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New Poll Puts Libertarian Larry Sharpe at 6% in Potential New York Governor’s Race

New York governor Kathy Hochul is popular with likely voters, her job approval stands at 55% approve/33% disapprove according to a new Zogby Analytics poll.

Hochul, who took over when Andrew Cuomo resigned last year, also holds a strong lead over the former governor in the event he were to attempt a comeback bid in the Democratic primary. Zogby polled such a match-up as 41% for Hochul and only 20% for Cuomo.

But of most interest to our readers is a hypothetical gubernatorial race featuring incumbent Hochul at 44%, Republican congressman Lee Zeldin at 27%, and Libertarian Larry Sharpe polling at 6%. It’s a strong start for the popular and charismatic Sharpe, who finished fourth in the 2018 race with 95,033 votes or 1.53%.

Sharpe released this teaser video for his campaign on Tuesday, February 1st…

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Austin Cassidy


  1. Andy Andy February 3, 2022

    Getting Larry Sharpe, or any other minor party or independent candidate, on the ballot for a statewide office in New York is going to be EXTREMELY difficult under New York’s awful new ballot access law for minor party and independent candidates.

  2. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes February 3, 2022

    So what, Austin?
    We have seen these polls many times before.
    Nearly always actually.
    Some Libertarian or Green or Independent gets some polling. Maybe even low double figures. It eventually drops to the final outcome-near zero. Maybe near 1%.
    Extremely few exceptions. Like Perot.
    Duverger’s Law eventually got him.
    Go back over 100 years to Teddy Roosevelt to see anything close to that.
    A Libertarian has NO HOPE of winning, because The Libertarian Vote/Cato Institute found a MAX of 13%.

  3. Jared Jared February 3, 2022

    Sharpe knows NY state politics exceptionally well. He, along with Amash and Cohen, is one of the best communicators (to a general audience of normies) in the party. If any Libertarian can put a dent in New York, it’s Larry Sharpe.

  4. George Whitfield George Whitfield February 3, 2022

    Glad to see Larry Sharpe polling well. I think he is a great communicator for the Libertarian Party. I look forward to his campaign.

  5. Andy Andy February 3, 2022

    Under the new ballot access law in New York, he needs 45,000 valid petition signatures in about 6 weeks. I think the petition circulating period begins in late March. This will be EXTREMELY difficult to pull off.

  6. Sammy H Sammy H February 4, 2022

    Zogby polls are not very accurate anyway

  7. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | February 4, 2022

    He’s an “exploratory” candidate right now, but it seems obvious he’s going to run. Based on his past success in organizing and raising money, he’s probably the only LPNY candidate who would have a prayer of getting that many signatures.

    Don’t know what the Greens are planning, but if they sit this one out it could set him up for a much stronger showing than 2018… maybe 3-5% on election day in a 3-way race? Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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