Cathy Reisenwitz: Why Ken Cuccinelli’s Oral Sex Law Means No Libertarian Should Ever Vote for Him

By Cathy Reisenwitz

Found originally on the Libertarian Party’s Facebook page


Oh Virginia gubernatorial candidate and state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. You are so damn crazy. You just launched a website whose sole purpose is to promote the enforcement of Virginia’s unconstitutional ban on oral and anal sex. Double down, indeed.

“It’s for the children!” You say. Well, technically you say ”Keep Virginia Children Safe!” But all the law has done is keep 90 people on the sex offender registry, which is pretty useless in terms of safety and extremely problematic in terms of who gets included and residency restrictions. So good job.

Some libertarians want us to look beyond Cuccinelli’s backwards and unconstitutional legislative maneuverings because his intentions there are good and because he says he’ll lower taxes. But that’s kind of the difference between a libertarian and a Republican, isn’t it?

A Republican says it’s okay to grow government when a Republican is president. It’s okay to grant vast new powers of surveillance and detainment if it’s for national security. It’s okay to start wars in foreign countries if it’s to spread democracy. It’s okay to violate individual liberty and discard the principles of limited government if you’ve got a good reason.

But the libertarian says, “Well, no, not really.” The libertarian points out that the point of limited government is that government can’t be trusted do just do what you want it to with the powers you give it. The libertarian points out that as soon as you give government vast surveillance powers, it will use it to spy on enemies not of the people, but of government itself.

Laws are serious violations of liberty. It’s beyond ridiculous to sit back and trust government, as some even “libertarians” have done, to only use sodomy laws to punish child molesters. We KNOW FOR A FACT that sex offender laws are currently being used by racist parents to punish 18-year-old black boys who date their white high school daughters, or homophobic parents to punish their kids’ queer girlfriends.

So no, it does not matter to me that Cuccinelli might have good intentions. Which terrible, terrible laws aren’t justified that way? This law is wrong. A judge has already ruled it unconstitutional. It will not survive further judicial scrutiny. It’s a clear violation of individual liberty. All such laws end up being used to screw vulnerable people.

Every time Republicans and libertarians sit back and say it’s just fine, you still have my vote, when our politicians do stuff like that, we’re wrong.

Besides, as soon as you make blowjobs illegal, only criminals will give blowjobs. Or something.

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Cathy Reisenwitz is a D.C.-based writer and political commentator. She runs Sex and the State and writes regularly for Doublethink magazine and Thoughts on Liberty.

Her writing has appeared in the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, the AFF Free the Future blog, the Individualist Feminist and Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist.

When not fighting the state, she reads girl blogs, tech blogs, politics blogs and career blogs. She loves non-fiction books (currently on a positive psychology kick). And she spends a good chunk of time at Gold’s Gym.

She lives with her boyfriend Igor and sister Evelyn, also libertarian freedom fighters both employed at IHS, in beautiful Arlington, VA.

64 thoughts on “Cathy Reisenwitz: Why Ken Cuccinelli’s Oral Sex Law Means No Libertarian Should Ever Vote for Him

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Cathy writes the article about small ‘l’ libertarians, but the article created a stir on the Libertarian Party’s FB page, so I’ve posted it here.

  2. William Saturn

    Is Cuccinelli committing political suicide before our eyes?

    According to the CDC, between 2006 and 2010, about 80% of men and women aged 15-44 years engaged in oral sex with a member of the opposite sex.

  3. Dave Terry

    I’m sorry to inform you, Virginia; THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS! And IF you desire to enjoy this forbidden fruit. DO IT IN MARY LAND!

  4. Andy

    “William Saturn // Jul 23, 2013 at 12:50 am

    Is Cuccinelli committing political suicide before our eyes? ”

    Let’s hope so.

  5. Erik Viker

    Libertarians even considering supporting Republicans is part of why I stopped contributing to the Libertarian Party.

  6. Peter Gemma

    Politically, it’s difficult to argue against Cuccinelli’s stand: he’s framed it around the conviction of a guy in his 40s having sex with 16/17 year old girls. Mainstream voters are creeped out by that. As a dad of a 14 and 18 year old girls, I’m not moved by philosophical arguments or by some kind of racist cabal.

    Will laws protect all teens and even be applied unfairly in some cases? No – and yes. That’s reality.

    Yes, technically consensual sex starts at 15 in VA, but I’d wager most parents don’t know that and a hugh majority would be opposed if it would come to a vote. I lived in VA for 25+ years and did not know that – I should have.

