July 2013 Open Thread

Our monthly open thread. Post news tips about alt parties and independent candidates, discuss any story that should be posted here but has not yet been posted, or even delve into completely off-topic stuff….just avoid quarantined thread subject matter and things that could get us and/or you into legal trouble such as threats, libel, and copyright infringement.

News tips can also be sent to the IPR writers who have chosen to make their contact info available at https://independentpoliticalreport.com/about/.

It’s also become an IPR tradition to post videos in the open threads. I’ll start things off with the latest Rap News; your turn in the comments….

214 thoughts on “July 2013 Open Thread

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak

    BTW, Neil Peart, the drummer and main songwriter for Rush, calls himself a “bleeding heart libertarian.” Several other Rush songs have a political message in them, even if its a little bit hidden.

  2. George Phillies

    We really need a separate thread for music videos. For starters, the videos protrude into the right side column, so the listing for e.g. green party watch is currently worthless, in that it is under something.

  3. Ad Hoc

    The GPW link still works, albeit obscured by the video. Or just open up another tab with the main page.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp


    The videos will fit into the comment column if those posting them will just tell YouTube to give them embed code say, 400 pixels wide instead of just pasting the 560-wide code. It takes about a second.

  5. paulie

    Well we’re down past the right margin now, so that should no longer be an issue 🙂

  6. Matt Cholko

    Just and FYI, McAfee is giving me a warning that IPR is a “dangerous”site, and that it exhibits “one or more risky behaviors.”

  7. Deran

    Thank you, Thomas L Knapp. I did not know this abt getting smaller size youtube videos. Thanks, that is very useful.

    I have to admit, by the end of the June, the Open thread was loading slowly for me as well. So CC can go ahead and say; I Told You So, You Brute.

  8. Deran

    I also wouldn’t be opposed to a separate monthly thread for videos not related to a particular political campaign or issue.

    I like them mixed in the Open thread, but maybe a separate thread would be more user friendly?

  9. Steve Scheetz

    McAfee is giving me a warning that IPR is a “dangerous”site, and that it exhibits “one or more risky behaviors.”

    I agree, there are a lot of radicals on this site exhibiting lots of risky behavior…. I mean since most of us are on a DHS watch list, at least that much is reality…. 😀

    Chris Lesiak, Rush is Awesome! Before I went to the “Roll the Bones” tour, I had all of their albums, and you are right… MANY political messages in their music!


  10. Ad Hoc

    Are there any other adult activities that Tom Stevens is eager to allow 14 year olds to engage in?

  11. Darryl W. Perry

    Question about site layout: why are “RECENT ENTRIES” listed on the right sidebar at the top AND the left sidebar below “RECENT COMMENTS”?

  12. paulie Post author

    Someone last month requested a longer list of recent entries since more articles are being posted now. I couldn’t figure out how to change or delete the existing list, so I added a new one.

  13. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m delighted that Chris is posting so many articles, but many good one are being overlooked because of it. Can we make the font smaller on that column, or eliminate the spaces?

  14. Darryl W. Perry

    in the “widgets” section of the admin panel, if you expand the list you don’t want, you can click “delete” – you can also drag the list to the area showing available widgets and it will remove the list

  15. paulie Post author

    I’m delighted that Chris is posting so many articles, but many good one are being overlooked because of it. Can we make the font smaller on that column, or eliminate the spaces?

    I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t see any such options on the widget interface, do you?

  16. paulie Post author

    in the “widgets” section of the admin panel, if you expand the list you don’t want, you can click “delete” – you can also drag the list to the area showing available widgets and it will remove the list

    I looked at that.

    It says

    Sidebar 1
    Recent Comments
    Blog Subscriptions
    Recent Posts

    Nothing under Sidebar 2.

    The option for Recent Posts is 20 most recent posts.

    The other one, which has ten, is nowhere to be seen in this menu.

    The only sub-options it gives me are title, number of posts to display and whether they should include the post date or not.

  17. Jill Pyeatt

    Paulie, I don’t see anything that can fix the problem, but I’m not as computer-savvy as you.

  18. paulie Post author

    is there a sidebar 3 or 4?

    No. Only one that has anything under it.

    I think it may be under CSS, which I can’t edit, since I don’t have server access.

  19. paulie Post author

    Paulie, I don’t see anything that can fix the problem, but I’m not as computer-savvy as you.

    You may want to contact the Redlichs. As far as I know they are the only ones with access to the server.

  20. Agorism Project

    “Just and FYI, McAfee is giving me a warning that IPR is a “dangerous”site, and that it exhibits “one or more risky behaviors.””

    That’s because McAfee is garbage, as John McAfee himself humorously admits in this video.

  21. Steve Scheetz

    “teens should have the right to vote immediately, and without restriction” Then a little paraphrase of the next two sentences…

    just as soon as they pass the test on history and government….


    I have begun calling him “Tommy Boy” after the charater in the movie of the same name, for reasons that are pretty much spelled out in this and other silly blog entries…

    He says that they have access to “adult knowledge”

    YET, somehow kids of 30 are living with their parents, with all of their “adult knowledge”

    This part is sobering.. The fact that he would overlook this obvious fact in order to maintain his agenda driven statement speaks volumes.

