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Steve Kerbel Endorses ‘Libertarian Badass’ Lincoln Chafee

Steve Kerbel, former chair of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County (Colorado), was a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, dropping out just before the convention.  Afterwards he was a steadfast supporter of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, predictingpandemonium across the nation,” were Johnson not included in the debates.  He left the Libertarian Party in 2018 and formed the United Independents Party, which now appears to be defunct.  He rejoined the Libertarian Party in 2020. 

Earlier this month Kerbel wrote an editorial for Being Libertarian in which he explained his decision to endorse former Republican Senator and Independent governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, whom Kerbel referred to as a “Libertarian Badass” and the “next President of the United States.”

The Libertarian Party was fortunate enough to bring in another Governor with his own achievements that show that he too is a badass! This governor of Rhode Island was elected as an Independent. This man was the only Republican United States Senator to vote against President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. And this Presidential candidate stood up to Hillary Clinton face to face to challenge her about her e-mail scandal… and lived to tell the tale!

And who is that United States Senator that tried to stop the war before it started? Who is that Governor that won a statewide election without the help of the Republican or Democratic Parties? And who is that badass Presidential Candidate that challenged Hillary Clinton face to face?

I would like to offer my endorsement for and introduce the next President of the United States, and Libertarian badass. Governor Lincoln Chafee!

While it is true Chafee was the only Republican Senator to vote against the 2002 Authorization of Use of Military Force Against Iraq, he still voted to fund the war in 2003 and voted against the redeployment out of Iraq in 2006.

Kerbel’s reference to Chafee standing up to Hillary Clinton “face to face” about the e-mail scandal, occurred during the October 13, 2015 CNN Democratic presidential debate while Chafee sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.  As shown in this clip from the debate, Clinton’s non-response to Chafee’s mild attack on her received a great deal of applause and laughter in support for Clinton.  After dropping out of the race, Chafee then gave Clinton his “enthusiastic support.”

However, those are not the only reasons for Kerbel’s endorsement.  He adds:

Governor Chafee has the experience to take over the oval office on day one. He has the gumption to stand up against the powers that be, no matter how powerful they are. He has won elections for city, state, and federal office.

When Governor Chafee talks, the media listens. We need that type of powerhouse if we are to keep the momentum going. The United States needs honest leadership that will do the right things, and work to knock down the blockades against your freedom that have been building higher and higher for decades. The nominating convention is coming up very quickly. It’s time to rally behind the one person running for this nomination that already knows how to do the job. I encourage you all to support Governor Lincoln Chafee as the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States.

The 2020 Libertarian National Convention is currently scheduled for May 21–25 in Austin, Texas, though this may change due to closures resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Other candidates seeking the Libertarian presidential nomination include 1996 Libertarian Vice presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, Future of Freedom Foundation founder and president Jacob Hornberger, former Libertarian Party Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra, anti-war activist Adam Kokesh, former president of the Grady County (Georgia) NAACP John Monds, and performance artist Vermin Supreme.

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  1. Robert Hansen Robert Hansen April 1, 2020

    I’m sure Lincoln Chafee can’t even bring himself to *say* the word “badass”, much less be one.

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