Libertarian Party HQ: Membership, Staff Reports

Attached are two reports I have received via the LNC list. One is the monthly membership/trends report we receive every month from HQ staff, the other is the staff report about activities of the national office since our last in person meeting in mid November of last year (sent out in preparation for our next such meeting in Chicago over St. Patrick’s day weekend).


Staff Report for March 16-17 2013 LNC Meeting

If readers have questions to submit to staff, please put them in the comments. I will do my best to get you answers.

One thought on “Libertarian Party HQ: Membership, Staff Reports

  1. Steven Wilson

    As I read the meeting sheet, I came across something I think might be an error. Because it reads like a surrender.

    “Because the state is very unfriendly to third parties, OK Libertarian Richard Prawdzienski notes that OK LP is not organized today. He wants help setting up a PAC in lieu of being able to get Libertarians on the ballot.”

    Or maybe this is just one LP members idea and not the entire team of OK.

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