  22. George Phillies

    Kids of 30 living with their parents…They could live there, or spend $500 or more a month on an apartment or several times that on a house. It’s called “capitalism”.

  23. paulie Post author

    He says that they have access to “adult knowledge”

    On that level I could have voted when I was 8 years old. I was a Democrat til age 20, so perhaps people do mature somewhat as they age though. I said somewhat. 🙂

    More seriously, having adult knowledge and being mature enough to make adult decisions are two different things. They don’t always go together, even in adults, but especially in those children who mature intellectually faster than they mature emotionally. I resemble that remark, and I get the feeling Stevens does as well.

    BTW what’s up with McAfee @32….that was supposed to be my life!

  24. paulie Post author

    No, they are an organization of people some of whom are in the various Southern Parties and some of whom are not.

  25. paulie Post author

    I think many of the people that propogate this kind of stuff know it and do it anyway to get attention. For a long time one of the IPR articles that kept getting linked elsewhere was about the CPUSA endorsing Obama. Well duh, they’ve endorsed every Democrat for president since 1984 or so.

  26. Deran

    No one on the Left pays any attention to the CPUSA, the only people that do pay attention to the CPUSA are Rightists who are still living in the Cold War.

    And people who think Obama is a “Marxist”!

  27. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Relevant to the recent victories of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in their attack against our nation in so many ways I present the article ” Homofascists Silenced Gay Dissident John McKellar ” ( found at henrymakow.com ) as a unique exposure of the truth behind my own battles at this forum and many others to defend our nation and, especially, children from the monstrous attack which is upon them.

    While I do not know what happened to Mr. McKellar I do have a great respect for him as an extremely rare homosexually afflicted person who, in complete contrast to so many soul mutants here at IPR and throughout our nation, was willing to speak out and defend civilization from the attack of what I term as the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement.

    While I have some disagreements with him he was willing to, again in total opposition to the soul zombies, defend children against the attack upon them by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement; an attack which he denounced.

    So while Dr. Makow has published an article noting Mr. McKellars efforts I post this small notice here both as a memory and perhaps memorial to someone who stood up and told the truth and as, yet again, an exposure of the horrific evil which so many at IPR support, defend, and promote.

    Not that it will make any difference to these disciples of The Enemy of God who are dedicated to everything that McKellar exposed and opposed.

    May The Creator have saved him for his heroic defense of humanity.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. a soldier/chronicler of the war between the Army of Death and the Army of Life here presenting a small memorial to an unwilling member of the Army of Death who was still at least partially alive as compared to the undead whom he, and I, oppose(d).

  28. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party is planning on dissolving itself on August 1, 2013, to form a new political organization. More details to be released shortly on this thread. I will also stop using the name CT on IPR at that point.

  29. Catholic Trotskyist

    I have made hundreds of comments on IPR, although I have been less active lately, but I am sure you have seen me in the archives. I am also an activist with the US Parliament project, Democrats for Life and other organizations. Still I understand your concern, which is part of the reason I am changing direction.

  30. Commie Watch

    @40 — CPUSA announced their electoral plans for 2014 in the 1980s? Do you have a cite for this claim?

    @44 — Then perhaps you should post the article linked above re 2014, if you are trying to build a successful & relevant website here.

  31. paulie Post author

    CPUSA announced their electoral plans for 2014 in the 1980s?

    No, they’ve been endorsing Democrats every election since the 1980s, so it’s not news that they are doing it again in 2014.

    Then perhaps you should post the article linked above re 2014, if you are trying to build a successful & relevant website here.

    Catering intentionally to ignorance of basic facts for easy web traffic is not “relevant,” it’s cheap, tawdry and dishonest.

  32. Darryl W. Perry

    Email from Dr. Mary Ruwart:

    Does the Libertarian Movement Have a Future?

    Dear Freedom Lover,

    As we celebrate July 4th with our friends and families, we can’t help but wonder if the freedom we cherish will one day be a thing of the past. For some uplifting thoughts and ideas about how to turn our country around, check out my recent talk at Porcest 2013:

    “The Future of the Libertarian Movement”
    at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzf8U-T52SQ

    You’ll find out about some surprising successes that we rarely celebrate and an up-and-coming lucrative profession for which libertarians are ideally suited. If you need a shot of hope this 4th of July, check it out!

    Have a great holiday too!

    Mary J Ruwart Ph.D

  33. Darryl W. Perry

    Video from today’s “Final American Revolution” in Concord. I gave a brief speech after Goshe King read the message prepared by Adam Kokesh. My speech begins at 4:10 and is a message about the NH Liberty Party.

  34. Commie Watch

    @54 – Intentionally covering up Communist collaboration with Democrats is what’s dishonest.

  35. Deran

    @58, Are you serious? As paulie says, the CPUSA support of national and local Democratic Party candidates since the 1980s is well known. Where is there a cover-up?

    “Commie Watch”? You need a new hobby.

  36. wredlich

    @29 and @30:
    “is there a sidebar 3 or 4?

    No. Only one that has anything under it.

