Independent American Party of Nevada Loses its Incumbent Partisan Office-Holders

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

In November 2010, the Independent American Party of Nevada (the Nevada affiliate of the Constitution Party) elected four nominees to partisan county office. All of them were elected to four year terms.

At the November 2014 election, though, the party did not elect any partisan candidates. White Pine County Commissioner John S. Lampros was defeated for re-election by the Republican nominee, Carol McKenzie.

The other three did not run for re-election. They were Jackie Berg, County Clerk-Recorder of Eureka County; Falkon Finlinson, Public Administrator of Nye County; and Arthur Wehrmeister, District Attorney of Esmeralda County (he had resigned before his term was up).

4 thoughts on “Independent American Party of Nevada Loses its Incumbent Partisan Office-Holders

  1. Cody Quirk

    No surprise; the political environment is turning more and more sour for the constitutionalist parties here and nationally; plus the way Janine Hansen & John Wagner have run the party and personally conducted themselves the past two years have also contributed to the IAP’s reversal of fortune- since I’m now a Libertarian.

  2. paulie

    I don’t know of any measures anymore by which any nationally organized alt party is ahead of the LP. There are some one state parties that are ahead of the LP in some ways, though.

  3. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    As predicted, Janine and any other laborer in the Constitutionalist fields can count on a never ending knife-in-the-back by that renowned political mastermind Cody ” The Twerp ” Quirk. Never shall his oozing poison end to attack those working to save the nation from the Plantation Masters to whom Quirk gives his ultimate allegiance – as long as he can protect, and have ever honored and adored, his precious ” image;” as compared to being recognized as the walking virus which he truly is.

    Janine, to whom whose work the nitwit Quirk could not possibly compare to nor approach in volume in a million years, must have, in some way, punctured his oh-so-precious ego balloon and hence has earned his eternal venom. As if she should apologize to him in any possible way regarding her ” personal conduct.” What a fantastically sick joke. Rather Quirk should apologize to her for both his ” mental conduct ” ( to concoct such continuing attacks against those who have punctured his ego bubble ) and actual conduct ( to treat as enemies those who previously defended him – at least, perhaps, until they wised up to who he really is ). But as Quirk is an egomaniac he will never apologize to Janine – nor anyone else – for his endless empty, shallow, and only-to-puff-up-his-own-ego attacks.

    Quirk – Janine Hansen has more honor and integrity in her big toe than you will EVER have. Period/end of story.

  4. Cody Quirk

    Compared to Closet Don here, whom is probably still monitored by the San Leandro PD- Janine indeed is a saint that does her best for Liberty… At her expense, that is.
    You still alienate the CP over there in California alone.

    Hope you enjoyed the CP’s dismal election results this year, especially in South Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Alaska.

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