Scott Gesty “Dog Days of August” Money Grenade Announced

Delaware Libertarian US House candidate Scott Gesty is challenging incumbent Democrat John Carney in a three-way race for the US House.
According to Delaware LP Chair Steven Newton,
The Republican entry into the race is so weak that the Libertarian will be Carney’s main opposition.  We have the chance to put the very first Libertarian candidate radio commercials on the air and really get Scott into the race, while promoting Gary Johnson at the same time.  But we need the fundraising help.  From 5-15 August we need to raise $1,300 to put Scott on the air.  Scott’s campaign team will dig into their own pockets and match every dollar you send.  No contribution is too small!
Donations can be made, and more detailed information can be found, here:

6 thoughts on “Scott Gesty “Dog Days of August” Money Grenade Announced

  1. Joe Buchman

    An email received today reports:

    “the Gesty money grenade piece on IPR netted us $100, which by Libertarian Party of Delaware standards is good money.”

    Keep those contributions coming in folks!

  2. Steve Newton

    We’re getting traction here–they have now moved to shut Scott out of candidate debates, but the newspapers are actually covering the story

    We are within striking distance of the money necessary to put Scott on the radio–please help!

    We can actually beat the GOP nominee and position ourselves as the major opponent to the Democrat if we can just crank in about another $500!!

  3. Erik Viker

    I wish Libertarians would find another way to describe fundraising efforts. Tyrants use bombs and grenades.

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