    I think it may be under CSS, which I can’t edit, since I don’t have server access.

    I don’t see anything that can fix the problem, but I’m not as computer-savvy as you.

    You may want to contact the Redlichs. As far as I know they are the only ones with access to the server.”

    In theory we are working on upgrading the site so we’ll be moving to a new theme at some point. The current theme is woefully out of date (and that might even be part of the McAfee problem).

    There has been some testing of a new theme but it hasn’t gotten very far. So I’m probably going to pay my programmers to get this done, and have them work with Paulie and a few others.

    But my programmers are working on another project right now, and while I’m not poor I’m also not flush with cash flow at the moment either. So it may be a couple more months or longer.

  37. wredlich

    “On that level I could have voted when I was 8 years old.”

    My youngest has known the phrase “Stop Wasting Money” since roughly the age of 5. 🙂

  38. Richard Winger

    Is anybody at IPR going to post the you tube of that Libertarian Tennessee 21-year-old college student who filmed his encounter with state police at a traffic stop that was allegedly to catch drunk drivers? After less than 2 days, 2 million views.

  39. wolfefan

    Hi Jill @38 –

    Thanks for the link. It looks like an interesting book. The Anabaptist strain of Christianity has been historically opposed to participation in war, although as with most religous movements the faith/belief is eroded by culture over time.

  40. NewFederalist

    “The Catholic Trotskyist Party is planning on dissolving itself on August 1, 2013, to form a new political organization. More details to be released shortly on this thread. I will also stop using the name CT on IPR at that point.”

    Oh no! Is nothing sacred?

  41. paulie Post author

    The CT party has one member. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell you where “they” are out of.

  42. Steven Wilson

    One member? And that announcement was news. Did we redefine news while I was away?

    Is August 2 mayan or Aztec?

    I think we should have a new A Team like we did with the 80’s. Mr T. and Face.

    New A team= Robert Milnes, Tom Stevens, and CT.

    Wins are inevitable.

  43. paulie Post author

    You forgot Don Grundmann, Dan Imperato and James Ogle.

    It’s only news on April 1st of every year.

  44. NewFederalist

    “One member? And that announcement was news. Did we redefine news while I was away?”

    It wasn’t a news story but a post from the party member on the Open Thread. I always thought that was the purpose of the Open Thread.

  45. George Phillies

    New Liberty for America issue
    July 2013


    Yes, I do mention my forthcoming though not soon book will be
    The ^War on America


    There is No Building!
    The War on America
    Good News: Our Oregon Affiliate Wins Its Suit
    MA Special Congressional Election
    LP-Sacramento Raises a Quarter-Million
    Editorial—Who Is the Enemy?
    Joe Wendt Launches Presidential Poll
    LP—Illinois State Convention
    LP-Texas Local Training Effort
    LP Texas Hires New Executive Director
    Restore the Fourth
    Demos Held Across America
    Utah State Convention
    Johnson May Run As Republican
    The David Nolan 2% of a Building
    The Starchild Motion
    Parliamentary Pettifoggery
    Johnson January 2012—95% on Staff
    Howell Out, Benedict in; Howell Stays as Political Director
    Mattson Elected LSLA Treasurer
    Nevada Members Appeal for LNC Assistance
    Partei der Vernunft — the German Libertarians
    Electronic Edition Specials
    –full details on Sacramento
    –the LP Nevada letter

  46. George Phillies

    LNC Meets This Sunday

    Opening Ceremony
    Call to Order 8:00AM
    Opportunity for Public Comment 5 Minutes

    Credentials Report 5 Minutes
    Paperwork Check 10 Minutes
    Adoption of Agenda 10 Minutes
    Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest 5 Minutes

    Executive Session to review ED contract

    Officer Reports
    Chair’s Report 15 Minutes
    Treasurer’s Report 15 Minutes
    Secretary’s Report 15 Minutes

    Building Committee Report 15 Minutes

    Staff Reports 30 Minutes

    Counsel’s Report (11:00AM) 15 Minutes

    Committee Reports
    Reports of Standing Committees
    Advertising & Publication Review Committee 5 Minutes
    Affiliate Support Committee (Wrights) 5 Minutes
    Convention Oversight Committee (Goldstein) 5 Minutes
    Convention Management Committee (N. Neale) 10 Minutes
    Executive Committee (Neale) 5 Minutes
    Reports of Special Committees
    Audit Committee (Starr) 15 Minutes
    Membership Level Committee 30 Minutes
    Report of Libertarian State Leadership Alliance 5 Minutes

    Unfinished Business and Items Postponed from Previous Meeting

    Regional Reports (supplements to printed reports)
    Region 1 – AK,AZ,CO,HI,ID,KS,MT,UT,WA,WY (Olsen/Ryan) 5 Minutes
    Region 2 – FL,GA,TN (Kirkland/Craig) 5 Minutes
    Region 3 – IN,KY,OH,MI (Mack/Goldstein) 5 Minutes
    Region 4 – AR,CA,NV,NM,NY (Wiener/Pojunis/Lieberman/Capozzi)) 10 Minutes
    Region 5n – CT,MA,ME,NH,NJ,RI,VT (Tomasso) 5 Minutes
    Region 5s – DC,DE,MD,NC,PA,VA,WV (Lark/Spencer) 5 Minutes
    Region 6 – IL,IA,MN,MO,NE,ND,SD,WI (Visek/Knebel) 5 Minutes
    Region 7 – AL,LA,MS,OK,TX (Johnson/Frankel) 5 Minutes