    Smart move by Cuccinelli: there is only a minuscule voter bloc that says, “yeah, my kids can have sex with people way over their age. Heck, it’s a free will thing.”


    Next he will appeal to the voters because, unlike his opponent, he didn’t marry a thespian or matriculate at college.

  8. Shane

    Peter, good point but still risky politically. Basically, Cuccinelli is saying he was absolutely no respect for the law in keeping this one on the books.

  9. Peter Gemma

    @8 … A little righteous indignation goes a long way in politics – what he may lose in court he will make up on the political battleground. “I’m defending our children” may or may not be refuted by citing court cases and in long discussions of philosophy and ideology, but bumper stickers have proven clout in elections.

    Cuccinelli’s on the side of parents – and especially grandparents – who say “what is this world coming to?” when reading that some judge ok’d 40 year olds having sex with teen girls.

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    It’s absolutely absurd to have these laws on the books which concern private, consensual behavior between two people. I don’t buy this is “for the kids”. Parents need to teach their kids to behave responsibly, and keep an eye on them until they’re old enough to make the right choices. It’s not the government’s business.

  11. George Phillies

    From what I read here, the issue is that the judge applied the legal age of consent law in his state Is this true? Or am I missing what you are saying? If he applied the law, the judge did his duty.

    In my experience, most parents are aware of the age of consent law when they were that age, and some do not stay updated. In various states and western nations, the consent age wanders between 18 and 12; YMMV.

  12. Andy

    “Erik Viker // Jul 23, 2013 at 6:10 am

    Libertarians even considering supporting Republicans is part of why I stopped contributing to the Libertarian Party.”

    What does what some Libertarians may or may not do outside of the party have to do with the party? You can’t possibly control the actions of every member of any group.

    I don’t know any Libertarians who would support Cuccinelli.

  13. Peter Gemma

    Libertarians may be opposed – outraged – by Cuccinelli’s actions. He may even be in defiance of the court. But I bet you a dollar his polling shows he’s on the right side of this issue with a majority of voters. He hasn’t got this far in his political career by being Christine O’Donnell. Like it or not, he’s a smart politician who polls daily.

  14. johnO

    Yes, there is a choice than the dopey D’s and R’s. He is Mr. Sarvis. Also, this Cuccinelli should join Dr. Grundmann’s Constitution Party.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist

    Peter I agree with you, but I think we’re at the point where a majority of parents in this country are morally corrupt enough that they’re ok with sexual liberation of teenagers. Many of them were like that themselves. Look at Don Grundman’s information.

  16. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    No, thanks. I don’t wanna look at Grundmann’s paranoid and fictional information.

  17. From Der Sidelines

    If he’s against anal sex, then he must be a libertarian considering how much government butt-rapes the people! 🙄

    Seriously, no sane libertarian should support him.

    Solomon Don Grundy might, but note the two operate words: “sane” and “libertarian,” of which he’s 0 for 2.

  18. Reality Watch

    From an outsider’s libertarian realpolitik angle, Gov. Cuuch is a net plus because of federalism & carbon scam issues.

    But for any libertarian voter actually living in Virginia, a vote for Sodomy Ken would rightly be unthinkable!

    So it’s a catch-22.

  19. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    CT @ # 16 – You see if Jill P., as with all other lovers of evil, were to A) actually look at the information which I have compiled; and B) ( far far far more importantly ) have the slightest speck of conscience left; she would have to admit that she is promoting, endorsing, and spreading absolute evil in all of her actions regarding the attack of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement against our children, culture, society, and nation. She is more than willing, as unfortunately so many others both at IPR and in the ” real world ‘ are, to sacrifice the children of the nation to gain a ” life experience ” satisfaction; in this case ( as in so many others ) revenge. It is something that no real woman would ever do.

    After fulfilling A) and B) above she would have to admit that she is a A) a totally fake ” Christian,” and B) is actually a disciple of The Enemy of God.

    So since she is a garden variety ego-maniac where the protection of her ego and image is the most important thing in the universe no matter how many people are destroyed by her actions she takes the cowards way out and refuses to even look at anything which would blow her bubble world apart. Of course this is covered by the standard excuse of ” do my own thinking ” – English translation – I am not going to listen to, read, or learn anything which exposes me as a lover of both evil and The Enemy of God.

