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Bread and Roses Party Picks a Vice Presidential Nominee

As Ballot Access News reports, the Bread and Roses Party, a left wing minor party with ballot access in Maryland, picked a running mate for party founder and 2020 presidential nominee Jerome Segal.  His name is John de Graaf, a documentary filmmaker from Seattle.

Segal, a philosopher and research scholar at the  University of Maryland as well as president of the Jewish Peace Lobby, founded the Bread and Roses Party in 2018 after his failed primary challenge of Democratic Senator Ben Cardin.  The name derives from the rallying call of immigrant textile workers during a 1912 strike in Massachusetts.

There is no Wikipedia page for de Graaf.  However, his personal website is informative.  He also has a page on IMDB.

The party stands for the right to employment, a shortened work week, and required paid vacation.  In addition, it advocates for US recognition of the Palestinian state and support for the state’s admission into the UN.

Certification of the party in the state of Maryland required Segal to obtain 15,000 signatures, which he did.  Segal is attempting to appear on the ballot in other states for his 2020 campaign.  However, to avoid the spoiler effect, he will not seek ballot access in swing states.  The party supports presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in swing states.

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