John McAfee to Attend Georgia LP Meeting; Responds to March 3rd GOP “Debate”



“There can be no doubt that the level of discourse on display at the GOP “debates” has reached an all-time low. As nauseating as it is to listen to the drivel of failed ideas from a dead party, it’s even worse when the only real discussions on stage are of trading childish insults.

In the Campaign PRESS RELEASE issued earlier today, Libertarian POTUS Candidate John McAfee continues:

“I won’t resort to name calling like some, but the American people deserve better.

“To add insult to injury, the candidate called the only “adult” onstage, is an Ohio governor so afraid of an honest election that he signed a bill denying ballot access for any party other than that of the Republicans or Democrats.

“The Libertarian Party of Ohio is still working to overturn that ridiculous law.

“The two major parties are machines; machines that suck the soul and humanity out of any individual who becomes a part of them.

“That’s why I’m encouraging people to get involved with the one party trying to save America: The Libertarian Party.”

Mr. McAfee will address the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s 2016 State Convention tomorrow in Marietta.

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3 thoughts on “John McAfee to Attend Georgia LP Meeting; Responds to March 3rd GOP “Debate”

  1. sparkey

    Will there be an online stream of the Georgia event? The GA LP website seems to indicate that there will be a debate featuring McAfee, Kerbel, Petersen, and Jim Gray (standing in for Johnson I guess).

  2. sparkey

    OK, now the GA LP website says “Be sure to watch our videos of the Presidential Debate.” Can anyone find them? Who participated?

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