    This is why so many children will be annihilated in the years ahead – disciples of Satan will attack them without mercy, a second thought, or the slightest speck of conscience in order to fulfill the wishes of their Master; the Enemy of God by whom they imagine to have ” my own thinking ” and ” values.”

    Of course, and so unfortunately, the evil which I refer to spans across virtually the entire spectrum of politics, even now taking a foothold in the Constitution Party. All others have fallen – the Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians obviously, the Republicans sliding down the slope – so The Infection now attacks the CP.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the politically organizing undead run away from the truth because they can’t refute it nor stop having their evil exposed by it

  20. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Please stop, Don. Stop slandering me. Stop pretending you know how I think and what I believe.

    You’ve done a great service by staying away the last couple weeks. Please continue to do so.

  21. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I haven’t commented to your posts for 4 months, Dr. Grundmann, with only a couple of slip-ups. I am not longer arguing with you or pestering you.
    Can you do me the courtesy of leaving me alone? It is not okay that you continue to say these things about me. Can’t we agree to disagree, and then you can leave me alone now that I’m leaving you alone?

  22. Deran

    You’re a pathetic demented loser, Mr. Grundmann. You contribute nothing. All you do is talk abt your personal obsession with a**l sex, and slander the people who do the real work here at IPR. I don’t know Jill Pyeatt, and I do not agree with her on many things, but it is people like her that make IPR the interesting place it is. Mr. Grundmann and Cat Trot contribute nothing.

    And I really resent CatTrot pimping for him. You’re a reactionary loser too, CatTrot.

    You and Mr. Grundmann and Concerned Nutcase should all go straight to the sewer where your ilk belong.

  23. Deran

    Anytime, Jill. It irks me. IPR runs on volunteers and it seems pretty fragile, and all these people who just trash talk are essentially wrecking IPR. It’s just irksome.

  24. William Saturn

    The name-calling on both sides does no good.

    My review of is complete. Krzysztof has agreed to post it sometime later in the week. I hope it brings clarity to this important issue.

    Krzysztof has also agreed to post an editorial I wrote about free speech. I asked him to delay its publication until 24 hours after the posting of the Phil Davison article.

  25. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Jill P. – You can call it ” slandering ” but I am simply putting in context the collective comments that you have made inclusive of A) claiming that you are a Christian; B) puffing up with pride regarding your attack against the Boy Scouts in the battle to force them to admit homosexual members; i.e.; to break their moral foundations; C) your support of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in any and all manifestations; and D) your political activism to support the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and any and all of its objectives.

    It is not simply that a real Christian, and especially a real woman, would never do B) or C) above. It is actually far worse as you are one of the more visible braggards supporting the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, its politics, and the monstrous evil(s) which they represent and are working to achieve.

    As I have mentioned numerous times previously, if we were to time travel backwards 30 years or even 50 or especially to the foundations of our nation we would not find a group of people who openly advocated for teaching and indoctrinating children both about and into homosexuality; and such with the objectives of destroying the Christian moral foundations of both the children and the nation as a whole. Such actions would have been absolutely unthinkable except for an acknowledged village pervert who would have been minimally shunned if not ” run out of town on a rail.” The idea of promoting homosexuality to children would have been considered unimaginable, unthinkable, absolutely horrific, and absolutely anti-Christian.

    But fast forward to our Socially Engineered and totally sick ( and getting sicker by the second ) culture and the above ideas are now approaching ” mainstream ” with YOU as a cheerleader.

    And then you have the nerve to whine when I challenge you on your open promotion and endorsement of absolute evil???? Your Satanic endorsement of every evil which I mention in this note.

    You whine and complain but will you even consider stopping your support, promotion, and endorsement of evil – for even a second?? Not a chance in hell.

    You whine about being ” pestered.” Do you give one second – EVEN ONE SECOND – of thought for all of the children who will be shattered by your active support of evil? A second of thought of the misery, heartbreak, tragedy, pain, and suffering that they and countless others inclusive of generations to come will endure because of your actions? A second of thought for their ruined and decimated lives? Not a chance in hell.

    No. It is ALL about YOU. All about your damn revenge. All about your sick whiny ass and how you, poor little you, are being ” pestered.” All about your ” image.” How utterly pathetic. And how utterly revolting.

    You actively work to harm children for generations to come and when you are challenged you whine and complain but not for a second do you relent in your attack upon your targets.

