Steve Stockman Boasts Endorsements From Constitution Party Players

In 1994, Republican Steve Stockman (R-TX) upset longtime incumbent Democrat Jack Brooks in an east Texas congressional seat. While he lost two years later, during that time Stockman forged tight links on the ‘constitutional conservative’ right.

Now Stockman is running for Congress in TX-36. He faces Baytown businessman Steven Takach in a Republican primary runoff on July 31st. Stockman touts a variety of endorsements from figures connected to the Constitution Party on his website. These include 2004 CP presidential nominee Michael Peroutka, 2008 CP presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin, CP founder Howard Phillips, and 2010 American Constitution Party gubernatorial nominee and former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO).

Stockman voted for Baldwin for President in 2008. In 2006 Stockman attempted to run for Tom Delay’s congressional seat in TX-22 as an independent after Delay resigned, but he failed to gather enough signatures to make the ballot in the resulting special election.

Stockman also has some connections to the Libertarian Party. Stockman claims to be endorsed by Campaign for Liberty, the outfit created by Rep. Ron Paul (the 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee, R-TX) in the wake of his 2008 presidential campaign. However, that group cannot formally endorse candidates due to certain laws associated with its non-profit status- it simply offers questionnaires to candidates. Stockman also has an endorsement from the Paul-connected Republican Liberty Caucus. Stockman supported and actively campaigned for Ron Paul during his 1988 Libertarian presidential run. Paul himself has not endorsed in the race.

A final endorsement from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is also interesting. Rohrabacher has longstanding connections to the libertarian movement, whose early runs for office were supported by 1980 Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate David Koch, with his active involvement in Young Americans for Freedom before libertarians were purged from that body in 1969. More can be read on Rohrabacher’s connections to the libertarian movement in Brian Doherty’s book Radicals for Capitalism.

All of Stockman’s listed endorsements here.

6 thoughts on “Steve Stockman Boasts Endorsements From Constitution Party Players

  1. Gene Berkman

    Young Conservatives of Texas is listed as endorsing Steve Stockman. YCT was formerly Texas Young Americans for Freedom, until 1981 when they split off.

    YCT had no dispute over issues with YAF. They just did not want to share their fund-raising list.

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