Indiana: Libertarian Candidate Dumped By State Party

For lying during the application process about a previous criminal history, a Libertarian Party candidate for office has been dumped by the state party in Indiana.

During the application process, potential candidates are asked if they have any prior criminal history. Bowman indicated he did not.

Upon further investigation by the party, it was discovered Bowman did have a criminal record which includes felony indictments in Tippecanoe County.

Bowman will not longer be receiving the endorsement of the state party, but it is unclear whether he will continue his race or not.

14 thoughts on “Indiana: Libertarian Candidate Dumped By State Party

  1. Roger Roots

    “Felony indictments”? Not a conviction? Legally speaking, unless there are more facts, this individual has not been convicted of any crimes and has no criminal record. An arrest record and a criminal record are generally thought to be two different things.

  2. Stephen VanDyke

    I agree this sounds a little hasty if all he had was an indictment and not a conviction. He seems adamant about fighting this “slander” but it’s clear the deck is stacked against him:

    On the other hand this is certainly one way to make ensure LPIN stays above reproach.

    Ever been arrested for anything? GTFO the ballot! Yeah, you… 2004 presidential candidate who got arrested at the presidential debates!


  3. Trent Hill Post author

    Yeah, they removed him for lying on the application moreso than his accused crime.

  4. Sam Goldstein

    Mr. Bowman has two felony convictions and multiple misdemeanor convictions on his record and is said to me over $12,000 in arrears on child support payments. When asked to provide information so we could verify his claims that someone else was doing all this bad stuff we were told that he did not have a driver’s license or social security number. We were also told that he was born in Phoenix, AZ and the Chec Republic, that his children were actually his fathers children.

  5. Jerry Titus

    THAT was the papers spin.

    Joe Bowman the candidate was alleged to be Joseph J. Bowman, Jr by his ex-wife’s family. He was given repeated opportunity to prove his identity, and didn’t.

    The Joseph J. Bowman, Jr listed in Court dockets shares the same birthdate Joe the candidate provided, and the same address that Joe the candidate listed on his business cards.

    Joseph J. Bowman, Jr has three felony convictions and a string of misdemeanors. His ex-wife’s attorney has him owing over $12,000 in back child support. They have a hearing May 24th in regards to visitation and support.

    Joseph J. Bowman, Jr’s court docket history can be researched here:

  6. Carol Moore

    Looks like the guy got caught for carrying weed, drinking while driving, other driving offenses. Don’t know if he had a contract with wife to pay child support, though he should be morally obligated, assuming she’s not filthy rich and he’s poor. Lying about it all. Part of a rather wreckless pattern. Hopefully an honest person just busted for weed would not have a problem being a candidate in LPIN.

  7. Carol Moore

    So Libertarians arrested for smoking or carrying or growing or selling even THE GODDESS GANJA would not be allowed to be candidates in LP IN. Wow! And people will vote for Rutherford for chair. Something tells me most of them WOULD allow a hard core secessionists to run. Or would they use military force against them??

  8. Carol Moore

    So if some narc planted the goddess on Gary Johnson and got him busted, they’d withdraw support too. What if he didn’t pass a piss test??

  9. Jerry Titus

    You misunderstood me Carol.

    “an honest person just busted for weed would not have a problem being a candidate in LPIN.”

    I concur with that statement.

    Our state law prevents anyone who has a felony conviction of being a candidate for local or state office however.

  10. Carol Moore

    DAMNED LAWS!!!! Thanks for the correction. Of course, this is a great way to make sure few BLACK MEN are candidates for office, with the cops busting them and prosecutors jailing them way out of proportion to numbers. Really sad….

  11. Jerry Titus

    Joseph J. Bowman, Jr was successful at getting two felony convictions commuted to misdemeanors – one for possession.

    He tried repeated times to have his remaining three commuted but was denied because he failed the terms of his probation during all three, having arrest warrants issued a number of times, and ending up doing hard time instead of the probation/house arrest he was sentenced to.

    Our State legislature recently passed into law a process where people with non-violent felonies, and who have proven to have lived lawfully since, can have their felonies expunged.

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