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LNC Accepting Nominations for Vacated Secretary Position

This was sent out in email today.

Dear Libertarian,

After Ruth Bennett was elected to the Continental Elementary School District Board in Green Valley, Ariz., last fall, she found that she is no longer able to dedicate the time needed to fulfill her duties as secretary for the Libertarian National Committee. As such, she has resigned from her post. I wish to thank Ms. Bennett for all she has done for liberty.

I have appointed Dr. James Lark to serve as secretary pro tem. He will perform all required functions of the secretary until the LNC has selected a new secretary. My thanks to Dr. Lark for stepping up to the plate during this transitional period.

Dr. Lark has informed the LNC that he does not intend to seek the position on a permanent basis. He still remains a regional representative, and will only cast one vote on any LNC proceedings.

I intend for the LNC to select a new secretary as soon as possible. The process will be as follows:

We will be accepting self-nominations for secretary immediately, and nominations will close at midnight on Jan. 24, 2013 (Eastern).

Shortly thereafter, the secretary pro tem will submit a mail ballot to the LNC to vote for a new secretary. The mail ballot rules provide for a voting period of 10 days. If no nominee receives the required majority vote, we will proceed with the same basic procedure we use in convention — drop the lowest and vote again.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit your nomination to Please note that all LNC members are expected to attend committee meetings 3–4 times a year held at locations around the country at their own expense.

My intent is that we have a new properly appointed secretary in place before our March 16 & 17 LNC meeting in Chicago.

As of today (Jan. 14, 2013), I have received self-nominations from David Blau of Massachusetts, Chuck Moulton of Virginia, and Gary Johnson of Texas (no relation to our 2012 presidential nominee).

Yours in liberty,

Geoffrey Neale
Chair, National Libertarian Party

About Post Author

Jill Pyeatt

Jill Pyeatt is a small-business owner and jewelry designer from Southern California. She currently serves on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of CA. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young January 16, 2013

    @20, Robbie Wells would be a great candidate. Because he has alienated every conceivable faction through his self-serving antics, he would be beholden to no one on the LNC. And because he seems unable to stay in any given party for more than a couple of months at a time, he could be easily and quickly replaced. Finally, his insane egotism would cause people to miss Wayne Root, thereby healing one of the most painful breaches in the LP in recent years.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist January 16, 2013

    I nominate Robbie Wells!

  3. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | January 16, 2013

    We won’t turn you away in California, Chuck, even if you pick the northern part of the state instead of the southern part.

  4. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton January 15, 2013

    Ted Brown wrote (@17):

    Chuck Moulton seems to have forgotten that he was also a member of the LP of California and even served on our state executive committee.

    I’ve held numerous positions in the LP that I didn’t list there:
    * At-large member of the Libertarian Party of California state central committee
    * Election committee chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
    * Website committee chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
    * Montgomery County representative to the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania board
    * 10th congressional district chair to the Libertarian Party of Virginia state central committee
    * Political development committee chair for the Libertarian Party of Virginia
    * Communications committee chair for the Libertarian Party of Virginia
    * Financial development committee chair for the Libertarian Party of Virginia
    * etc.

    (I won’t go fish out the dates for all those positions.)

    I enjoyed being involved with the LP in Pennsylvania, Alabama, California, and Virginia. I wasn’t trying to denigrate any state or any LP position by failing to list everything I’ve ever done in my candidate statement. I just figured it was better to focus a little and use space to talk about why I’d make a good secretary rather than providing a long CV.

    Maybe I’ll end up in California after I finish my Ph.D. I liked the bay area and the California LP a lot.

  5. Ted Brown Ted Brown January 15, 2013

    Chuck Moulton seems to have forgotten that he was also a member of the LP of California and even served on our state executive committee.

    In any event, both Chuck Moulton and Gary Johnson of TX are excellent and experienced candidates, and I could easily support either one. I don’t know David Blau, so can’t say one way or the other.

  6. paulie paulie January 15, 2013

    Makes sense, but I don’t think that will be an issue this time. We have several good candidates.

  7. George Phillies George Phillies January 15, 2013

    @12 NOTA< if you are following convention rules, is always an option. If you do not have NOTA, you can end up with a candidate unacceptable to the majority of the committee being elected. If NOTA wins, you are not bound by the Bylaws, and you can reopen the nominations.

  8. paulie paulie January 15, 2013

    Maybe it’s an option.

    But we’re going to have additional rounds of voting if we need them.

  9. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton January 15, 2013

    NOTA should always be an option — even for filling vacancies. If there is not a candidate that can earn majority support, seek more candidates.

  10. Paulie Paulie January 15, 2013


    NOTA is not an option in filling a vacancy, as far as I know.

    What would happen would be that there would be no LNC until the next convention. We’d be unable to submit, vote for or approve motions, or have official minutes of meetings, etc.

    We could have Secretar(ies) pro tem, but Dr. Lark is not interested in doing that for the whole term; he will just help for emergency purposes until the vacancy is filled, hopefully quickly.