    New Business
    With Previous Notice
    Discussion of LNCC Oversight (Vohra) 10 Minutes
    Discussion of LP Nevada (Pojunis) 20 Minutes
    Without Previous Notice

    Closing Ceremony
    Announcements 5 Minutes
    Opportunity for Public Comment 5 Minutes

  47. Catholic Trotskyist

    NF and others, thanks for your interest in the future of what until now has been called Catholic Trotskyism. Taking inspiration from Concerned Citizen’s Functional Filmore Frugal movement (which I disagree with almost entirely on ideology), I will be writing a long treatise and posting it on IPR, though it will likely be just one part and not four. I will be announcing the name of my new political party, and I will ask Mr Ogle to make the relevant changes to my status in the US Parliament project. While it is true that I have been the only member of the Catholic Trotskyist Party as such, there are many sympathizers to the cause of Catholic Trotskyism, even though they may not think of it in those terms. I have never discussed the idea of CT with anyone I know personally, with the exception of Mr Ogle and Ms Waymire whom I met through IPR and who visited me in person. I will reveal that I have lived in several different locations throughout California during the history of CT since 2007, but I appreciate the discression of Paulie and others about personal details. Thank you all once again for your support; God bless the Church, God bless the state, and God bless Edward Snowden; amen. I hope you will all read my treatise when it comes out.

  48. William Saturn

    Breaking news: Texas Governor Rick Perry announces he will not seek re-election in 2014. Good news for the LP?

  49. William Saturn

    Also, out of historical interest, I reuploaded the 2012 campaign video of Phil Davison, and cleaned up some of the audio/video issues it had.

  50. Andy

    Mark Dice: Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer

  51. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Since outright censorship is now being practiced here at IPR can the censor of my comment, in the Justin Raimondo thread, exposing child molestors and their support by paulie, Jill P. the LP et al via their actions have the backbone to say ” Yes, I did that and here is the reason?”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. censored for exposing the truth

  52. William Saturn

    Whoever deleted the comment completely removed it from the trash bin. Because of this, nobody else can judge the comment’s appropriateness. I reject this course of action, and second Grundmann’s request for answers.

  53. Thomas L. Knapp

    I doubt that the comment was intentionally removed. It probably got caught in a spam filter or something.

    Grundmann is sort of like the Klan at Skokie — letting him strut his God-hating, anti-American sociopathic stuff is a far more effective way of combating it than suppressing him would be.

  54. Deran

    William Saturn is hot air. Any statements by Mr. Grundmann can be clearly judged by his previous “comments”. If Mr. Grundmann were in the habot of making commentsnon various topics etc, then there could be some question as to what the comment was of a specific comment from Mr. Grundmann was. But Mr. Grundmann makes the same comment over and over abt the same topic, so there can be no question as to his comment.

    If it wasn’t just ugly and hateful, it was threatening and sexual in an inappropriate manner.

  55. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mr. Saturn – Thank you for your comment. I am appreciative of your support for the First Amendment and free speech; this in contrast to Deran above but especially to the censor of my comment.

    I am curious as to the number of people who can censor comments at IPR and I am presuming that it is a limited number; perhaps 10? Is there a consultive process regarding comment elimination or can anyone with access eliminate any comment that they wish at any time? Can anyone with access effectively ban anyone they want to ban at any time?

    If so and if we, like a good murder mystery, gather all of the suspects into the IPR living room to interrogate them then who is the free speech murderer?

    While I am open to being shown to be in error I, as the victim of the crime, point my finger to the most likely suspect – Jill P.

    I mentioned both Jill P. and paulie in my comment but I would not suspect paulie as I would believe him to be open about any such censorship and that he would hence openly admit that he had done any such action.

    To the complete contrary of paulie I would expect Jill P. to erase the comment and then not have the courage to admit her actions; i.e.; illustrate her ( as I believe it to be ) cowardice. She has written on multiple occasions that I should be banned from any commentary and has additionally refused to answer my challenge to her regarding her claim that homosexuals are ” born that way;” a direct part of my censored comment.

    Hence, again while I am open to being shown to be in error, my own choice for the criminal free speech killer in this instance is that paragon defender of free speech ( my special sarcasm here ) Jill P.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. watching the murder of America, and especially its children, in big and small ways

  56. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mr. Saturn – I forgot to mention the following – I can reproduce the comment fairly closely to the text of the original and then repost it.

    Would you like me to first send it to you for your consideration before the free speech murderer has a chance to strike again before you see it?

    If so do you have an address which I could sent it to or would you have another solution which you could suggest?

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    Best to you,

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. working to stop the murdering, and the murderers, of free speech in our nation

  57. Thomas L. Knapp

    DG @ 97,

    “I am curious as to the number of people who can censor comments at IPR”

    That number would be zero. Refusing to provide you with a microphone is not censorship.

