Libertarian Party Elects New Chairman, Vice Chairman at 2014 Convention

The Libertarian Party issued this press release today:

Libertarian Party

For immediate release
June 30, 2014

Libertarians elect new leadership

Nicholas Sarwark - Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Nicholas Sarwark,
Libertarian National Committee

Delegates to the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus, Ohio, elected Nicholas Sarwark of Colorado to be the party’s new chair.

Sarwark has been active with the LP since 1999. He has served on committees of the national party, and as chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland. He is currently the vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, where he played a key role in recruiting the state’s 42 Libertarian candidates for 2014, as well as supporting the passage of Colorado’s historic marijuana legalization initiative in 2012.

Sarwark’s goals include clearly positioning the Libertarian Party as the only choice for pro-freedom young people.

“Younger voters are rejecting the old political parties,” Sarwark said. “Reaching out to pro-freedom young people will make us the dominant political party in 20 years.”

Sarwark is a deputy public defender and has tried more than 30 cases before a jury and argued in front of the Colorado Supreme Court. He also has more than a decade of experience in computer consulting and sales. He lives with his wife and two children in Denver.

Arvin Vohra, an educator from Bethesda, Md., and leader of the national party’s social media efforts, was elected vice chair. Alicia Mattson, of Las Vegas, Nev., was elected secretary; and Tim Hagan, also of Las Vegas, was re-elected treasurer.

“The Libertarian Party is the future of America,” Sarwark said. “We’re adding registered voters while the ranks of the two old parties are shrinking. Our vote totals among 18–29-year-olds have risen sharply in the last two years, and our candidates are ready to give voters the real choice for cutting government and advancing liberty they crave.”


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IPR announced that Nicholas Sarwark was running for the chairmanship in May.

Nicholas Sarwark posted this to his Facebook page yesterday:

As Chair of the Libertarian Party, I want to personally ask you to come home. 

If you have never been a member of the party, but you believe in human freedom, this is your home.

If you joined the Republicans or Democrats believing they would fight for human freedom but you are disappointed by their broken promises, this is your home.

If you were a member of the party, but left in frustration at something we did or didn’t do, this is your home. 

We are ready to welcome you home whenever you are ready. It’s time for the prodigals to return and for us to feast in celebration.<


Arvin Vohra sent us this statement:

Each year, Libertarian Party candidates get millions of dollars worth of media coverage. With the right candidate training, we can use that media coverage to brand the Libertarian Party as the only political party dedicated to abolishing government departments, repealing laws, and advancing freedom. During the next months, I intend to work with candidates and state parties to help make it clear that the Libertarian party is the only party for those who want to cut government and advance liberty.

Mr. Sarwark has previously served on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian National Committee, and Mr. Vohra served as an At-Large Representative the last term.

Alicia Mattson has served as secretary before, and Tim Hagan was the incumbent treasurer.


Arvin Vohra

mattson_alicia (1)

Alicia Mattson

Tim Hagan

Tim Hagan



38 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Elects New Chairman, Vice Chairman at 2014 Convention

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    I wish this team the best. I hope we can develop some decent brochures, update the web site on issues, develop some training material and increase the press coverage. And btw I have renewed my membership.

  2. Nicholas Sarwark

    Michael, Thank you for renewing your membership.

    Send a separate email to me with the specific goals and I will make sure you are part of the working group to address those issues.

  3. Thomas Knapp

    Dammit, Nick, ya got me. Just re-joined the national LP as a sustaining member and sent an email to my county affiliate to find out what’s going on and how I can help

    I think I’ve found a way to square my distrust of electoral politics with being an active LP member. Heck, it’s even something that’s close to YOUR heart at most national conventions. But more on that later.

    Congratulations on your election and best wishes for a productive term.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    Nick I will do so, but it will be a couple of days. By this weekend you should have something from me. In the meantime relax and enjoy the holiday with your family.

  5. paulie

    Nick, please let us know the list of working groups as they develop, I and I am sure others will want to help as well.

    Please let the new LNC know that I am available to help on Outreach, Affiliate Support, Ballot Access or other such committees as well.

