FL: Wyllie Resigns from “Fix the Debt” Leadership

Per this morning’s Sunshine State News:

Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie, a businessman and veteran who has led the Florida Libertarian Party, announced in a letter on Thursday that he was resigning from the state committee leading Fix the Debt. Wyllie is a heavy favorite to be the Libertarian gubernatorial nominee in 2014.

Click here to read the article, including Wyllie’s explanatory resignation letter in full.

10 thoughts on “FL: Wyllie Resigns from “Fix the Debt” Leadership

  1. Darcy G Richardson

    “Border on treason”? Really? If accumulating debt — public or private — is “treasonous,” then we’re a nation of traitors.


    Are there any serious and sophisticated people left in third-party politics?

  2. Thomas L. Knapp Post author

    On the one hand, I agree with Darcy that the “treason” language doesn’t fly very well and that Mr. Wyllie is probably not the level of heavyweight whose resignation will likely bring about any kind of sea change in attitudes.

    On the other hand, I think that Wyllie is generally right about the organization — any “fixing” of the debt has to start with ending the ceiling raises, because you don’t reduce debt by increasing it — and that his resignation from its steering committee is both appropriate in itself AND an appropriate use of such “bully pulpit” effect as his gubernatorial candidacy carries with it.

    I’d give it an A for effort and a B- for execution.

  3. Adrian Wyllie

    @Darcy G Richardson

    I do believe that the intentional and systematic accumulation of unsustainable debt by our federal government, which will likely lead to a catastrophic collapse in the value of the U.S. dollar, is approaching the definition of treason. I stand by my remarks.

    I recognize that I was a “B” list member of this committee, and I have no delusions that my resignation will cause any serious or lasting damage to Fix The Debt.

    However, I did expect to have some degree of influence, or at least a voice, in the direction of the group. I hoped to encourage them to address monetary policy, which I believe to be at the heart of our economic problems. On that point, perhaps I was naive.

    The bottom line is this: I believe it was their intention to use my participation of evidence that Libertarians support them. My continued participation would be seen by many as tacit approval of the organizations’ objectives. I could no longer allow my name, nor the Libertarian Party’s name, to be attached to this group. And, I felt it necessary to explain why.

  4. paulie

    I’ll try to do it more often, Jill. Just happened across this one, saw that it hadn’t been noted on IPR, and had a minute to do it.

    I have a bunch of would-be articles in the open thread if you are up for posting any of those.

  5. George Whitfield

    Good for you Adrian. You really understand the increasing danger the accumulating debt will bring. I hope to vote for you for Governor of Florida.

  6. Ray Villaincourt

    Yes, it is treason. The country is being sold out to international bankers, and the media is owned by the same people. As are the politicians in their “amen corner,” as Pat Buchanan so aptly put it.

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