JL Mealer Drops Out of CP Race, Endorses Robby Wells

Businessman JL Mealer withdrew today from the race for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination, and formally endorsed former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells.

In his message, Mealer attacks CP frontrunner and former U.S. Congressman Virgil Goode, and claims that he himself will one day be President of the United States.

Mealer writes:

I am following up with this email and a letter to simply inform you that due to my discrepancies with national —for whatever reason, perhaps I struck a wrong chord last year when I announced my campaign[?] and the “Catch-22” Rule that will not allow states to back me without national recognizing me first… Which they refuse to do– as of last night’s debate I have suspended my campaign with the Constitution Party until a reasonable man can take control of the helm on April 22nd as the new National Chairman.
I have thrown my full support behind Robby Wells.
You know where I stand on corruption and bribery and fraud. That being said, I stand with the LAW and the Constitution and I urge Mr. Goode to drop out of the race and cut his ties with the Constitution Party.
Addressing Mr. Goode:
Sir, whether your Congressional voting record is correctly registered or not and your ties to defense contractors and donation  records properly recorded by the FEC and on record as well, THE STIGMA ATTACHED TO YOU ALONE with past ‘pay-for-play’ (votes) will ruin this party. It is in the best interest of the Constitution Party and for America if you drop out of this CP nomination and save face for yourself and the thousands, hopefully millions who have already and who will back the CP candidate in November.It only makes sense. Sometimes past mistakes and transgressions of the magnitude of yours cannot be forgiven nor forgotten. Sadly, your votes and indiscretions by manipulating defense budgets and appropriations, whether intentional or not, are beyond reproach.
This nation is on it’s last legs as a free nation and we need leadership with clear cut goals and no baggage that can be used against him while the mess is cleaned of the corruption. I suggest we get behind Robby Wells as I have done and make this a win for America and the Constitution Party.
I will be President in 2016-2020… So let’s not give me anything more to have to deal with when I clean house.