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News & Notes: Baker Backs Out, Communists Throw Birthday Party, NC Libertarian Fueled by Crypto

TYNER TURNS 80: The New York District of the Communist Party USA is inviting supporters to celebrate the 80th birthday of Jarvis Tyner, “our outstanding comrade and leader.”

In addition to serving in numerous leadership roles within the party, Tyner was also the CPUSA candidate for vice president, running with Gus Hall, twice in the 1970s. The pair captured 25,598 votes in 1972 and more than doubled that showing to 58,709 in 1976.

(Interesting side note, Tyner spoke fondly about Gus Hall during a 2-hour memorial service that was televised by C-SPAN in 2000.)

The birthday event notice continues: “Jarvis has led a life full of forward motion for the working class, always willing to lead by example and never backing away from our Party’s science to change this country for the better.”



LIBERTARIAN HOPES TO RIDE SHIBA INU WAVE: Shannon Bray, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, won more than 171,000 votes or 3.13% in 2020. Now he’s running again in 2022 and hoping to raise awareness for his campaign (and money for veterans) by harnessing the power of a meme-based cryptocurrency called Shiba Inu.

Bray did an interview with Yahoo Finance about his campaign and the “memecoin” movement.

BAKER BACKS OUT: Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker, a moderate Republican, faced a Trump-backed primary challenge and a potentially difficult general election. Recent polling suggested his best bet to win a third term in office would be to run as an independent, but it seems that he will instead step aside. Former president Trump touted Baker’s decision as a big win, but this series of events almost guarantees that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win the governorship of that deep-blue state.

AMERICAN SOLIDARITY SWITCHER: A recent letter to the editor of the Daily Freeman newspaper in Kingston, New York charges that American democracy is under attack from former president Donald Trump and his supporters. The writer concludes his case by announcing: “I just changed my party affiliation from Republican to the American Solidarity Party, and I will not pull the lever for another Republican until I see them returning to civility, honesty, democracy and the rule of law.”