Leavenworth Times: Libertarian Candidate Touts Vision for Kansas

By John Richmeier

Keen Umbehr said voters may think of Libertarians as people who want to legalize marijuana.

But, Umbehr said he’s not that kind of a Libertarian candidate.

Umbehr, who’s running for Kansas governor, describes himself as a conservative Libertarian.

He said he’s focused on issues such as jobs, taxes and schools.

He acknowledged that every political party has members with far out beliefs, but “you can’t run a country from the extremes.”

“It’s in the center that we have stability,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Leavenworth Times: Libertarian Candidate Touts Vision for Kansas

  1. Gene Berkman

    Sad that he does not support legalizing marijuana. After all, well known Kansas Republican Charles Koch does support legal marijuana.

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