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Newsday: Green Party Plotting to Defeat Cuomo

By Michael Gormley

New York’s Green Party reached out to the Working Families Party to explore a liberal coalition to defeat Cuomo. The Green Party’s nominee for governor, Howie Hawkins of Syracuse, insists the effort could beat the Democratic governor.

It’s a far-fetched plan given the small size of each minor party, the popularity of Cuomo among Democrats, un-enrolled voters and many Republicans, and the reluctance of minor parties historically to band together.

Still, the rare overture reflects a growing dissatisfaction by some liberal leaders for Cuomo’s business tax cuts and spending reductions in his first term. Leaders of the Working Families Party say they are considering running their own candidate for governor, at the risk of failing to attract the 50,000 votes needed to maintain an automatic line on ballots.

“We share opposition to the conservative economic, fiscal, educational, and environmental policies of Governor Cuomo,” states the letter signed by Hawkins and his running mates. “We also share common progressive policy goals, including single-payer health care, raising minimum wages, progressive tax reform, fully-funded public schools, tuition-free CUNY and SUNY, a ban on fracking, and building a carbon-free economy by 2030.”

There was no immediate comment from the Working Families Party, which has been closely associated with the Democratic Party.

Read the full article here.

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the link.

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  1. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn May 30, 2014

    I hope Howie is right, but we all know he’s dreaming….

    Better tactic to take is to tell progressive voters not to waste their votes on Cuomo, as everyone knows he is going to win in a landslide, but instead to vote for third parties in order to make a statement how disappointed liberals are with the New York Democratic/statist/facist/in bed with big business/blah blah blah Party.

  2. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman May 30, 2014

    Of course every Governor of New York, regardless of party, is a statist in bed with big business.
    But Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the least pro-government leader New York has had since Al Smith left office.

  3. johnO johnO May 30, 2014

    So will Howie Hawkins and the Greens endorse the WFP nominee?

  4. Deran Deran May 31, 2014

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I knew the WFP would never ever nominate a candaite to run against Andrew Cuomo. All that Diane Ravitch talk of a few daus ago was pure political theater. I knew Cuomo and the WFP had come to some agreement the other day when the news reported that Cuomo was now pushing a limited form of public financed election in New York State, which is a big issue for the WFP.

    I think this is very good for Howie Hawkins. There would be any other major Leftist opposition to Cuomo.

    I also think this was sort of prepratory for 2016 – Mayor de Blazio, a former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager, and a leading progressivist within the Democratic Party helping put the kaybosh on any Left dissent outside the party.

    I’d love to read how the W

  5. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn June 1, 2014


    No surprises and good response by Howie.

    Surprising that Cuomo could not be bothered to show up at WFP Convention and instead sent de Blasio.

  6. Deran Deran June 1, 2014

    I think the Democratic establishment in NY sent de Blasio because he has much more of a sheen of being a “progressive” than does Cuomo. And I know the WFP was supportive of de Blasio for NYC Mayor. I never thought the WFP would break with the Democrats at this level. I really do think the recent gesture by Cuomo toward some form of public financed elections was him sealing the deal with the WFP leadership.

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