Boston Globe Editorial board endorsement: Dan Fishman, a Libertarian, for auditor

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The office of the state auditor could do so much more for Massachusetts, but not under the leadership of Suzanne Bump.

The unfolding payroll scandal at the State Police — which somehow escaped the incumbent Democratic auditor’s notice — is a good example of the sort of waste and abuse that a real activist in the job might ferret out on behalf of taxpayers. An auditor without any partisan axes to grind could shake up the state.

In that spirit, the Globe endorses Daniel Fishman of Beverly, the Libertarian candidate, in the Nov. 6 general election.

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8 thoughts on “Boston Globe Editorial board endorsement: Dan Fishman, a Libertarian, for auditor

  1. Jim


    I’ve been trying to put together a list of newspapers and organizations that have endorsed Libertarian candidates. Still along way to go, but from what I’ve gathered so far, using the 2013 daily circulation numbers, this is the 6th largest newspaper to endorse a Libertarian. The larger ones:

    Chicago Tribune (Gary Johnson, 2016, President)
    Dallas Morning News (Mark Miller, 2016, Texas Railroad Commission)
    Houston Chronicle (Mark Miller, 2016, Texas Railroad Commission)
    Cleveland Plain Dealer (Matthew Cantrell, 2010, Ohio State Treasurer)
    Las Vegas Review-Journal (John Moore, 2016, Nevada Assembly District 8)
    Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nathan Santucci, 2008, Nevada Assembly District 22)

    It’s arguably the 4th largest. The Cleveland PD is no longer a daily and I think the Boston Globe is now slightly larger than the Las Vegas Review.

    Here’s the list that’s been put together so far:

    The bump from endorsements like this seems small, but it still says something about the state of the party when it’s being considered for an endorsement.

  2. Richard Winger

    Jim, I was endorsed by the Oakland Tribune (California) when I was the LP nominee for Secretary of State in 1986. I don’t know how to add that to LPedia. I couldn’t find any red link and anyway the LPedia list doesn’t yet have years earlier than 1994.

  3. Jim

    Added the Oakland Tribune’s endorsement of you. I couldn’t find the original article, unfortunately.

    The only reason the table stops in 1994 is because I haven’t yet found much before 1994 and I didn’t want to have a table with 22 years of nothing. In fact, every listed endorsement between 1994 and 2005 right now comes from the Montana Shooting Sports Association. One of these days, maybe, I’ll go through the old issues of LP News, but they rarely seem to report endorsements. This isn’t a project I’ve put a lot of time into, yet. I’ve just been adding them as I’ve come across them for the last few years. If it’s an endorsement from an organization, I’ll dig through the internet archive looking for endorsements from earlier years. There’s probably a lot still to find.

    The ability to edit LPedia without creating an account was ended in early 2017. There was too much bot generated spam.

  4. Richard Winger

    Jim, I’ll postally mail you a copy of the endorsement if you tell me your postal address.

    Ed Clark was endorsed by the Bakersfield Californian for Governor of California in 1978.

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