    Congratulations on the election and I hope you all have a productive term. The last one wore me out so I am happy to be take a break from that, but would like to continue to be involved in other ways.

  6. Steven Wilson

    I got back and heard the news. Congrats to the new LNC. I wish you all the best.

    I am sorry to hear about Starchild. I think his courage for transparency was a strong voice of reason. There will be a big void to fill there.

    Love Arvin at the number 2 spot.

    I hope Chuck M will stay active in Virginia.


  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I just found this on Facebook from Evan McMahon:

    On Sunday I was elected to serve the Libertarian Party as an at-large representative on the Libertarian National Committee. I am honored to have your confidence and support.

    My goal while serving on the Libertarian National Committee is to be a strong and experienced voice and advocate for candidates. I will work tirelessly to get Libertarian candidates and elected officials the support and resources they need to be successful.

    I will also stand guard over the limited financial resources that have been entrusted to us by the party membership. We can ill afford to waste money on projects that do little to nothing to support our affiliates and candidates.

    The people are ready for us to show them the way to personal and economic liberty. We must grow our membership, support our candidates, and work to empower local affiliates.

    I hope to have both your support and valuable input over the next 2 years.

    – Evan McMahon, At-Large Rep.
    Libertarian National Committee”

  8. David

    Just found out that a public access show in Montana on will feature Bill Masters from the 2002 LP National Convention. The show is on July 2nd and you can catch the Libertarians Live show from 6:27 PM to 7 PM.(Mountain Time) Just click on the watch now channel 7 to catch the streaming video on 2002 was a good convention with lots of good speakers like Bill Masters, who I think was the first elected Libertarian Sheriff from Colorado. I think he may be an independent now, but maybe somebody can update that.

  9. Chuck Moulton

    Steven Wilson wrote:

    I hope Chuck M will stay active in Virginia.

    I have resigned from all Virginia committees and stopped my $100 monthly pledge to the LPVA.

    As I wrote on Facebook:

    I’ve also hit my breaking point with Virginia. The state chair (who I considered a friend) has twice given nominating speeches gave a nominating speech for my opponent which led to my defeat. (CORRECTION: He did not give a nominating speech for my opponent in 2008.) In fact, both of Virginia’s prominent national activists have voted against me in recent national races. Both have stated on more than one occasion that the reason they weren’t supporting me for a particular race was I should focus on being state chair… then they hypocritically supported the current state chair when he sought a LNC position. I’m getting tired of pulling knives out of my back.

    I had planned to get active again in the LPVA after I met my school deadlines. Now I have reconsidered that decision. My activism is clearly not appreciated. I have plenty of other hobbies and professional development activities to fill my time.

    I’ll still help Marc, Nicholas, and Arvin behind the scenes because they’re good friends and I want to move the Libertarian Party forward. However, taking on any titled position of responsibility at the state level would make me feel obligated to complete the term, do my best possible job all the time, and interact with people who make me their punching bags — I’m not willing to do that anymore. I can get re-involved when I move to a more welcoming, meritocratic state (after finishing the Ph.D. program).

    To provide more specifics:

    When I initially ran for vice-chair in 2006, Dr. Jim Lark (who I served under as a regional alternate to the LNC) said he could not give a nominating speech for me because I should focus on being Pennsylvania chair.

    I served as vice-chair under Bill Redpath in the 2006-2008 term. In 2008 he gave a nominating speech for my opponent Michael Jingozian, which implicitly broadcast he did not think I was doing a good job as vice-chair. In my opinion and the opinion of many others I did an outstanding job as vice-chair.

    Update: Redpath just brought to my attention that he did not give a nominating speech for Jingozian. I checked the minutes and my recollection on that was incorrect. I do recall that he failed to support me, but I’ll have to speak with contemporaries to refresh that my memory — it was 8 years ago.

    When there was a secretary vacancy in 2013, both Bill Redpath and Dr. Jim Lark did not support me and voted for my opponent, saying I should focus on being Virginia chair rather than running for the LNC. I declined to run for re-election as Virginia chair in February of 2014; Bill Redpath was elected Virginia chair. Then at the 2014 convention Redpath ran for at-large as Virginia chair and Lark gave a nominating speech for him.

