CNN Article on Americans Elect

This article addresses in detail Americans Elect’s troubles specifically, and addresses challenges to third parties generally. Hat tip to Kevin Thompson.

The fledgling group’s inability to coalesce around a candidate points to the difficulty of breaking into a system heavily weighted to favor Republican and Democratic politicians — and the struggles of attracting mainstream candidates willing to forgo parties for an independent run.

“Part of the problem was, they couldn’t get serious candidates to throw their hats in the process,” CNN contributor John Avlon said in assessing Americans Elect.

Often seen as “spoilers” for candidates in mainstream parties, third-party candidates are nothing new in presidential elections…

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6 thoughts on “CNN Article on Americans Elect

  1. paulie

    and addresses challenges to third parties generally.

    Maybe should classified under 3pg in addition to nlr?

  2. Richard Winger

    This is off the subject, but we had a very useful ballot access victory today in court. The early deadline for new parties to get on the ballot in California was enjoined. This will help other similar lawsuits now pending in Oklahoma, Alabama, North Carolina, and Montana.

  3. ralph

    When even what looks like the CIA’s pet third party is stymied, it shows what Libs and Greens have achieved (and still have to do) fighting this crazy ballot -access ‘system.’

  4. Green Party Voter

    The CNN story opens with the historic cliches, and gets worse.

    All of these mainstream media stories, as usual, ignore the Green Party. Ignore that the Green Party is running outstanding well qualified candidates for not only President of the United State. The Green Party and Independent Greens are running for local, state, and federal office. Greens are running strong candidates for Governor, U.S. House, U.S. Senate. The Greens are a real nationwide party in the U.S.

    This group from AE should move over and form an alliance now with the Green Party.

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