    This is like Dr. Mengele complaining that he is being picked on by those who would challenge him. He, as you, was the architect of his situation. He, as you, cared not a second for the monstrous results of his work or the countless lives which were shattered and destroyed. He, as you, was totally unrepentant of his evil.

    It is you who have boastfully proclaimed your support of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement. It is you who have boasted of your attack against the Boy Scouts. And it is you who have boasted, most monstrously of all, of being a ” Christian ” – a spitting in the face of God Himself.

    I am simply – in a very small way – bringing you face-to-face with your ” just deserts.” Think of it this way – look at how you are whining now. How much more will you be whining when you have to answer to The Creator for your monstrous actions? Answer – you won’t have time to whine as you will find the instant fear and trembling that you should have now when you are finally brought to justice for your crimes against The Creator and His creation.

    The problem is that you singularly and the Political Movement of Evil collectively; Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and every other betrayer of humanity; will have shattered and utterly destroyed so many lives and our nation as a whole before you are brought to justice.

    That is yet another great tragedy. And yet another that you won’t and don’t give a damn about.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. a soldier in the war against evil who watches the enemy kill with glee, joy, happiness, impunity, and zero conscience

  26. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Don, you have no right to put words in my mouth and project things about me that you have no way of knowing if they’re true or not.

    Dr. Grundmann, I’ll ask you nicely one more time: Enough of the bad-mouthing me. Please be a gentleman and STOP. In return, I won’t talk about you or your homosexuality campaign, and I promise to read every word of Mr. Saturn’s review of your website.

    PLEASE STOP what you say about me. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me.

  27. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I will also point out to Mr. Saturn that I’m not calling anyone names. I decided early April of this year that Dr. Grundmann was not going to change to my way of thinking, nor will he change my way of thinking. Out of RESPECT for something you obviously hold very important, Dr. Grundmann, I’ve done my best to restrain my fury at your name-calling of me (I recall being called “rodent” at least half a dozen times). and I’ve ignored you. For FOUR WHOLE months.

    You have not been willing to give me the same respect. You continue to bring up my name, and you make up horrible activities that you imagine I do.

    Be a gentleman and we’ll call it a draw. We don’t have to talk to each other at all. It may surprise you that my primary activism concerns anti-war activities, not the topic you continue to bring up again and again. I’d like to get back to it.

  28. William Saturn

    Yes. I did not mean to insinuate you were engaged in name-calling. So I apologize for that. I was referring to Deran @24.

  29. Thomas L. Knapp

    JP @ 30,

    Expecting Grundmann to be a gentleman is proof that you are a person of religion, who believes in miracles.

    I wouldn’t expect one in this case, though. He seems to have thoroughly given himself over to demonic possession and a reprobate mind.

  30. Robert Capozzi

    dg 28: It is not simply that a real Christian, and especially a real woman, would never do B) or C) above.

    me: It seems it would be a miracle if DG thought through the meaning of “judge not lest ye be judged” and showed a sign of understanding the implications. Somehow, it appears he thinks vengeance is his, not His.

    Which is why it’s so important to remember to forgive them for they know not what they do (or say).

  31. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Jill P. – As just one example of your NOT ” ignoring ” me for 4 months I refer to your #18 comment above regarding my ” paranoid and fictional information.”

    Here you proclaim the glory of your chosen ignorance irregardless of the factual nature of everything which I documented at; events which I compiled from numerous reports of the factual events.

    Of course your response is to pull a ” Jill P.” and claim that the information doesn’t exist and/or is ” fictional;” a complete lie but so in tune with the gist of my remarks which is that you deliberately deny the facts of what happens when you support the evil which you do and this to protect your oh so precious ” image ” irregardless of the horrific consequences for so many people, children especially, both now and in years and generations to come.

    I address you as the braggard that you are since the collective implications of your actions; along with paulie, Deran, and any and all other apologists for the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement; will lead to the catastrophic consequences which I address will be coming for countless children who are the targets of your both singular and collective attacks.

    The bottom line is that you, as one of so many singular, yes, rodents ( and here refer to my comments regarding the historical anomaly of your pushing homosexuality upon children ) and collective groups of the same ( see here Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and too many others ) are at war with our society, culture, and nation and most especially with the Christian religious roots of the same.

    It is a take no prisoners war where your victory and satisfaction will result in and from the devastation of countless children for generations to come.

    Yet is there a peep of concern for them? No way in hell. You and your fellow rodents are instead totally dedicated to their soul annihilation.