    This past convention as Virginia state chair Redpath gave a nominating speech for my opponent Alicia Mattson, which implicitly broadcast he did not think I was doing a good job as a Virginia activist (or an LPNOVA activist, given that Redpath is in my local affiliate). I’m fairly certain (but not sure due to secret ballot) Lark was the other Virginia vote for Mattson.

    I don’t mean to take my ball and go home, but unfortunately any activism I do in Virginia will just provide more fodder for Bill Redpath to denigrate me nominating my opponents each time in future conventions. I’m done with that; it’s not fair to me.

    Redpath’s race for at-large this convention was the first race (for LNC or a Virginia office) that I didn’t vote for him and publicly encourage others to do so.

    When I move to another state after I finish my Ph.D. (probably California, Massachusetts, or New York) I will get re-involved at the state affiliate level. Until then I’ll just be a behind the scenes guy — and I’m already doing behind the scenes stuff that I hope will come to fruition.

  10. Thomas Knapp


    I was (unpleasantly) surprised that you weren’t elected, and based on your description of events it’s certainly understandable why you wouldn’t want to keep working with certain people.

    If I’m a delegate at any future convention, I can honestly say that there are very few people I’d be likely to vote for in preference to you for any party position.

  11. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I hope there’s a state party in California if you come here.

  12. Steven Wilson

    To Chuck,

    I am sorry that Virginia has not appreciated what you bring to the table. Here in Missouri, candidates like Robert Sarvis have made people sit up and look our way. It is not a long stare, but at least it is something.

    No matter where you end up, don’t let the pretenders get you down. I have met quite a few in my time and I shrug them off. I have a simple litmus test for it: I pay attention to what people do and not what they say.

    Individual sovereignty is important and what we are doing is the right thing. Take your Phd, intellect, and passions to a place that will be grateful for all you can offer.

    Stand and deliver your way.

    I raise a glass of house red to Chuck Moulton and those that fight the good fight.

  13. Bondurant

    Starchild did quality work in the transparency department. Given that Sarwark was elected, I am a bit surprised that Starchild wasn’t voted back onto the LNC (assuming he stood for election again).

  14. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to Nicholas Sarwark, Arvin Vohra, Allicia Mattson and Tim Hagan! Thank you for your willingness to serve. Best wishes to Chuck Moulton in his future endeavors. I wish I could have attended the National Convention. Perhaps in two years I will.

  15. Mark Axinn


    The good thing about LPNY is that you don’t have to be a resident of New York to join. We don’t need no stinkin’ borders!

    Join today at and feel welcomed in an active, growing affiliate.

    And while I wish my good friend and fellow state chair Bill Redpath well, I also hope that New York can regain its fifth position (and surpass VA) in national LP membership.

  16. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I removed the photo of Alicia Mattson because I’m told it wasn’t her. I also took down Tim Hagan’s so it wouldn’t look bad to have everyone’s photo but Alicia’s. If anyone has a good photo of her, if you can send it to me, I’ll post it.


  17. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks, Chuck. I’m fairly certain the site hadn’t been updated when I wrote the article.

  18. Marc Montoni

    I would like to point out that there are many activists in the LPVA who value and and appreciate Chuck as an activist and doubly so as a friend. I count myself as one of those.

    I don’t blame Chuck for feeling unappreciated, given the circumstances.

    Fortunately, I think there are many more active people who do appreciate him, than who do not.

    Your friends are with you, Aragorn.

  19. paulie

    There are photos on the webpage listing LNC members:

    Thanks for the heads up. I emailed the new LNC.

    Welcome 2014-2016 LNC !

    Although I had no interest in running for LNC again this term, I would like to let you know that I remain available to any and all of you, separately or together, if anyone would be interested in my advice and ideas. Many of them are also available in the LNC email archives from last term if any of you find time to read through those, although I suspect few if any of you will, since you will have enough work keeping up with emails from your current term.

    I am also available for committees such as Outreach, Affiliate Support and Ballot Access if my help is wanted on any of those.

