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Libertarian Party of Kentucky Holds Part 4 of Presidential Debate

Last week the Libertarian Party of Kentucky held part one of its five part presidential debate.  On Saturday it held part two and the next day it held part three.  Yesterday it held part four.

Participants were Adam Kokesh, Arvin Vohra, Sam Robb, Dan Behrman, and Brian Ellison.

It is embedded below:

In the poll after the debate Kokesh won with 32.2 percent followed closely behind by Behrman with 27.7 percent.

In the overall poll of parts two and four to determine the participants for part five, Jacob Hornberger, Judge Jim Gray, Vermin Supreme, and Jo Jorgensen were all selected to go up against Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash on Saturday.  If any of these candidates are unable to attend, Kokesh will take their place.

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