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Maine Legislator John Andrews Switches Registration from Libertarian to Republican

Maine state representative John Andrews has switched his registration back to Republican. The change happened at the end of 2021, as he feared that a legal battle might have kept the Libertarian Party off the ballot in Maine.

“I was a Republican before and many of my principles are aligned with them,” Andrews told the Bangor Daily News while explaining his party switch. “There are a lot of Republicans I want to work with next year and through this session as well.”

Andrews became the first ever Libertarian in the Maine legislature when he changed his registration in December of 2020, a move that followed a fight with party leaders over committee assignments.

The loss of Representative Andrews brings brings the number of current Libertarian state legislators down to one, Marshall Burt of Wyoming. He was first elected to that state’s house of representatives in 2020 as a Libertarian.

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  1. George Whitfield George Whitfield January 18, 2022

    I am sorry to hear that John Andrews has departed the Libertarian Party.

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