Two Libertarians win elections in Michigan

Forwarded to IPR Nov. 9th: 

Please add two more LP elected officials to the list:


Two Libertarians were elected in Michigan. Erwin Haas was elected Commissioner for the city of Kentwood Ward 2. Andy LeCureaux was re-elected to the Hazel Park City Council. It’s interesting to note that Erwin Haas ousted the favored corporate money backed incumbent by 68 votes. He did it with very little money and media attention. This speaks volumes. Voters were tired of the status quo. Sometimes it’s just enough not to be the incumbent.

If you could pass this on to whoever in the LP that posts this information or send me their contact information I would appreciate it.

Sorry this is late, 10 days ago I was called to fill in for an algebra 2 teacher who just up and left the classroom never to return. I got left with piles of uncorrected homework, quizzes and no real lesson plans. I had no time for myself let alone read emails. I’m glad someone finally called me as I also lost track of the elections. Oops!

Mary Buzuma
Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan

Live Free,

Sam Goldstein
LNC Region 3 Representative

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