    Best ways to reach me are 205-534-1622 (cell), 415-690-6352 (voicemail), and (note two Ls).

    Please send your news and views to me and/or post them in the comments at ; and please correct any misinformation you find posted there.

    Let me know what if any projects you are looking for help with; even If I am not able to help personally I will pass the information along, if you would like me to.

    Good luck, I hope you all have a successful and productive term the next couple of years.

    Paul Frankel
    205-534-1622 cell
    *Past Alternate, Region 7 LNC (AL, MS, TX, OK, LA) 2012-2014 term
    *Alabama Director, Our America Initiative
    *Ballot Access Petition Contractor
    *Volunteer Reporter, IPR

  20. paulie

    When I move to another state after I finish my Ph.D. (probably California, Massachusetts, or New York) I will get re-involved at the state affiliate level.

    Alabama welcomes your help. I believe you had overwhelming votes from our delegation. 100/month would be a huge step up for us.

  21. Stewart Flood


    We have a lot (a LOT) of Pennsy transplants down here. If Virginia doesn’t appreciate you, South Carolina and a number of other states would!

    And BTW…it was six years ago, not eight. My recollection of the events that day are that Redpath stayed out of the race entirely. I may be wrong, but that’s what I recall. I would have also hoped he’d have supported you, but my recollection is that he was NOT part of the cabal that unseated you. Remember, South Carolina was sitting front-center, where we could hear almost everything.

    Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. I have had people I consider friends support others, and I have also at times found support from people I would never have expected it from. The worst thing to do when you lose is to complain about losing and the people you expected to support you not following through. People remember that a long time.

    Volunteer for the IT committee. You [and Montoni as well!] have in-the-field knowledge of where we’ve been and what has failed and worked in the past. Personally, I’d like to see both of you on it. We need people who can help with the “long-term” view as well as those who just look at the next tree in front of them in the forest.

  22. paulie

    As I wrote on Facebook:

    Chuck writes:

    Chuck Moulton
    June 30 at 3:47am ·

    LP national convention post mortem (now that I’ve had some time to decompress):

    There are several things I could have done better in the secretary’s race, but hindsight is always 20/20. All of my tactical decisions made sense ex ante (e.g., emphasizing my goals and strategic vision in my nominating speeches instead of my secretarial competence made sense because all of the candidates were competent).

    I don’t agree. I don’t think you should assume that all delegates KNEW that all the candidates were competent. Nor that most delegates pay much attention to literature. Your speeches should have emphasized your competence. That, plus the endorsements from Nick and Arvin (which none of the other candidates had) and the second round endorsement from GJ-TX would have clinched it for you IMO. It was OK to refer to your issue positions e.g. pro-office ownership, pro-50 states+ ballot access, anti floor fees, pro-transparency BUT you should have neve mentioned Alicia by name. At most, you could have obliquely said that the other candidates in the race have some disagreements on some of these issues, and that was all that needed to be said there.

    I think most delegates made up their minds based on the speeches, and Alicia’s speeches were better. If I was not already familiar with the candidates and already long since made up my mind to vote for you, ie if I was the typical delegate who made up my mind based primarily on speeches, I would have voted for Alicia.

    You should have also implemented the idea we had of handing out your extra beers.

    The reality is if I couldn’t win secretary as the best candidate for the position — with great literature, passionate nominating speeches by the popular incoming chair and vice-chair, and an endorsement from the 3rd place finisher — , then the delegates pretty resoundingly rejected me in optimal conditions.

    It wasn’t very resounding, and your negative piece on Alicia plus apologizing for it from the podium (which brings into question accuracy, which is the main thing we want from a Secretary) and lack of verbal emphasis on qualifications probably made the difference. I think a margin of that size could have been overcome with good campaigning.

    As we discussed prior and at the convention, the demographics of who all was there were probably not optimal; but, if they had been really bad, Nick and Arvin could not have won either, which indicates to me that your race was winnable.