    Be a gentleman???? How about you being a lady; that is, a REAL lady??? For a ” lady ” would not, and never, promote the monstrous and horrific attacks upon children which you do. She would protect children from attack not just physically but even and especially of the soul.

    Unfortunately this is, in our Socially Engineered time, an alien concept to not just singular persons as yourself, paulie, etc., but to entire political parties.

    That is why our nation is doomed to defeat, demise, and death.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the end of America and all those who are celebrating it

  32. Robert Capozzi

    35 DG: It is a take no prisoners war where your victory and satisfaction will result in and from the devastation of countless children for generations to come.

    me: “Will result”? Are you sure you don’t wish to rephrase? Maybe, maybe we could buy “could lead to,” or at least we might be able to see the point, even if we disagree.

    To say “will result” is — near as I can tell — patently absurd.

    However, ever open-minded, if you actually stand by the statement, you really’d need to lay out why you believe that to be the absolute truth….

  33. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    If someone has a problem with Grundmann’s behavior, as I do, will you please write to Warren and let him know? I will not longer tolerate Dr. Grundmann’s attacks.

    Yes, I’m asking that he be banned.

  34. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Well, since Mr. Redlich hasn’t listed his email address in the “About” section above, I don’t think I should publish his email address. Please make your wishes known here.

    Aside from his attacks on me, I would submit that he doesn’t contribute anything positive to IPR. His comments are always the same; he just re-arranges his words diffferently in each post.

  35. Jeremy C. Young

    At this stage, I would support banning Mr. Grundmann. I believe his attacks on Ms. Pyeatt constitute harassment — possibly not in the legal sense of the word, but certainly morally speaking. I don’t believe he should be allowed to post such comments at IPR, since he has been asked politely several times to stop.

    The rule should be this: viciously attack someone else on IPR over a period of months, after being asked to stop multiple times, and you get banned. That’s why I also support the ban on Milnes, who has viciously attacked Paulie in similar ways.

  36. NewFederalist

    Jill… I dislike saying this but I believe you will have to set up a “him or me” choice to accomplish a ban. That is basically what paulie did with Milnes and Ogle and that is how the ban is kept in force to this day (although Ogle is clever enough to get around it at will). Warren will have to ask himself who is more important to IPR and I believe the answer is quite clear.

  37. Steven Wilson

    At this point, I think IPR should contract the guy with big hair from History Channel and conclude that a few posters here are….


  38. Thomas L. Knapp


    I understand that you, like all even minimally moral human beings, find Grundmann’s antics disgusting and personally offensive.

    The up side of letting him continue to re-hash his satanic freak show at IPR is that every time he opens his yap, he makes not only himself, but his cleverer and quieter co-partisans, look like the irredeemably evil sacks of shit that they are.

  39. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    NF @ 40: ” Jill… I dislike saying this but I believe you will have to set up a “him or me” choice to accomplish a ban”.

    I hesitate to do that because this site has always been a group effort. However, I’ve made the personal choice that I will no longer tolerate this from him. I don’t know of many options besides leaving.

    Some situations in life present no way to avoid conflict. This is not one of them. I don’t tolerate abuse from anyone.

  40. Deran

    Ban Mr. Grundmann.

    Why post anything “reviewing” Mr. Drundmann’s site? What does that site have to do with independent or third party politics? I know Mr. Saturn likes conflict and such, but why allow a review of CandleCrusade? Aren’t there plenty of other sites where garbage can be posted?

  41. Steve Rhodes

    I’d like to never see anything from mr Grundman. Your nuts to let him keep posting here. It’s all offensive dribble.

  42. Robert Capozzi

    With TK on the DG matter. He’s like Joseph McCarthy, undermining his own cause by being a fool, like he’s begging to be mocked for his outrageous falsehoods.

    I don’t see harassment here, just a person who might consider some meds.

  43. Peter Gemma

    @ 38
    I think the main issue we have when Grundmann crawls out from beneath a slimy rock is noticing him. If person #17, for example, says something in an exchange, and Grundmann slithers in at #18, then #s 19 onward should simply ignore the post. He appears and re-appears because we empower him. Let’s agree to let him spew venom and even get personal in his attacks, but no response will make him a nonentity. In my recollection I have never addressed him one-on-one, even when he calls me by name. Ignore him, watch him get purple in the face, and let’s carry on fruitful discussions and lively debates. IPR deserves better people than him – if we can’t toss him out, at least don’t pay him any mind.

