Jill Stein Campaign Reports Details on Matching Funds Success

Posted at JillStein.org:

We are very proud to announce that Jill Stein is the first ever Green Party presidential candidate, and as of July 1st, the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate, to secure the necessary public support to qualify for federal matching funds!

The Stein campaign has released a semi-final report of donations raised in its Double Your Green campaign, as follows below. Tomorrow, July 2nd, Dr. Stein will issue a statement regarding the importance of this victory.

Matching funds map

The first $250 donated by any adult citizen or legal resident is counted by the Federal Election Commission as a qualifying donation, and will be doubled once the Stein campaign’s application for matching funds has been approved. To gain approval, the campaign must demonstrate that it has raised at least $5000 in qualifying donations in each of at least 20 states.

Donations in states that have already qualified are still welcome, not only for their own sake, but more importantly because they provide a margin of safety to ensure that the Stein campaign is approved for matching funds. Additionally, once we have been approved, every dollar donated up to $250 per donor will be matched, regarding of the state of residency of that donor (if you live in Wyoming, your donation will be matched).

The following table (below) shows cumulative qualifying donations ($250 or less) per state. As of July 1st, 2012, 22 states had passed the threshold. These states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

State Qualifying Donations as of 7/1
MA $ 19,604.16
NY $ 18,945.28
CA $ 17,790.61
WA $ 9,964.05
IL $ 7,218.00
MN $ 6,383.70
CT $ 6,172.12
WI $ 6,010.99
TX $ 5,987.10
AZ $ 5,948.50
MD $ 5,942.05
NJ $ 5,925.00
PA $ 5,917.85
FL $ 5,838.95
CO $ 5,720.10
OR $ 5,705.00
MI $ 5,522.78
NC $ 5,433.00
OH $ 5,355.02
VA $ 5,154.90
NM $ 5,135.10
DC $ 5,124.55
TN $ 2,368.00
ME $ 1,690.00
MO $ 1,750.00
IN $ 1,555.00
SC $ 944.12
AL $ 850.00
GA $ 843.00
IA $ 769.05
VT $ 706.11
DE $ 650.00
RI $ 610.00
HI $ 570.00
AR $ 450.00
NH $ 443.00
UT $ 395.00
AK $ 385.00
NE $ 375.00
NV $ 312.47
ID $ 265.00
KY $ 195.00
KS $ 111.02
ND $ 110.00
LA $ 78.00
MT $ 75.00
OK $ 45.00
WV $ 40.00
MS $ 20.00
SD $ 10.00

14 thoughts on “Jill Stein Campaign Reports Details on Matching Funds Success

  1. Richard Winger

    Jill Stein is not the first Green Party presidential candidate to qualify for primary season matching funds. Ralph Nader, the Green Party nominee in 2000, received $664,151 in primary season matching funds. Nader declared his candidacy for the Green Party nomination on Feb. 21, 2000. He then won the party’s presidential primaries in California, New York, the District of Columbia, and New Mexico. The party nominated him on June 25 at its national convention in Denver. The vote was Nader 295, Gaskin 10, Biafra 10. It is misleading for the Jill Stein campaign to ignore the 2000 election.

  2. Deran

    Is the Green Party trying to expunge it’s political history?

    Even if this is just a case of campaign enthusiasm, I’ve seen this claim in various contexts around the internet, and is very unfortuante.

    If Stein is going to be able to pull in $200+k the GP should have a better chance at broader ballot access this year.

  3. Indy

    Maybe they just didn’t know about Nader getting matching funds?

    Stein will get at least 200k off this, as the minimum match is 100k. That should certainly help with their ballot access.

    Interesting that she got a contribution from every state except Wyoming.

  4. Green Party success

    The Green Party, and Dr. Stein continue to win back former Greens, and add new Greens from the ranks of the two larger parties, and Independents.

    It is a great success for the Greens, and the friendly, collaborative, and intelligent campaign Dr. Stein has run, and continues to excel…

    Congrats to the Greens.

    Now it’s all about ballot access.

  5. Richard Kuszmar

    Well then she is the First Green since Nader to qualify. That is a feat in itself given she does not have Nader’s name recognition or his fundraising base. After all the luminaries of the Left all went back to the Dems after Gore’s defeat.

  6. Steven Berson

    The campaign calling Dr. Stein ” the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate” is also a debatable assertion – considering Rocky Anderson is on his own Justice Party ticket – not to mention the likes of Stewart Alexander (Socialist Party USA) and a few other nominees for other parties with the word “socialist” in their descriptor. Admittedly only the Green Party candidate will have enough ballot access for a theoretical win of the Electoral College though. I think Jill Stein is super smart (even if I disagree with her economic policies and her idea of the role of government) and very charismatic, and obviously a relatively good organizer – so I do in fact think the GP has a pretty strong candidate with her.

  7. Nick Kruse

    @6, the following is the quote about the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate:
    “We are very proud to announce that Jill Stein is the first ever Green Party presidential candidate, and as of July 1st, the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate, to secure the necessary public support to qualify for federal matching funds!”

    What she said was that she is the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate to receive primary matching funds. This is a true statement unless you think Gary Johnson is a progressive, which he is not.

  8. Krieger

    Technically, Ralph Nader was never actually an official “Green Party member” even though he was the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000. So maybe that is what the Stein campaign means. Regardless, this is a significant achievement, considering that the 2004 and 2008 campaigns were not able to accomplish it. And there is still time for the Green Party to get on more states’ ballot lines than in any election since 2000.

  9. Brian

    It looks like with all that added up, the total comes to $187,413.09 that is available for the government to match. Impressive.

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