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  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Some pro-Johnson bias in this issue. An article promotes Johnson over the other candidates with an article that says: “Major media cover possible Johnson, Ventura bids for Libertarian Party presidential nomination.”

    What is this “major media” that covers Johnson? The New Mexico Political Report links to Johnson’s Tumblr page. And a mention in the Sunshine State News.

    The article mentions reports from Fox News and CBS — but they’re covering Ventura, not Johnson. Yet while Ventura got the major media, the article begins with Johnson, essentially highlighting him, and putting him in the same “major media” category, as Ventura.

    There’s really not much “major media” focusing on Johnson. The article appears to be an attempt to highlight Johnson over the other LP candidates, who are crowded into a separate section.

    Of course, they can’t put Johnson in the candidates’ section, because Johnson isn’t an official candidate yet. And there’s no real news about him at this time.

  2. Andy Craig

    While your point is well-taken about whether or not the examples given are “major media,” there were plenty of other examples that could have been cited. Johnson still makes fairly regular appearances on cable news, FBN in particular, and is almost always asked about 2016 when he does.

    More annoying, was the typo in the blurb that referred to “MNPR” while the rest of the article was “NMPR”.

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