party. J.D. Ellis is the Vice Presidential nominee.

The America’s Party used to be referred to as America’s Independent Party. I’m not sure when the name change happened.

20 thoughts on “Tom Hoefling is the America’s Party Presidential Nominee

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    Many may recall that Tom Hoefling was the Campaign Director (not sure that is the exact title) of Alan Keyes’ 2008 campaign and managed Keyes’ bid to get the Constitution Party nomination.

    America’s Independent Party (now apparently America’s Party) is the party that Keyes and his associates formed after he lost the CP nomination battle, and is the party that the California AIP is still officially affiliated with as far as I know.

  2. Don Grundmann

    Tom Hoefling is a cog in the ultra-corrupt SPLC/ADL/Republican Establishment Criminal Enterprise that, using Alan Keyes as a front man, attacked the CP and filed fake documents with the California SOS office to achieve their current state recognized control of the Party. The entire Criminal operation/Enterpsrise, inclusive of Hoeflings involvement, is documented at Hoeflings running for President; as minimally a moral criminal for his actions in the Keyes attack, is an attempt to keep up one of the key, yet secondary, reasons for the attack – to draw off conservative time, money, and energy and hence, like any parasite, drain the opposition to his real masters/controllers. He, as a mole within the conservative movement, is a fraud and a front man for the conspiracy, involving Keyes, to attack the conservative movement from within. In the history of our nation many criminals have probably run for President. Yet it is disheartening when a coward, liar, and mole like Hoefling declares for the office. It shows that his criminality has not yet been defeated and his ongoing attempt(s) to betray our nation are continuing. Divine justice will ultimately bring him to his knees, and lower, but until then the nation, and countless people, must suffer from his parasitic attacks against our Republic.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman REAL American Independent Party and the Constitution Party of California

  3. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    It’s been some 3 years since the Keyes faction beat the CP faction for control of the AIP.

    Since then, has the CP faction made any attempts to retake the AIP via their state convention process?

    If not, why not?

    If so, why has the CP faction not been successful?

  4. Trent Hill

    I’ve worked on numerous campaigns now, and have interacted with hundreds during the course of my political journalism and blogging work.

    Never, ever, have I met a man more arrogant than Alan Keyes. And never have I seen a worse-run campaign than the one Tom Hoefling was in charge of in 2008. It was just awful.

  5. Peter Gemma

    If only Alan Keyes was an inept candidate whose campaign was run by inexperienced fumblers/bumblers. That would be good news.

  6. RedPhillips

    “It’s been some 3 years since the Keyes faction beat the CP faction for control of the AIP.”

    RTAA, they didn’t “beat” the CP faction. The CA Sec. of State made a lazy decisions because she considered it a low stakes insignificant matter. The problem is that what is low stakes for an elected Democrat is very high stakes for people in third party land.

  7. RedPhillips

    RTAA : “Since then, has the CP faction made any attempts to retake the AIP via their state convention process?

    If not, why not?”

    paulie: “Because they are not invited to the conventions.”

    I’m not sure the CP faction ever settled on that as a strategy. My impression is that both sides continued on each claiming legitimacy, with the CP faction hoping to win their lawsuit. Since the lawsuit didn’t go their way on a technicallity I’m not sure there has been a concerted effort to retake the AIP.

  8. Paulie

    Pretty sure I remember Grundmann saying he was planning to attend one of those and Seidenberg telling him he was not welcome to do so in past IPR comments. I’m not motivated enough to look it up at the moment. Maybe later, maybe not.

  9. RedPhillips

    Paulie, you are correct, but I think that was a Seidenberg Grundmann thing. I don’t know if there was every an effort to overwhelm the Keyes faction AIP with sheer numbers from the CP faction.

  10. Paulie

    I also seem to remember Seidenberg saying that other Grundmann allies were not welcome either.

  11. Don Grundmann

    Paulie/Red – At the fake 2010 convention of the Seidenberg/Robinson/Noonan Criminal Enterprise our REAL AIP faction had more than enough votes to vote out their corruption. Their solution? Simply deny our people 1) entrance into their ” convention;” and 2) the right to vote. They called the cops ( 6 cars came ) to have us thrown out. Problem solved. They then rely on their army of Republican lawyers, and the indifference of the Secretary fo State, to defend their criminality. You have to remember that this was essentially a $1,000,000 theft. There is too much money on the line for them to allow any ” vote ” to stop their Criminal Enterprise.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman REAL American Independent Party and the Constitution Party of California

  12. Timmer

    Good grief, guys. Whoever ultimately wins will inherit a shell at the rate you’re all going.

    I believe America’s Party dropped “independent” to avoid being confused with the CA AIP, the remnant of George Wallace’s party.

  13. Trent Hill

    Avoid being confused with it? It’s the only active state affiliate and the entire reason for naming their party that to begin with…

  14. paulie

    DG @13 Yes, that was what I seemed to remember you saying before. Seidenberg too, although of course he characterized it differently, but the underlying facts are the same (my original answer @6).

  15. RedPhillips

    Timmer, I agree with Trent. I think the original America’s Independent Party name was an intentional ploy so that it would have the same initials as the American Independent Party.

  16. Jennie

    Tom Hoefling is one of the nastiest political grifters I have ever had the misfortune to cross paths.

    There is one reason for this folly, like in all of Alan Keyes endeavors, follow the money. Hoefling is an uneducated hillbilly who can’t hold a job. The only money he makes is donated.

    Ask yourself, would you vote for a man who has qualified for food stamps his whole life?

  17. paulie

    If you are going to make allegations, proof helps. You may or may not be accurate about Hoefling and food stamps, but how would I know?

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