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Green Shadow Cabinet: Small businesses win with fast food workers strike

August 29, 2013
Sarah Manski, Small Business Administration

As thousands of fast food workers in nearly 60 cities strike today for a living wage, progressive small business people stand with them. People working at jobs that pay $7-8 an hour cannot support themselves or their families. There is no way to make that math work. And workers who cannot support themselves are in no position to spend money purchasing services and products from local businesses. The low wage economy means big profits for major corporations, hardship for working people, and hard times for local economies.

Locally owned and managed restaurants, in particular, cannot and should not compete with fast food giants that poison their customers and exploit their workers. Instead, progressive business people know that living wage, municipal minimum wage, and guaranteed sick leave ordinances strengthen our prospects as business people by helping to make sure that our employees and coworkers are healthy and happy and have disposable incomes.

Today’s strikes show the courage of working people. They also show the desperation of our times. We expect that these strikes will be ultimately successful in bringing the multinational fast food corporations to the table to negotiate industry-wide wage increases. But we also see in these strikes the need for a new national labor and economic strategy that puts the needs of working people and our communities first by guaranteeing a living wage for all working people, providing Medicare for All, and investing in cooperatives, credit unions, public banks, and first time entrepreneurs instead of subsidizing unsustainable industries and multinational corporations.

Sarah Manski serves as Administrator of the Small Business Administration in the Economy Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States.

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  1. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz September 1, 2013

    Aside from the numerous facts that socialists seem to be perfectly content to overlook, one of the most amazing are these:

    “It is in a business’s best interest to lose money.”

    “Business will make a lot more profit by seeing their expenses rise by a multiple of no less than 2”

    Truly amazing!


    Steve Scheetz

  2. Antirevolutionary Antirevolutionary September 1, 2013

    The only reason why these stores would need to close is because of the greedy pig billionaires and their never-ending quest to horde money while over a third of the world starves.

  3. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz August 31, 2013

    The workers are right. People with no skills, no education, and very little work ethic deserve $15.00 per hour..

    The thought is that this will help small business because once these unskilled workers are able to make more money, they will be able to afford to purchase things from small businesses.

    Here is what will happen. McDonalds will close the stores where these people are striking. at the end of the day, the corporate plan is to utilize unskilled labor to handle this particular type of work.

    What this action will accomplish:

    This will ensure that nobody will be able to afford unskilled labor, and will ultimately put the entirety of the unskilled labor force out of work causing a rise in national unemployment.

    Instead of applauding this action, everyone should be looking on it in horror. There is one proven way to make more money when one is unskilled. That is to LEARN a skill! Work hard, learn a trade, go to school, do whatever it takes to improve upon ability. THAT is what causes people to gain more money in the work place. Where I work, people have the opportunity to become good at their trade, and the better these people become, the more opportunities to do more intellectually stimulating work manifest. Trust is earned along with the possibility to be left alone to perform one’s task.

    Overtime is offered freely, and the more skilled the worker, the more overtime he/she is offered.

    $15.00 an hour is more money than some skilled labor employees make. The result of such a change will send a serious ripple through the entirety of the labor force. ultimately, this will cause a large number of small business to become smaller due to the fact that they will NOT be able to afford to pay the workforce.

    Mark my words, the unskilled worker will NOT be the winners in this, and they may actually cause the rest of us to lose as well.


    Steve Scheetz

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