  58. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Knapp – Glad to see that you, like Jill P., are such a stalwart supporter of free speech. Of course your definition, like hers, can be free speech for everyone who agrees with you.

    Very typical.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Warrior for free speech and never, like others, afraid of contrarian opinions

  59. Thomas L. Knapp

    DG @ 101,

    I am 100% in favor of free speech.

    If I come to your house and give a speech from your front porch whether you like it or not, is that “free speech?”

    If you kick me off your front porch and tell me I’m free to say whatever I like but not entitled to use your porch as a stage, is that “censorship?”

    Just to be clear here, I favor IPR allowing you to use its microphone for all of your demonic schizoid ravings, because every time you open your piehole you out the Constitution Party et al look as the totalitarian, solipsist mental midgets and moral reprobates that they and you are, which I consider a public service of great value.

    But I am not in charge of IPR. It’s Warren Redlich’s front porch, and whether or not you’re allowed to use it as a stage for your Mansonesque freak show is entirely up to him.

  60. Thomas L. Knapp

    WS @ 105,

    Yes, someone other than Warren could have deleted the comment.

    And if someone else did so, and if doing so ran against his policy, it’s up to him to correct them, fire them, whatever, if that’s what he wants to do.

    “Censorship” doesn’t even come into the equation.

    Nobody’s stopping, or attempting to stop, Grundmann from saying or writing anything, but neither does anyone owe Grundmann pen, paper, stage or microphone.

    If he had any manners, he’d be grateful that his whiny, spoiled ass hasn’t been escorted to and out the door. Yet.

    But of course he hasn’t any manner. Apparently his parents ignored the biblical admonitions regarding training up a child in the way he should go, which is why there are stains all over the floors of his house.

  61. NewFederalist

    Why so much discussion about Grundmann? I would prefer Milnes back. Ogle… not so much.

  62. Catholic Trotskyist

    Yes, Milnes should be brought back. A 2-year? ban is long enough.

  63. Deran

    Why bring back bad trash? How abt no Grundmann, Milnes or Ogle? If Mr. Saturn is so keen on reading the writings of Robert Milnes, I am sure Mr. Milnes would love to enter into a lengthy colloquy with William Saturn, and thus spare the rest of us.

  64. Catholic Trotskyite Watch

    @81 — Obviously, the foremost practioner of Catholic Trotskyism in America is Stephen Colbert. Is the big announcement coming up your support for Colbert’16?

  65. Darryl W. Perry

    I came across this site https://www.cosponsor.gov/ in a message from DownsizeDC. It seems the site allows you to be a “citizen cosponsor” of legislation. I’m guessing the intent is for member of Congress to then be able to see which legislation is popular among their supposed constituents.

    It’s also interesting to simply go through and read the titles of some of the bills. (When doing so, it helps to have GovTrack open in another tab so you can then read what the bill would do.)

  66. Darryl W. Perry

    @115 – I know several people who are there, haven’t heard anything. I’m guessing the “When in Vegas” rule applies to Freedom Fest, as well.

  67. Thomas L. Knapp


    Wikipedia seems to be in a state of advanced disintegration. It was one of the best thing on the Internet until the control freaks got hold of it.

  68. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Knapp @ #104 – I am glad that you have informed me that IPR is your ” front porch ” as I previously had the erroneous idea that it was roughly equivalent to a public square where anyone could stand on the provided soapbox and speak as they wished and in regard to whatever issue they wished to address.

    Of course since IPR is your ” front porch ” it logically follows that wherever you are is also your front porch. Hence it is logical that you are indeed 100% in favor of free speech as long as, if you oppose the speech/idea, it is not on your front porch; i.e.; wherever you are.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. challenging the parrots of America who all tell each other how wonderful they are and cry out how ” horrible ” I am when I expose and oppose their corruption and support of evil

  69. Thomas L. Knapp

    DG @ 120,

    Not my front porch — Mr. Redlich’s front porch.

    If it was my front porch, I’d just go inside and have a beer whenever you felt the urge to parade around it nude except for a baby bonnet, defecating all over the place and caterwauling your satanic anthems.

  70. Deran

    The Kshama Sawant campaign for Seattle City Council is making so actual headway. They’ve just recieved the official endorsement of two key labor union locals in the Seattle area. The CWA which represents tech workers and the AFT local that represents area community college teachers.

    Sawant is a member of Socialist Alternative, a growing Trotskyist socialist org in the US.

    Sawant is running her city council campaign on three main points: A city-wide $16 an hour, rent control and an elected citizen oversight body to supervise the police in Seattle (who have been notoriously abusive).

    Sawant is running against an incumbent who has been the lap dog for the developers and land speculators, Richard Conlin. There is an even more pro-developer candidate running against Conlin, and I would have thought they were the most likely to get through the primary, but Sawant is articulate and is running a very solid door-to-door campaign, and getting support from unions, which in Seattle are strictly lap dogs for the Democrats. So I think the primary race (Seattle has a “nonpartisan” city council) is tighter than I would have thought.


