New Mexico IAP Candidate 277 Valid Signatures Short of Ballot Access

Jon Barrie submitted over ten thousand ballot access signatures to the New Mexico Secretary of State in late June, but the state has ruled that he is 277 valid signatures short of the required number (6,018).

On August 1, the New Mexico Secretary of State informed Jon Barrie that he doesn’t have enough valid signatures to be on the November ballot as the Independent American Party nominee for U.S. Senate. He would have been the first minor party or independent candidate for U.S. Senate on the New Mexico ballot since 1996 if he had had enough valid signatures. He was told he lacks 277 valid signatures.

The state requires 6,018 valid signatures. On June 26 he had submitted 10,279 signatures. He had already successfully collected 3,009 signatures on a different petition to qualify the Independent American Party. New Mexico, alone among the states, requires a newly-qualifying party to submit one petition to qualify itself, and then separate petitions for each of its nominees (other than presidential nominees).

Barrie had created the Independent American Party mostly as a vehicle so that he could run for U.S. Senate. If he had run as an independent, he would have needed 18,054 valid signatures. He will contest the finding that he did not have enough valid signatures.

Thanks to a reader for bringing this to IPR’s attention and to Ballot Access News for the information.

8 thoughts on “New Mexico IAP Candidate 277 Valid Signatures Short of Ballot Access

  1. R. D. Holland

    I never realized how important an issue “ballot access” was until this election….

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    No, Deran. It’s affiliated with the national IAP–a previously completely inactive party. It’s a shame, Barrie really should get involved with the CP, instead. He’d have national support, and he would’ve had a few extra volunteers on the ground in NM–might’ve gotten those extra 277 valid sigs.

  3. NewFederalist

    “I never realized how important an issue “ballot access” was until this election….”

    Neither did Virgil Goode. I suspect he will pay dearly for that lack of knowledge.

  4. Peter Gemma

    Although Friday, August 10, is the final deadline to review signatures at the Secretary of State’s office, today Jon Barrie and volunteers were told “no more decisions or explanations will be made by this office.” Barrie campaigners were reviewing some 528 pages of petitions looking for mistakes made by the Secretary of State’s office in their process of disqualifying signatures. They believe they already found 40-50 signatures worth a second look by election authorities.

    The campaign was told they can go to court if they wish. The Barrie campaign has secured legal counsel on a temporary basis to enter a plea (injunction) to have the district court allow the campaign more time to review signatures the Secretary of State rejected. The court then has 10 days to reply.

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