Ted Rall: Democrats Talk a Good Game About Election Integrity, But Use Tricks to Punish Green Party

Political columnist and cartoonist Ted Rall, a voice of the left, took Democrats to task for their treatment of Green Party candidates in a new Wall Street Journal editorial.

Rall lays out the case that Democrats used lawsuits over minor technicalities to force Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins off the ballot in several states in 2020.

“The Greens appeared on 28 state ballots in 2020, down from 44 in 2016. The decline was in large part due to Democratic lawsuits. The effort extends down the ballot as well,” writes Rall. “In 2020 Democrats blocked Green Party nominees for the U.S. Senate, House and railroad commissioner from appearing on the ballot in Texas. Montana Democrats sued to remove all Greens from the ballot in 2018 and 2020.”

“If Democrats want to be taken seriously on voting rights, they should stop suing the Greens,” he concludes.

Thanks to Ballot Access News for this link.



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