  71. Joe Buchman

    Wes Benedict just elected executive director of LP, Starchild and Pjonis objecting (both noting no objection to Wes personally).

    That said, I’ll not be providing additional updates for a variety of reasons.


  72. Joe Buchman

    BTW — the primary of those being I no longer have the ability or authority to start a new thread here, nor have I been on IPR more than once, and that in response to a request from Wes Wagner, since IPR went down shortly before the November election.

    All the best to everyone (or almost everyone) here at IPR . . .


  73. Andy

    I’m adding Joe as a contributor again. He will be able to post articles if he wants but has made no promise to do so.

    Warren offered that a while ago but Joe felt he should not have to ask because he shouldn’t have been deleted to begin with.

    I don’t have enough speed to work on that immediately. Back to pen and paper for me or someone can text. p

    Mr. Wagner for his part has since com eback to commenting regularly on IPR and has not been updating his competing site TPR in months as of last I checked so I don’t think he wants people to boycott IPR anymore.

    Previously I did not want to ta

  74. paulie Post author

    Is there any sign of such?

    Smoke signals and carrier pigeons would be faster than the internet in the casino here. Phone reception is also sporadic. I can get signal at unpredictable intervals.

  75. George Phillies

    I am amused to note that the Green Party also has a DC office, for which they pay $1500 or somewhat less (utilities are separate) a month. There seems to be a staff of several.

  76. Oranje Mike

    Here in AZ the voters kicked Top Two in the teeth with a lot of support from the GOP. On that same ballot Libertarians “spoiled” the election for GOP candidates in some races. The GOP dominated legislature passed a bill that will make it nearly impossible for Libertarians (or any alternative candidates) to get ballot access. The nomination petition burden is made easier for Republicans and Democrats while drastically increased for Libertarians. In the bill there was also language to make referendums harder to pass and some other nonsense as well. There is now a petition to bring this change to the ballot and let the voters decide on the issue:


  77. Steve M

    IP over avian carriers has been demonstrated and in a few test cases using carrier pigeons with microSD cards have beaten electronic internet for data transfers.


    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_over_Avian_Carriers#Real-life_implementation

    Inspired by RFC 2549, on 9 September 2009, the marketing team of The Unlimited, a regional company in South Africa, decided to host a tongue-in-cheek “Pigeon Race” between their pet pigeon “Winston” and local telecom company Telkom SA. The race was to send 4 gigabytes of data from Howick to Hillcrest, approximately 60 km apart. The pigeon carrying a microSD card, versus a Telkom ADSL line.[9] Winston beat the data transfer over Telkom’s ADSL line, with a total time of two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds from uploading data on the microSD card to completion of download from card. At the time of Winston’s victory, the ADSL transfer was just under 4% complete.[10][11]

  78. Oranje Mike

    @135, Martin was not a “kid”. Zimmerman is not “white”. Why make race an issue in a topic where it’s not really relevant? There is no evidence to support racism against Zimmerman. The same cannot be said of Martin.

  79. Deran

    Oranje Mike. Dep[ends on how you define a kid, and Zimmerman considers himself white, as do some Hispanics. what is your point? You are onfuscatinh./ Dork Watch was making a fuss abt some window breakers as if their actions were equal to Zimmerman murdering Martin. There is no equivalency between the two.

    The article I posted is abt a white man who shot to death and unarmed Black kid because of loud music.

    Zimmerman disregarded the instruction of the 911 operator speaking on behalf of the authorities and Zimmerman then went out with his pistol and chased doown Martin, Zimmerman was looking to play Dirty harry, but he was a weakling and a coward and shot an unarmed teen he was chasing for no actual reason other than as a white man he did not like a black teenager wandering around the neighborhood.

    Concerned Citizen, you are an ignorant bufoon. “All black men” raping white women? Is that your sexual fantasy?

  80. Jill Pyeatt

    I couldn’t get past the fact that a grown man shot a kid. Perhaps there was no evidence that Trayvon didn’t strike him first, but the death wouldn’t have happened if Zimmerman had remained in the car.
    I didn’t watch all the TV coverage, however.

    I’ve just posted an article with an opinion from a local Libertarian columnist.

  81. Concerned Citizen

    Deran must be illiterate. I clearly said “all the black men” and he changes this to “all black men” to fit his agenda.

    Deran inserts race into this discussion by discussing “White men killing unarmed Black kids.” When I make an analogous statement about intra-racial crime, he calls me “an ignorant bufoon (sic).”

    Deran, you are the ignorant buffoon, and should be banned for race baiting and immaturity.

  82. Deran

    all or all the, Concerned Citizen you were saying one thing. There is a some ongoing problem with black men raping white women. This obviously some racist fear/sexual fantasy you hold dear.

  83. William Saturn


    Nobody should be banned for the views they express. Racism should be combated with rational argumentation.

    On the appropriate page, Tom Knapp is doing a good job of pointing out the logical and factual flaws of Deran’s argument.

  84. William Saturn

    On a lighter note, someone using a Florida IP kept removing information about the SEC lawsuit from Daniel Imperato’s wikipedia article. As a result, administrators had to lock the page from IP editing.