  44. Steve Rhodes

    Didn’t Jill say that she has ignored him for months? That method doesn’t work for him.

  45. William Saturn

    I oppose a ban for reasons to be revealed in an upcoming editorial.

    Steve Rhodes, you use the same IP address as Jill Pyeatt. Perhaps you are a different person. If not, isn’t that a violation of Warren’s rules against using multiple accounts?

  46. William Saturn

    Ban this. Ban that.

    I hope Warren ignores this mob mentality and takes a stand for free speech.

  47. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    WS @ 51: Odd, I’ve checked the IP for my office computer, which starts with 205, and the IP for my home computer, which is 74. These are the only computers I use on a regular basis.

    Besides, why would I hide? I have no problem with saying what I want to under my own name. I’m very transparent: all my contact information is readily available, I use my real name, I talk about my community and the people in my life.

  48. William Saturn


    The IP address Steve Rhodes used on 2013/05/30 at 11:25 am, is the same as the IP address you used on 2013/06/14 at 3:22 pm.

  49. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    NS @ 55: You post an amusing quote for a thread that was originally about oral sex. Several jokes come to mind that I can make, but I’ll pass on writing them and let the reader make his or her own. 😉

  50. Alan Pyeatt

    I agree with those that say Grundmann should be banned.

    I know several people who won’t even visit IPR because of the nasty tone some of the posters choose to take. I also rarely visit because of the low “useful content/hateful bullshit” ratio. So, a website that could be a real asset to the libertarian community is essentially wasted. I don’t know if this nastiness exists on the Green or Constitution Party boards, but this is ridiculous.

    As a non-Christian observer, I’m happy to say that Grundmann’s soap-opera mentality does not reflect the kindness of most Christians that I know. And as Jill’s husband, I can say that he really doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

    Robert Capozzi’s right – Grundmann needs to leave the judging to God, and stop trying to take his place.

    As for harming young people, I have known several gay people throughout the course of my life, and some of them have been irreparably harmed by the hatefulness Grundmann exemplifies. A little compassion goes a long way, and if Grundmann chooses to interpret that as working for Satan, then he’s as stupid as he is mean.

  51. Catholic Trotskyist

    Don, I agree with your perspective to a significant degree, and your information has, in part, led me to abandon the name Catholic Trotskyist (more on that when I reveal my new handle and party at the beginning of the August open thread). Yet, on the other hand, your attacks on Jill are not only unproductive because they will not change anyone’s opinion, but also bring suspicion on you because you focus an inordinate degree of time on her specifically, even though she is generally a fair contributor to this site. I was trying to help you by mentioning your information in responding to Peter, but I am afraid that the resulting events might lead to your banning. Like William Saturn, I am for complete freedom of speech, and I oppose your ban, but Jill has done a lot to keep this site going, and there is no reason to attack her specifically.

  52. Andy

    “Alan Pyeatt // Jul 24, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    I agree with those that say Grundmann should be banned.”

    I disagree. The only things that I’d consider banning people for are frequently posting off topic spam (like ads for porno sites, viagra, etc…) or making false criminal accusations against people. I don’t think that Grundmann has done anything like that, so I would not even consider banning him, even if one does not agree with everything he says.

  53. langa

    The people here who are making reasonable arguments in favor of free speech are wasting their time. There are far too many people on this site (some of whom claim to be “libertarians”) who are devoted to making IPR an echo chamber. This mentality is repulsive to me (far more than Grundmann’s silly rants), which is why I rarely waste my time on IPR these days. It’s a lost cause.

  54. paulie

    Mr. Grundmann and Cat Trot contribute nothing.

    I wouldn’t put the two in the same category at all.

    Personally, I believe Grundmann’s ad hominem attacks have gone far enough and warrant a ban. His actions are not acceptable.

    Warren and I have both said that if Jill feels it’s warranted that is all it would take.

    Steve Rhodes, you use the same IP address as Jill Pyeatt. Perhaps you are a different person. If not, isn’t that a violation of Warren’s rules against using multiple accounts?

    Revealing who uses what IP address is a more serious problem.

  55. Dave Terry

    >”Some libertarians want us to look beyond Cuccinelli’s backwards and unconstitutional legislative maneuverings because his intentions there are good and because he says he’ll lower taxes. But that’s kind of the difference between a libertarian and a Republican, isn’t it?”<

    By THIS logic, Mr. Guillotine was a friend of freedom. He opposed all forms of taxation, save one; 'the head tax"!

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