    The “brokered convention” had nothing to do with the Secretary.

    NOTA won over the candidates that ran for Chair; you would have to change the bylaws to eliminate NOTA, which I would not support, but maybe you do. That would be up to the delegates at the next convention, perhaps with input from the bylaws committee.

    The questionable rulings during the convention came from the Chair, not the Secretary. The most questionable one(s), IMO, were made by Bill Redpath filling in as Convention Chair while Mark Hinkle turned over the gavel while he was a candidate. However, Bill is not solely responsible, as those rulings were challenged and upheld.

    All the Secretary did was tally, record and announce the votes. I’m not aware of any controversies there.

  11. Paulie Paulie January 15, 2013

    Email from Geoff Neale:

    I have received the following from Ruth Bennett:

    “Dear Chair Neale,

    I formally resign as Secretary to the Libertarian Party National Committee.

    Personal, professional and health reasons preclude my continued service.

    I deeply apologize for my failings and hope the members of the Committee can forgive them.

    Please know that my dedication to Liberty remains steadfast.

    Ruth E. Bennett”

    At this time I wish to formally thank Ms. Bennett for her many years of dedication and service to both the LP and the liberty movement as a whole. I know that her recent election to school board is adding a significant amount of work for her, and I personally think that it is far easier for us to replace an internal officer than it is to replace an elected official. We have a strong pool of qualified candidate to fill the Secretary role. I wish her well in her future work for liberty.

    Geoffrey Neale
    Chair, Libertarian Party

  12. Dave Terry Dave Terry January 15, 2013

    I’m going to support NOTA!

    My question is; What if NOTA wins?

    Will we have another disgusting “brokered”
    election like we had at the convention?

  13. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | January 15, 2013

    Wow, I feel much better now that I know other people are as Internet-addicted as I am. I do manage to sleeep through the night without an urge to check what’s going on, however.

  14. paulie paulie January 15, 2013

    I often do that too.

  15. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton January 15, 2013

    I wake up in the middle of the night… only sleep 2-3 hours at a time, then check my computer for 15-20 minutes and go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours.

  16. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young January 15, 2013

    Chuck checks his email every 3 hours while he’s sleeping? Wow, and I thought I was an obsessive email checker.

  17. Paulie Paulie January 15, 2013

    Gary E. Johnson
    2001 Parker Lane, Apt. 134, Austin, Texas 78741
    Member since 1981, Member M-000025186

    Libertarian National Committee:
    * Secretary, 1 term.
    * At-Large Member, 2 terms.
    * Regional Representative, 4 terms.
    * Served on the Advertising and Publications Review Committee, the Ballot
    Access Committee, and the Mailing List Committee and as Public Relations

    Libertarian Party:
    * Delegate, 14 conventions.
    * Member, Credentials Committee, several conventions.
    * Member, Platform Committee, 1 convention.
    * Monthly Donor, Liberty Pledge.
    * Life Member.

    Libertarian Party of Texas:
    * Secretary.
    * Member, State Executive Committee.
    * Delegate, State Convention, 16 conventions.
    * Member, State Convention Credentials Committee.
    * Newsletter Editor.
    * Libertarian of the Year, 1990.
    * Candidate of the Year, 1992.

    Libertarian Party of Travis County:
    * Chair.
    * Secretary.
    * Member, County Executive Committee.
    * Newsletter Editor.

    Libertarian Party Candidate:
    * U.S. Senator.
    * U.S. Representative.
    * State Senator.
    * State Representative.
    * Presidential Elector.
    * Non-partisan candidate for Mayor, City Council, School Board, and
    Community College Board.

    No conflicts of interest.
    I acknowledgment that my travel expenses are my responsibility.

  18. Paulie Paulie January 15, 2013

    In the meantime here is Chuck’s application as a comment:

    I nominate myself for the open position of LNC secretary.

    Please vote for me.

    Bullet point qualifications:
    * wants the LNC secretary job
    * willing and financially able to attend all LNC meetings
    * checks email regularly
    * detail oriented
    * have substantial time to dedicate to the position
    * served on the Libertarian National Committee
    o 1 term as vice-chair (2006-2008)
    o 1 term as regional alternate (2004-2006)
    * served as secretary of LP organizations
    o Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (2005-2006)
    o Libertarian National Congressional Committee (2005-2006)
    o Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (2011-present)
    * served as chair of LP organizations
    o Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (2006-2007)
    o Libertarian Party of Virginia (2012-present)
    * Professional Registered Parliamentarian
    * attorney
    o admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & California
    * proficient at MS Word and MS Excel

    I’ve spoken with most of you extensively at LNC meetings and national conventions. However, I’ll provide a bit of background on my credentials and approach to the position for those less familiar with me.

