New McAfee/Weiss Ad Released: Vote Different

4 thoughts on “New McAfee/Weiss Ad Released: Vote Different

  1. robert capozzi

    Much more impact than the last one, IMO. I might only quibble with the rocket at the end, only because I assume it’s NASA, and well NASA even I would advocate for its abolition! 😉 And if you are going to use Ayn, pick a pic where she’s looking a bit less deranged.

  2. Steven Berson

    I agree – the NASA Space Shuttle shot at the end – a government program made possible via funds coerced via taxation – totally runs counter to what would be the Libertarian solution of privatizing space travel – a shot of Space X would have been way more appropriate. This is way way better than the first commercial but could be tightened up by 30 seconds easily. On another nitpick the “Let Life Live” slogan feels clumsy and derivative of the GJ 2012 “Live Free” to my ear though. Still – a better effort than many LP candidate produced promo videos – I’d give it a C+ and note we still need to do way better to really attract attention.

  3. Brian Irving

    Great commercial. Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of quibbling and backbiting one another, how about the “leading” candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination get together and agree to pool talents and resources like this and actively support whoever wins the nomination? Now that that would a crazy idea.

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