Merlin Miller’s Final Plea to Voters

American Third Position (A3P) presidential nominee Merlin Miller wrote the following as final plea to voters ahead of Election Day:

“America has entered a period of critical testing and our actions in the next few years will determine whether we survive as a constitutional republic and world leader.  Many people are starting to recognize the myriad of problems that our corrupted political process and controlled media have enabled on behalf of global elites – and new, truthful answers are being sought.  My candidacy and the platform of the A3P have no viable prospects for this election cycle, but our movement is poised for incredible growth as we uniquely and honestly appeal to America’s middle-class and traditional values.

“A Gathering of Eagles” is on the near horizon and I believe that America will rediscover its true strength of character and once again become that positive beacon for the rest of the world.  I ask that voters study the issues and do the right thing.  Honor our constitution and the vision of our founding fathers and give our progeny a future, rather than continuing to support the lesser of evils.  Vote for truth, justice, liberty, and peace.  Thank you and God bless you. Merlin Miller, author of “Our Vision for America” (”

Merlin Miller Ballot Access:

Yellow denotes ballot access. Orange denotes write-in certification.

14 thoughts on “Merlin Miller’s Final Plea to Voters

  1. Larry West

    I don’t know where you developed your map from, but according to, he is NOT on in Utah, according to, he is not on in Florida, and shows he’s not on in Delaware.
    Other than states that allow anyone to be written in, he can be written in only in Maryland and West Virginia.

  2. Larry West

    #7 obviously is not me. If Miller has access in Delaware, why is he NOT listed on their website? I even gave the link. The filing deadline for write-ins in Delaware was somewhere around Oct. 1st. Surely by now they would have put everyone allowed on their website.
    Note that I said that he WAS on in Maryland. This, added to your lying about who you are, makes me even less willing to consider Miller. You are not being a very positive representative of him.
    My prediction is that Santa Claus gets more write-in votes than Miller.
    P.S. If you could show me a link to a place on the Florida government website that says that all write-in votes are counted, I would appreciate it.

  3. John C Jackson

    It’s not “better than a vote for Obama or Romney.” If that’s your only choice, it’s best not to vote. While I prefer to vote for a “third party” candidate if given a tasteful option, I’m certainly not going to support an unknown or known reprehensible third party candidate just because. I voted for an (I) Senate candidate I’m not that familiar with, but I did check to see if he was a nazi first. He might be or might not be, but I made a reasonable effort to find out. I left much of my ballot blank, because I could not research 40 candidates for non-partisan offices and I didn’t want to vote for a dozen un-opposed Republican incumbents.

  4. just independent

    @7 An independent candidate, no matter his views on race or whatever, is almost certainly less of a nazi than the R&D candidates backed by the nazis at Goldman Sachs or whatver; and would therefore result in less applied nazism.

    Obama is an applied nazi who has killed thousands of people. Voting for Obama is voting for war crimes and murder. @3 is absolutely right in that aspect. This Miller (AFAIK) has killed no one; whereas Obama voters have blood on their hands.

    Also @7 note that there is a good chance a corrupt pollworker filled in your ballot for you where you left it blank.

  5. paulie

    This Miller (AFAIK) has killed no one;

    He would if he could but he can’t so he won’t.

    Romney hasn’t killed people either that I know of (unless it was with Romneycare), but I’m sure he would have killed plenty had he been elected.

  6. A3P

    @Peter Orvetti – Miller is a Vietnam Veteran and a West Point Graduate. If he heard you say that he would hand you that one tooth you have left.

    And Merlin Miller has 4 daughters who graduated West Point. Each one of them could kick your pansy ass.

    Have a nice day.

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