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Prohibition Party Provides Update on Ballot Access

The latest issue of The National Prohibitionist, the official publication of the Prohibition Party, provides the following update on ballot access for the party’s presidential ticket:

There is hardly anyone on sidewalks and
in other traditional places for petitioning.
Going door-to-door exposes both the peti-
tioners and the residents to germs picked
up elsewhere. Many courthouses and other governmental offices are closed, making it difficult to obtain and return documents. The Prohibition ticket is “on” already in Arkansas. The Mississippi paperwork has been finished and submitted.

Getting on the ballot in our other three
target states (Colorado, Louisiana, and Tennessee) is uncertain. Little has been done in any of those, and, as the Covid-19 panic grows, less and less will be possible.

Our local candidate in Massachusetts
was prevented from finishing his petitions
when his city officials forbade him to con-
tinue petitioning.  We may be able to obtain a governor candidate in Tennessee by endorsing an independent. (Tennessee election laws make it easy to qualify as an “independent” but prohibitive to qualify as a third-party candidate.)

In addition, the publication defends newly-minted national chairman and 2020 presidential nominee Phil Collins; addressing the controversy surrounding his victory in the nonbinding American Independent Party (AIP) primary in California last month:

Some commentators have suggested
that, lacking information to the contrary,
many AIP voters believed they were voting
for a different “Phil Collins” – an English
popular musician with a large following in
the United States. However, “our” Collins
lived in California 14 years and has many
friends there.

Be that as it may, the person behind
that name was our own Phil Collins, and
“our Phil” won.

The AIP has ballot access in California so Collins inquired as to whether his victory ensured he would receive the party’s presidential nomination.  He sent emails on March 4 and March 30 to the party’s leadership but did not receive a response before the publication of the Prohibitionist. The AIP did not honor the results of the 2016 primary and gave then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump its ballot line.

Prohibitionist editor and 2016 Prohibition Party presidential nominee Jim Hedges adds the following thought about hypocrisy:

I have an axe to grind. I’ve brought this up
at other times, also, but the axe becomes
dull from use, and I have to sharpen it often:

People concerned with social evils should
set personal examples of righteousness in
their own conduct. Too often, we find that
opponents of marijuana use tobacco, that
governmental agencies working against
drug abuse sponsor cocktail parties, that
churches opposed to gambling hold bingo

“In order to be heard and believed – in
order to believe yourself – the [advocate]
must achieve a heightened personal au-
thenticity. It is never enough to bear the
message; you must enact the message.”
(Richard Todd, writing in Civilization, Jun/
Jul 99, p.52)

Prohibitionists do set examples in their
personal lives. Too often, nominal reform-
ers elsewhere are hypocrites.


  1. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | April 23, 2020

    I couldn’t fit this into the article. We’ve had discussion here previously about whether to classify the Prohibition Party as right wing. The National Prohibitionist discusses this:

    Another Economist article notes that high-tax Nordic countries have relatively low alcohol consumption. Next door to them, Finland also levies a high tax on alcohol. Next door to Finland, though, is Estonia, a low-tax country. Estonia began raising alcohol taxes in 2016, hoping to improve public health, reduce the social costs of drinking (and incidentally to raise some money via the sin tax). These things began to happen, but Latvia is next door to Estonia, and Latvia did not increase its tax on alcohol. Estonians began going to Latvia to stock up.

    In 2019, a right-wing party (the Economist refers to it disparagingly as “populist”) managed to win a place in the Estonian government and right away cut the alcohol tax by 25%. The point we should take away from this is that Prohibition is never a conservative policy. It is a radical reform proposal aimed at improving society, not at increasing profits.

  2. Paulie Paulie April 23, 2020

    Jim is incorrect about Colorado. I told him and the rest of the committee that my sub-subcontractor there has more than enough electors there, including herself, and is either working on getting extras or already sent them to him.

    The reason little has been done in Tennessee is that it can’t be. The state doesn’t issue the forms til may 22 and then in a unique quirk of state law they have to be shipped to Collins and then Parker to physically sign each page before being sent back to Tennessee for voters to sign. Thus nothing can be done before June there.

    He is correct about Louisiana. It turned out to be much harder than expected. Louisiana electors have to be registered voters of 6 separate congressional districts, not registered to vote with another party, and sign a form indicating they agree to be electors in front of a notary. Since many people don’t know or are wrong about whether or where they are registered and with which party if any they need to fill out a new registration as well as sign another form in front of a notary.

    I actually went to Louisiana to try to get them electors and failed. Housekeepers at my motel agreed to do it twice and changed their minds twice. We got rained out several days in a row. This was before coronavirus in the US. Now Louisiana is one of the hardest hit states. I doubt it will be feasible and have told the client as much.

  3. paulie paulie April 23, 2020

    I have no information about what they are doing in Mass other than from this article, as I am not involved in that and hadn’t heard of it til now.

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 23, 2020

    I would like to see the Drys gain ballot access in many states this year. If a one time good deal is given to all minor parties due to the China Death Virus From Hell End Of The World situation we now find ourselves in I would like to see the original American party of socialism take advantage of the situation and field a ticket. With all the talk of socialism these days it would be nice to see a return of the party of true American socialism even if I disagree with them.

  5. paulie paulie April 24, 2020

    Which one of the many is that? Or are you saying Prohibition used to be a socialist party?

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 24, 2020

    The SLP.

  7. paulie paulie April 24, 2020

    I think I read they folded? Or at least don’t try to get on the ballot now?

  8. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 24, 2020

    They closed their national office quite a while ago but still have a website. I believe they have a small endowment much like the Drys that is enough to keep the website up and running.

  9. paulie paulie April 24, 2020

    Thanks…I thought it was something like that but memory is apparently already starting to go.

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