Rocky Anderson Comments on Peace and Freedom Party Convention

In an e-mail, Justice Party presidential nominee, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson had this to say about his decision to skip the Peace and Freedom Party convention last week, despite having won its primary in June:

It was apparent to me that the trip to California and attendance at the convention would be futile.  It seems the sole concern for most people, at least the leadership, associated with Peace and Freedom Party is continued ballot access for the party.  It’s understandable, to a point.  But it seems to me that one’s seriousness as a candidate (including one’s record of achievement, demonstrated commitment to the major issues, and experience), and commitment to continuing on with a movement for change, should be more important when considering a candidate.  It seemed clear that because of the celebrity of Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, they would be chosen as the party’s nominees, although they are only now entering the race.  I’ve got a lot of productive work that needs to be done for our nationwide campaign and I probably already spent far too much time, energy, and money with Peace and Freedom Party’s various events — including candidate debates in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.

18 thoughts on “Rocky Anderson Comments on Peace and Freedom Party Convention

  1. NewFederalist

    Perhaps he should have let Virgil Goode in on the nasty little secret of California-only parties!

  2. Q2Q

    Maybe, if he chose someone like Cindy Sheehan or someone who is better known as his VP, maybe Rocky would have won the PFP nomination and California ballot access.

  3. PH

    Had he worked more closely with the Cat Trot Alliance, he would have probably built more than enough support. 😉

  4. d

    Anderson is the most logical successor to Ralph Nader. But when he decided to leave the Dems (which was questionable–he should have run against Obama first) he should have built bridges with the Greens. Ballot access restrictions should motivate us to co-operate and establish common fronts.

    After November the Greens, Justice Party, Peace and Freedom, left-Libertarians, peace activists…should sit down and work out a common front.

    Anderson would be a good spokesman for such a front. Anderson is correct about left/right labels being worse than useless. He appeals to the left/right constituencies necessary for a broad movement and his ‘justice’ focus is appropriate to present circumstances.

  5. just saying

    Barr and Sheehan both talk a lot about justice for war criminals. Seems like a logical choice for pro-justice voters.

  6. Austin Cassidy

    @2 – I think you’re right on. Had Anderson chosen someone with Peace and Freedom Party ties for VP, he probably could have made a much stronger case for their nomination.

    As it is, it’s kind of hard to blame the PFP, a party that’s been plotting a way to go national for several years. Anderson is clearly committed to building the Justice Party, and any alliance would have been a temporary one that would have greatly benefited Anderson’s campaign and done little/nothing to expand the Peace and Freedom Party itself.

  7. Deran

    And BAN is reporting that the Liberty Union in Vermont has nominated Stewart Alexander, the SPUSA candidate, so that’s another state Anderson will not be on the ballot. Unless the Progs nomiante him, which I doubt. Anderson seems well intentioned, but he is no Ralph Nader.

    I figured the LU would nominate Stewart, but I was hoping they would nominate Barr/Sheehan.

    I hope that as the SPUSA continues to disentegrate most of those folks will decide to help build a national Peace and Freedom Party.

  8. ctomp

    @9- out of curiosity, why do you prefer the P&F over the SPUSA? I’m not a leftist, so would like to hear your opinion on why one would make a better natioanl party than the other.

  9. AC

    “””After November the Greens, Justice Party, Peace and Freedom, left-Libertarians, peace activists…should sit down and work out a common front.””””

    As a greedy Libertarian, I’d prefer to see as much of that as possible be folded into a big tenet left-centrist-right LP, while the remainder can continue squabbling over the People’s Liberation Party of America vs. the American People’s Liberation Party.

  10. Krieger

    Rocky Anderson should have sought the Green Party’s presidential nomination rather than trying to create a new, redundant “Justice Party.” I’ve followed the Justice Party since its creation and I’ve seen no noticeable ideological differences between it and the Greens. Both are left-liberal/soc-dem type parties with a special interest in the environment, gay marriage, etc.

  11. Deran

    @10. I realize P&F has a lot intrastate baggage, but they don’t have the historical baggage the SPUSA. I feel like the national SPUSA siphons off energy into a failed project and is stuck in a culdsac. IMO. I also find the P&F easier to relate to because their socialism is more feminist and anti-racist, AND specifically multi-tendency, so it can be more of a broad front democratic socialist organization.

  12. Laine

    It’s sad to see the general decline of leftist third parties in the United States since Nader ran in 2000. The time was a lot different then and under 8 years of Clinton prominent liberals were ready to rally on a progressive outside of the Democratic party. But now it seems the right has more extreme disenfranchised Conservatives who may be willing to run third party. I don’t know that Johnson or Goode will poll very well but they both have experience in elected office and may draw votes from the two major parties.

    As far as Johnson, I don’t believe he will have to close to the impact and influence Nader have. I think Barr has experienced quite a bit of Media coverage and it’s a shame she didn’t start to campaign as either P&F or as an independent candidate until so late in the game.

  13. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Is Stein getting as much media as Barr or Anderson ?

    With all due respect Why should anyone who opposes all FORCE and FRAUD join forces with those who wish to force conformity?

    Gov. Gary Johnson will have ballot access to over 98% of the voters. He welcomes each of us to be LIBERTARIAN just this one time. Become a part of this historic effort….

    Make your third party vote matter more. With your help he might just pull enough votes to make a difference.

  14. ctomp

    @13 – thanks for your point of view. It will be interesting to see if the P&F can obtain momentum from Barr/Sheehan and build nationally after this November.

  15. Laine

    It would be great to see momentum build but isn’t the Peace and Freedom party in danger of losing ballot access after this election? Will Barr/Sheehan draw enough votes in November or register enough new party members to assure that the P&F party continues even within California?

  16. Gene Berkman

    Laine @ 17 – the vote for President does not affect ballot access in California.

    A party in California retains ballot access if either it retains adequate number of registered voters, or if one of its candidates for Constitutional office (Governor etc) receives 2% of the vote. So all the alternative parties are in danger of losing ballot status after the 2014 election, if none of their candidates makes it past the top two primary.

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