Roseanne Barr: Ran for President to “legalize marijuana” and explicate “ballot access difficulties”

Roseanne Barr On Tuesday 10 June 2014 2012 Presidential Candidate and comedian Roseanne Barr appeared as a guest on the syndicated Wendy Williams Show.

The following is a transcript of the portion of the interview which addressed her 2012 campaign.

WILLIAMS: “So last time you were here you were running for President; how did that go?”

BARR: “It went good; I learned a lot about how our system works and doesn’t work. I came in 6th out of 54.”


Barr: “. . . I was only on three ballots too; only three states put me on (ED-NOTE: California, Colorado and Florida). The reason I ran is to bring some light to the fact that it is very hard to get on the ballot in this free country. If we can’t get the kind of people we want to represent us . . . we have got to change that.”

WILLIAMS: “Your platform was legalizing marijuana.”


BARR: “My platform was basically legalization of marijuana.”


BARR: “I am very happy that I was pretty much in the tip of the spear there; all over the country they are starting to legalize it because it is a very good drug, isn’t it?”


BARR: “Does anyone have some right now?”


BARR: “This is the really cool thing; they are starting now to okay it for our returning troops who have PTSD; it is a very good treatment for PTSD. I think this is a whole new Century and a whole new time for things that actually work.”

The portion of the interview regarding her run for POTUS begins at about the 6:30 minute mark and ends at about 8:15 in the video below.

At the Green Party convention in July 2012, Barr placed second to eventual Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. Barr left the Green Party after she was not selected as the vice-presidential running mate.

In April 2013, the Rosanne for President 2012 campaign was fined $550.00 by the Federal Election Commission for violation of “2 U.S.C. § 434(a) for filing late or failing to file the 2012 Pre-General Report,” see pages 17 to 20 HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr: Ran for President to “legalize marijuana” and explicate “ballot access difficulties”

  1. Jed Ziggler

    She’s already announced she’s running for President again. When I asked her on Twitter if she would again seek the Peace and Freedom Party nomination, she called them “a bunch of commies”. I’ll take that as a no. She’s still registered as a Green in Hawaii.

  2. Joshua Fauver

    Well that’s nice to know. But I believe Stein will run again, and if she does I don’t think Barr will be able to get their nomination. Perhaps the Justice Party should consider her.

  3. Guess what

    It is very easy to get on the ballot in Louisiana. What tripped up Roseanne’s campaign there is you need one elector from each congressional district to get on the ballot. There were a couple districts where she had zero apparent supporters.

  4. paulie

    I could have got her an elector in every district easily, for a few hundred dollars – I was in the area and let her campaign know. I’ve done it before and she’s a millionaire.

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