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Howie Hawkins Announces Running Mate

2020 Green Party presidential frontrunner and party co-founder Howie Hawkins of New York has made his choice for a running mate. In an announcement posted today on his campaign website, Hawkins revealed that Angela Walker of South Carolina accepted his invitation to join the campaign as his preferred vice presidential pick.

Walker, who currently works as a truck driver in Florence, South Carolina, was the vice presidential nominee of Socialist Party USA in 2016 under presidential nominee Mimi Soltysik.  Hawkins is the current Socialist Party USA presidential nominee.

According to Hawkins, “Walker is a veteran working-class activist with decades of experience working for racial and economic justice in social movements, unions, and as an independent socialist candidate.”

Hawkins says he met Walker in 2014 while he was running for Governor of New York and she was running for Sheriff of Milwaukee County.  Hawkins liked what he saw.

“I was impressed by Angela’s ability to convey her message in plain language that people understand and with a conviction that people believe,” Hawkins recalls.  “She will be a great messenger for the Green Party.”

The Green Party will nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates at the national convention online July 9 through 12. Through primaries and state conventions, Hawkins has accumulated over half the delegates necessary to secure the presidential nomination.  Although the party usually gives deference to the presidential nominee’s preferred running mate, it is not required to do so.

“The United State has become a failed state in its response to the coronavirus health and economic crisis,” argues Hawkins. “[President] Trump is inept and [presumptive Democratic nominee] Biden is invisible. Angela will help the Green Party fill this vacuum of leadership and point us in a better direction. Angela will help the Green Party reach the working people, the people of color, and the young people who are the base the Green Party needs to become a major party and force in American politics.”

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