    I lost practically all of Ohio and Indiana in a Columbus, OH convention. Given that I also lost practically all of Florida, there is zero chance I can win at the 2016 Orlando, FL convention. (Which is fine. I have no regrets about defending my good friend Mike, annoying much of the Florida state central committee in the process. Friendship is more important than politics.) Maybe I’ll seek a LNC position in 2018.

    I think there is a good chance you could win an LNC officer position in 2016, especially if you follow through with a presidential nomination campaign as you had discussed in some prior thread(s). One thing that I do not believe will work in 2016 any more than in 2014 is an above board negative campaign. If you wage a negative campaign, do it through proxies and behind the scenes.

    BTW, have Bill Redpath and Dr. Lark had any responses to your points in the rest of that post?

  23. Stewart Flood

    I agree that the apology hurt you. Alicia appears to have won the undecided vote. You sounded like you were double-clutching a bit and it may have even lost some supporters — not me of course!

    An endorsement in an LNC race from the first round loser is not always as effective as those made by candidates in a presidential nomination race. It was also from a microphone, not the podium.

  24. paulie

    Starchild did quality work in the transparency department. Given that Sarwark was elected, I am a bit surprised that Starchild wasn’t voted back onto the LNC (assuming he stood for election again).

    Whole different dynamic with approval voting on 12 people for 5 slots. Also, a lot of people left by the time LNC alternates were being voted on.

    I am pleasantly surprised that Nick won, but while I voted for Starchild, I predicted he would not get elected again….and that was before I knew approval voting would pass.

  25. paulie

    An endorsement in an LNC race from the first round loser is not always as effective as those made by candidates in a presidential nomination race. It was also from a microphone, not the podium.

    Good point.

    Also, it came late.

    Mattson supporters were spotted seconds after the first ballot was announced misinforming Texas delegates that Johnson was at that moment supposedly telling Ohio delegates to vote for Mattson. By the time Johnson made his somewhat tepid endorsement, some of the Texas delegates may have already voted for Mattson based on the bad info. The same may have happened with other delegations, I just happened to be seated next to Texas.

    Also FYI I was informed by someone who can identify himself as the source of the info if he feels like it that the negative piece against Alicia cost Chuck votes in this person’s delegation. I suspect the same was true in several delegations.

  26. Marc Montoni

    I seem to recall every state other than OH and IN were either fairly evenly balanced, or mostly in favor of Chuck. Chuck lost by a large margin in the two largest delegations;a result which I absent-mindedly anticipated several weeks before the convention.

    I can’t really say that any of Chuck’s materials were negative. Alicia obviously thought so, as apparently there was a claim that he was libeling her. But it isn’t libel if it’s factually correct. Chuck was very careful to base every claim on facts that were verifiable in the LNC or EC minutes.

  27. paulie

    Chuck, I understand you want to move on but

    1) It was not just hindsight — I told you the night before that circulating the comparison sheet was a bad idea, and I stand by my prediction.

    2) Lessons should be learned and applied for the next time you run, which I hope will be soon


    3) If you infer the wrong lessons, not only may you repeat the mistakes which IMO caused your defeat, but you may postpone running longer due to erroneous interpretation of why you lost.

  28. paulie


    I seem to recall every state other than OH and IN were either fairly evenly balanced, or mostly in favor of Chuck. Chuck lost by a large margin in the two largest delegations;a result which I absent-mindedly anticipated several weeks before the convention

    Maybe so. However, there were enough undecided voters scattered between multiple states and the final tally was close enough that I stand by my analysis that the race was winnable, and was lost by bad campaign strategy and execution.

    I can’t really say that any of Chuck’s materials were negative.

    Comparisons with another candidate is what I mean by negative. Positive campaigning eschews comparisons with other candidates, focusing instead on just talking about the positive qualities of the candidate running and ignoring who else may or may not be running against him or her. I’m sure you know this already.

    By negative, I don’t necessarily mean rude and nasty.

    Alicia obviously thought so, as apparently there was a claim that he was libeling her. But it isn’t libel if it’s factually correct. Chuck was very careful to base every claim on facts that were verifiable in the LNC or EC minutes.

    I agree, which is all the more reason that he should not have apologized for allegedly getting it wrong…when as far as I can see he got it right to begin with.

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