Sex Work Advocate: Green Party “Backward” on Prostitution

SOM  Tits and Sass blog contributor Brit Schulte, with assistance from Cathryn Berarovich, takes the Green Party to task over its anti-choice stance on prostitution in an August 4 post, and faults presumptive GP nominee Jill Stein for failing to speak out on the issue.

“Calling for increased top-down legislation, more police, and harsher sentences for sex workers and their communities puts you on the same side as those advocating for the continued expansion of the prison industrial complex, mass incarceration, and the targeting of marginalized communities for carceral punishment,” writes Schulte.

While she notes that Jill Stein “has not made any public statement on the subject of sex workers’ rights,” and is technically not a member of the national Green Party but only of the party’s Massachusetts affiliate, Schulte faults the presumptive GP presidential nominee for failing to challenge or amend the Green Party platform. That platform includes statements like, “An increasing number of experts think the percentage of choice prostitution is very small, leaving the larger number of women exposed to serious and often fatal violence. Much of what is commonly called prostitution is actually sex trafficking by definition.”


7 thoughts on “Sex Work Advocate: Green Party “Backward” on Prostitution

  1. Tim McKee

    Too bad this is such nonsense and meaningless to so many people who are looking for real work

  2. Starchild Post author

    Sorry, the title screw-up was my bad. While trying to get the image formatting right, I screwed it up. Fixed now.

  3. Starchild Post author

    Tim – Not sure exactly what you’re trying to say, but sex work is legitimate work. There are also lots of “support personnel” jobs such as drivers, managers, etc., not to mention other jobs that are supported with proceeds of prostitution – manicure/pedicurists, gyms, adult product retailers, etc.

  4. langa

    The GP, the LP and any other party that claims to support individual freedom should absolutely support the rights of those in the sex industry. Unfortunately, the Left’s commitment to condescending paternalism often seems to trump its professed concern for civil liberties.

  5. Roland

    Prostitute is exploited? Aren’t most of us one way or the other. I just wish I could be “exploited” for just a few hundred dollars an hour. In any case, filling the jails up with women or their customers is not going to make the world a safer place, nor will it make sex for humans go away.

  6. dL

    A fallacious assumption is that sex workers are female or overwhelmingly female. Not true. Quite a few males are involved in the business,whether it be porn, prostitution or adult stage entertainment. An obvious subculture would be entirely male would be the gay club scene, entailing both drag and male strippers.

    Now take the statement by the Green Party, substitute the typical stereotype of the female streetwalker w/ the professional sex gay subculture and suddenly the statement reads like a plagiarization of 1980s Moral Majority. Because that is exactly what it is.

    The Green Party apparently has no problem stating female sex workers have no agency(talk about patriarchy!). But the GP wouldn’t dare say that about male sex workers. And they sure as hell wouldn’t say that about gay male sex workers b/c– as mentioned above– it starts sounding like recycled Jerry Falwell.

    Sex Trafficking is largely bogus. Its a “White progressive savior” repeat of the drug war from the last century, fronted by a catholic dirigiste cabal posing as feminism, but ultimately spurred on by the post-911 security apparatus that wants to keep itself busy via a full-throttle expansion into human vice

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