Seattle Times: Activists in Alternative Parties Discuss Cooperating in State


Excerpt from this Seattle Times article, written by Joseph O’Sullivan:

It sounds like the start of a joke: A libertarian, a socialist, an anarchist and a Green Party member walk into a room.

But at the Traditions Cafe on Sunday night, representatives of the four disparate political movements took seats on a low riser in front of a crowd of about 40. They talked about their beliefs, their frustrations with current politics — even about finding ways to work together.

The meeting comes after a November election with the lowest midterm turnout in 35 years and an Elway Poll last month in which a majority of those surveyed signaled dissatisfaction with state politics.

Representatives from the alternative movements found several points upon which they agreed: America’s military-industrial complex is too influential; law enforcement is too militarized; corporations should not be defined as people; and politics attracts too much money.

The last point struck a particular chord with both the speakers and the audience. Spurred on by the audience, the assembled representatives talked about working together on an initiative to curb the influx of political money in state campaigns.

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4 thoughts on “Seattle Times: Activists in Alternative Parties Discuss Cooperating in State

  1. Steven M Nielson

    The intent of our involvement in these discussions was to build a coalition for upcoming initiatives, regarding presidential electors in washington state. This was heavily mentioned in the article, but yet you failed to capture the libertarian leadership portrayed in the article.

  2. Jed Ziggler Post author

    I’m only allowed to post short excerpts from copyrighted content, so I went with what I felt captured the spirit of the story. Everyone is free to click the link to read the full article. If you think you can do better, ask Warren Redlich to sign you up as a contributor.

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