  85. Catholic Trotskyist

    Deran should not be banned. He is a good person. We do not get along because I said some hurtful things to him a few years ago over a disagreement about Ralph Nader, for which he quite reasonably has not forgiven me, but he is actually right the majority of the time.

  86. Jill Pyeatt

    I’ve pulled the Kristin Davis article and put it in the trash. It was not attributed to Tom Stevens, or I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place. BTW, he said he didn’t what his articles posted, but afterwards asked me to post his bestiality article as an IPR article (I declined).

    Frankly, I feel like everyone should be able to see what trouble Dr. Stevens stirs up, but since “Before It’s News” pulled the article (the links both worked yesterday), I’ll pull it, too.

  87. Thomas L. Knapp

    Jill @ 148,

    Perhaps someone at IPR will feel like going ahead and getting “full journalist” on the subject of whether LPNY or Tom Stevens gets to choose LPNY’s nominees for office.

  88. paulie Post author

    GP @133 Since when? Or are you talking about outdated info from several years ago? As far as I know they now have no office, DC or anywhere else.

  89. paulie Post author


    I would recommend restoring the article then marking it private, since it received comments.

  90. paulie Post author

    Various people

    Milnes and Ogle are welcome to come back when I leave, that is, I will leave if and when they are allowed back. The decision is final. Please stop arguing about it; if you would rather have them than me feel free to let them back in. Otherwise forget it once and for all. The answer will still be the same no matter how many threads and months you bring this up. That’s why it has its own dedicated thread.

    I’ve seen no evidence that Grudnmann posts on nearly as many threads or frequency as those two, and while he can be quite monotonous on his hobbyhorse issue, he comments a lot more on other subjects than the terrible two. I’ve not come to the conclusion that he should be banned, although I would not be mad if someone did. He’s certainly done more to earn it than anyone else who still posts here

  91. Public Enemy joins "United We Stand" Festival

    Los Angeles, CA (July 16th, 2013) — Free & Equal Elections (www.FreeAndEqual.org) announces the addition of Public Enemy to the rapidly growing lineup of performers in the United We Stand Festival, to be held at UCLA this October. The event will feature a mix of musical performances and speeches by political leaders and activists including Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, former Governors Jesse Ventura and Gary Johnson, media personalities Ben Swann, Abby Martin, Josh Tolley, Amber Lyon, southern rockers Saving Abel, and indie rock quartet Golden State. Additional bands, authors and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

    Public Enemy is widely recognized as one of the most politically active and influential groups in contemporary music. “When you look at the whole of what Public Enemy is about, their history of activism in support of freedom and equality, they really have paved the way for what we are trying to accomplish,” said Christina Tobin, President and CEO of Free and Equal: “I couldn’t imagine kicking off this movement without acknowledging their contributions, so we are just ecstatic that they are lending their talent and voices to the cause.”

    Delivering socio-political messages that give voice to those who have long been ignored, unafraid to question institutional injustices, and challenging both leaders and citizens alike to work for change, Public Enemy have spent their 25 year career doing so with an intensity, eloquence and depth that few can match.

  92. Mormon Watch

    Beck’s “national security editor” was on FoxNews’ “RedEye” last night. This disgusting punk was saying vile things about Edward Snowden. Mormon duplicity is as slimy as Wayne Root.

  93. George Phillies

    @154 Paulie is clearly the much more valuable member of the community.

    @157 Amusing. I read the text, but did not listen to the video.

    @152 Perhaps it is I who is less up to date; my numbers are for May. I will go through some more of their reports.

  94. Sam

    @154 Everyone knows that on a scale Milnes and Ogle together are of exact equal weight and create balance. But Paulie is slightly heavier than both combined.

    If it’s in black and white print here than it must be true. GP can add the numbers too as everyone can see.

  95. LPNYC Watch

    Wolf Blitzer and Daily Show both report Kristin Davis as Libertarian candidate for NYC Comptroller.

  96. Jill Pyeatt

    And, I found this, which, curiously, is our article here on IPR.

    So, does anyone know what’s going on as far as Stevens’ invovement with the NYC upcoming election? Whether Stevens wants us to print his articles or not, I think it’s newsworthy that he is printing info that seems to conflict with what the official LP of New York says. I agree with Mr. Knapp that this would be something worth investigating. I’m busy with a family emergency, but I will if I have time over the weekend. If any other writer here has time to look into it, please do.

  97. Andy

    Thomas Knapp said: “‘Censorship’ doesn’t even come into the equation.

    Nobody’s stopping, or attempting to stop, Grundmann from saying or writing anything, but neither does anyone owe Grundmann pen, paper, stage or microphone.

    If he had any manners, he’d be grateful that his whiny, spoiled ass hasn’t been escorted to and out the door. Yet.”

    I started a group called Libertarians for 911 Truth (link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Libertariansfor911Truth/ ). My group has a very strong free speech policy. Basically, nothing gets censored unless somebody posts off topic spam (as in advertisements for porn sites, dating sites, viagra, etc…, or celebrity gossip, sports talk, etc…).

