News & Notes: Mountain Party Blasts Abortion Bill, Controversial Libertarian Joins NH Senate Race

MOUNTAIN PARTY BLASTS ABORTION BILL: The West Virginia Mountain Party has put out a release condemning an anti-abortion resolution introduced in the State Senate by Democratic Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin and Republican Senators Patricia Rucker and Randy Smith.

“This resolution is a slap in the face to the women, transgender men, and others whose reproductive freedoms were guaranteed in Roe v. Wade,” charges the Mountain Party. “While anti-abortion legislation is to be expected from religious extremists in the Republican Party, the West Virginia Democratic Party is no stranger to the crusade against reproductive freedom, even among its so-called progressive wing; it is therefore unsurprising that Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin is a co-sponsor of this resolution.”

HOWIE’S BAD DREAM: “I had a nightmare on New Year’s Eve. I dreamt I was watching the 2022 New York gubernatorial debate. The ‘Left’ was represented by a corporate Democrat, Gov. Kathy Hochul, who was praising the status quo,” writes Howie Hawkins in this appeal for help with the Green Party of New York’s 2022 ballot access drive.

KAUFFMAN JOINS NH SENATE RACE: Politics1 reports that crypto-industry entrepreneur and controversial Libertarian activist Jeremy Kauffman has entered the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire. He joins the race against incumbent Maggie Hassan, a first-term Democrat who previous served as the state’s governor from 2013-2017.

His tweets are… colorful?

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  1. George Phillies

    The LPNH,now under the control of the Mises Caucus, has also nominated a candidate for Governor. Her religious belief is reportedly reincarnationalism, a variant on the Hindu belief that your next life is determined by your merits in this life. In her variant, you get to find out in advance what your next life will be, and choose it consciously so the experience will make you a better soul. This would include people who suffer ghastly fates.

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