    I’m a donor, an activist, and a past candidate. I’ve been a Life Member of the Libertarian Party since 2006 and I pledge $100/month to both the national and Virginia LP. While vice-chair of the LNC I chaired the 2/17/2008 LNC meeting, half the 7/3/2006 LNC meeting, and portions of the 2008 national convention. I had perfect attendance both terms I served on the LNC. The past 4 national conventions I have distributed charts detailing attendance and roll call votes of LNC members as well as documents assisting with region formation. I created the Libertarian Party Facebook page (which now has over 255,000 fans) and collaborated with Arvin Vohra on the Social Media Ambassadors concept. In my many roles as a local and state LP activist I’ve never shied away from tedious work such as stuffing 500+ piece mailings. I ran for U.S. Congress in 2004, participating in 5 televised debates.

    I’m currently a Ph.D. student in economics at George Mason University (the most libertarian economics program in the world). I’ve finished all coursework, and am currently working on my dissertation on free banking (money without government). I’ve taught Money & Banking, International Economics, and Mathematical Economics to undergraduate economics majors at GMU. I’ve also earned a M.A. in economics, a J.D. in law, and a B.S. in mathematics.

    This year I have abstained from teaching or taking classes to focus on writing my dissertation, which affords me substantial flexibility in my time. I devoted a considerable portion of the fall academic semester to libertarian activities, including several weeks defending a petition challenge in Pennsylvania. Although I felt it was important to focus on my job as chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia during the presidential election (and would not have sought a LNC position then), I now have ample free time to dedicate to the Libertarian National Committee.

    I’m not seeking this position just to get a vote on the LNC. If that were my goal, I could have run for at-large at the convention or sought the at-large opening when Wayne Root resigned. My skills are well-suited for the specific position of secretary.

    I’m detail oriented. I frequently submitted corrections of minutes and agendas to LPVA secretary Marc Montoni and to past LNC secretary Bob Sullentrup. I alerted Alicia Mattson to an error in the delegation chairs manual this April (the membership total for region formation was incorrect). I served on an ad-hoc committee overhauling the LNC policy manual in 2009. Additionally I served on the bylaws committee in 2008, 2010, and 2012. I know Robert’s Rules of Order backwards and forwards as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. When I have been secretary of organizations in the past, I routinely distributed draft minutes within 24 hours — sometimes within an hour — of the meetings.

    I’ve been a transparency advocate. I distributed LNC attendance and roll call votes to the delegates the past 4 conventions. I championed getting the minutes archive back on the website when it was removed by staff during a website overhaul. I’ve done live reporting of LNC meetings to Independent Political Report — with more accurate vote tabulation than draft minutes.

    I’m a technology buff. Roll call votes don’t have to slow the meeting down. Use of a projector (which I own) would let people verify their votes in real time and see the text of motions. Motions could be emailed or transferred to the secretary via a USB flash drive, as many LNC members use laptops at meetings. At national conventions election votes can be tabulated much quicker if state results are entered on multiple laptops in parallel and merged with USB flash drives onto a central laptop.

    I’m accessible. I check my email religiously: every 5-10 minutes when at my computer, every 15-60 minutes from my iPhone when out and about, a maximum of every 3 hours when sleeping or at the gym. Mail ballots would not fall through the cracks with me as secretary. I carry my cellphone with me everywhere, welcome phone calls at any hour, and hardly ever am unable to be disturbed to answer or return a call for more than an hour at a time.

    In a larger sense as a LNC member my priorities would be moving the party forward through buying a building, leveraging technology and social media (CRM/CMS, website, email lists, Facebook), and running as many candidates as possible (using the national office to facilitate candidate recruitment, candidate training, and candidate advertising).

    We need more young people on the LNC (I’m 33 and young at heart). We need more technology enthusiasts on the LNC (I practically double majored in computer science). We need less controversy on the LNC (I am well-liked across all factions).

    In my opinion the timing (after the presidential election) and the character (secretary) of this LNC opening are both great matches for what I can offer the Libertarian Party. I hope even those of you who are already committed to another first ballot choice will be open to me as a compromise candidate in latter rounds.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone (215-768-6812) if you have any questions. Thanks!

  19. Paulie Paulie January 15, 2013

    Nick and anyone else backing Chuck,

    Please email the LNC with your letters of support.

    The same would go for those backing other candidates for the vacancy.

    I support Chuck and will put up his letter of application today (unless Jill or someone does it first). David Blau is also supposed to send us a longer letter today so I will put that up if I get that before I head out. Gary Johnson (TX) sent us the same thing as he did for At Large …which was already posted as an IPR article. Not sure if we should post it again, update the date or just link it in the other articles.

  20. Nicholas Sarwark Nicholas Sarwark January 15, 2013

    I would urge the LNC to elect Chuck Moulton to the position. He is highly detail-oriented, has a track record of performance both on and off the LNC, and would be an excellent Secretary.

  21. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | January 15, 2013


    Dear Secretary Pro Tem Lark,

    I, Gary E. Johnson, am officially self-nominating for the vacancy for the unexpired term for national secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.

    Attached is an information sheet that is the same as the one I used when I recently ran for the at-large vacancy.

    If I need to do anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Gary E. Johnson

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