The Salem, MO News: Salem Man Seeks Statewide Office So His Party’s Voice Can Be Heard

Rod & Jan Farthing

By Donald Dodd:

When Missourians go to the polls Aug. 5 they will have the opportunity to vote for a Salem man who is seeking statewide office.

Not many people around the state have heard of Rod Farthing, and in all likelihood, there probably aren’t a lot of people in Salem who know we have a favorite son whose name isn’t Jason Smith on the statewide ballot.

But there Farthing’s name will be on election Tuesday, the Constitution Party’s candidate for state auditor. Farthing, a former pastor at First Christian Church, ran for state treasurer in 2008 and garnered just 2.4 percent of the vote. He doesn’t figure he’ll do much better in the auditor’s race this fall.

So why does he run for state office? The short answer is because he loves America and thinks the Constitution Party could be the answer to many of our problems.

“I’m running for the sake of the party,” he says. “We didn’t have anyone else who wanted to run. The first factor is disenchantment with the major parties. They have led us down this path, each blaming the other. Even the laws are slanted to the perpetuation of their system.”

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