Justin Amash Lists Party as Libertarian in Congressional Directory

Congressman Justin Amash, who just announced his decision to join the Libertarian Party and seek its 2020 presidential nomination, officially changed his partisan affiliation in the Congressional directory to “Libertarian.”

Amash becomes the first sitting member of Congress to fully affiliate with the Libertarian Party.  Former Congressman Ron Paul was a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party during part of his Congressional career but always listed himself as Republican in the Congressional directory.

According to Ballot Access News, Amash is the first Congressman to list himself as a member of a nationally organized party other than the Democrats or Republicans since Vito Marcantonio listed himself as a member of the American Labor Party.  He left Congress in 1951.

6 thoughts on “Justin Amash Lists Party as Libertarian in Congressional Directory

  1. NewFederalist

    Well, well, well… isn’t THAT special?! Why didn’t he do it last July?

  2. Keith Jones

    While this is a fine step, it really isn’t progress. Amash had already decided to pursue the Libertarian nomination for 2020 so he wasn’t going to run as Libertarian for his current seat. He knows that he at best might garner a greater percentage of the popular vote than Gary did, and while that’s a noble intent, it’s not a win (yet). But, slow and steady wins the race. At some point.

  3. Dave

    Very nice to see from a historical perspective. I do wish he would run as a Libertarian for congress even if he gets the presidential nomination, but I imagine dirty tricks and sore losers laws if Michigan has him could kick him off the ballet. I know he wants to focus his energy on a presidential race, but even running a paper candidacy in his district would be fun to see and would show the strength, relatively speaking, of a sitting congressman switching to a minor party affiliation.

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