    I have never banned anyone from posting in the group either, even one poster who popped up a while ago and engaged in frequent “Jew baiting,” as in calling anyone who disagreed with him about anything a Jew. I would not be surprised if the poster was a provocateur of some type, or perhaps just mentally ill. The poster was asked to back up some of their claims several times and they never did, and then they just disappeared, probably because they realized that they were not successfully disrupting the group.

  98. LPNYC Watch

    Former LPNY US Senate nominee Randy Credico is running in the Democrat primary for NYC mayor.

  99. Jill Pyeatt

    Yes, Nicholas, I’m hoping he can clear it up. I’m sure he knows all about this.

  100. Maine People's Liberation

    The American Parliament’s president Hon Ralph Beach [Libertarian] is in unity with Small Business Administration Ministry Director Hon Daniel Stromgren [People’s Liberation] and we too support his campaign and wish him the best of luck.

    We call on all voters, all non-voters – including his opponents for state senate – to consider uniting with us as we support his campaign spiritually and psychologically from around the country and the whole earth:


  101. Gary Donoyan

    @174, re NYC candidates:

    Only the recognized parties’ (Democrat, Republican, Green, Conservative, Working Familes, Independence) candidates have filed their petitons so far. Their nominees won’t be decided until the September 10 and October 1 (if necessary) primary elections.

    For the independent bodies, such as the Libertarian Party, their nominees cannot even file their petitions yet. For those unrecognized parties, the first day to file is August 13 and the last day to file is August 20. If more than one file under the same name or symbol, there is a method by which the NYCBOE determines who gets to keep it, and who has to change it, either voluntarily or by the BOE itself. In such cases, both candidates would still be on the ballot, all else equal. FYI. Until August 13 at the earliest, there can not possibly be an “official” list of such candidates. It may not be settled for weeks thereafter.

    The Libertarian Party leadership (of which I am not one) expects that their candidate for NYC Comptroller, Hashem El-Meligy, will have the LP line on the November ballot.

  102. Deran

    And here is an interesting post to the nonaligned socialist blog, The North Star, by the chairman of Philly Socialist, a nonaligned socialist/voluntarist group in Philadelphia about his analysis abt how time is ripe for a new mass socialist party in the United States. He looks at the Vermont Progressive Party as a viable model..


  103. Unity

    Unity is the juice and when Google derived from James O. Ogle’s logo joogle in October of 1997 they weren’t able to bottle the juice.

  104. Deran

    A month or so ago someone posted a video of some Libertarian Party people talking abt party organizing and electoral campaigns. I think it was a talk given during a recent NY State LP meeting?

    I’d like to share it with some socialists who are looking at all parties electoral/organizing strategies.

    Please put “Libertarian Organizing Video” at the start so I can search for your responding post.


  105. Mark Axinn

    LPNY State Committee voted to hold a second convention to nominate NYC-wide candidates as there was considerable amount of concern that people voted at first one who were not eligible to vote.

    Kristin Davis, who had been nominated at the first convention, chose not to attend the second one, and was not the nominee selected by the credentialed delegates thereat.

    (How’s that for a lawyer’s answer?)

  106. Nicholas Sarwark

    @190: Yeah, the founding by Don Wills was covered on IPR. The ostensible purpose is to avoid the drug and immigration positions of the LP. Other than a Facebook page, there doesn’t seem to be much action and half the website links are broken. Creating a new political party is hard and it’s harder when the party is only in one state and has a platform of “Republican, but we really mean it.”

  107. Darryl W. Perry

    From Ballot Access News:
    Detroit Now Has Two Mayoral Declared Write-in Candidates with Very Similar Names

    As already reported, Mike Duggan is a declared write-in candidate for Mayor of Detroit. He has a large campaign and has already mailed literature to all Detroit voters, asking for a write-in vote and showing how to cast a write-in. Now another write-in candidate for Mayor has filed a declaration of candidacy. His name is Mike Dugeon. See this story. Dugeon says a reporter suggested to him that he file. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.

  108. Darryl W. Perry

    The Concord (NH) PD has applied for a Lenco BEARCAT, the application states “Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges,” in addition to organized groups, it cited “several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.”

    The NHCLU Executive Director Devon Chaffee said, “It’s far from clear to us why an armored vehicle would be necessary to address what are generally, by and large, non-violent movements that in fact provide little or no threat to the security of our state.”

  109. William Saturn

    I will be conducting an e-mail interview with Cindy Sheehan about her run for Governor of California.

    Any suggestions on questions to ask?

  110. Reality Watch

    Ask her if she wouldn’t be better suited as a Senator than a governor.

  111. Thane Eichenauer

    Sheehan Q1: Do you support secession of California from the United States?
    Sheehan Q2: What California prison inmates do you believe are deserving of commutation or immediate pardon?

  112. Catholic Trotskyist

    Yes Paulie has been absent. I hope he’s just working and it’s not related to frustration about the threads on Milnes and Ogle.

  113. Catholic Trotskyist

    Also a reminder that my last post as Catholic Trotskyist will appear in just wo days, as soon as the August Open thread is posted. I will reveal the name of my new party and IPR comment pseudonym. Unfortunately my political treatise will not be ready until October.

  114. Commie Watch

    Commies should be watched no matter what they currently call themselves.

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