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Andrew Yang Announces Forward Party At FreedomFest

Andrew Yang with Larry Sharpe, photo by Joe Buchman

An article by Brittany Sheehan, published by Red State Media, titled “FreedomFest ’22: Andrew Yang Announces Forward Party and ‘Final 5’ Voting Reforms”, reports that, “As a former presidential and mayoral candidate who ran as Democrat before breaking up with the party, Yang’s inclusion as a speaker raised some eyebrows among attendees. But, on the convention’s final day, Yang was excitedly received by the audience. . . .  One of the main objectives of Yang’s new Forward Party is to promote ranked choice voting with open primaries. Yang calls his proposed system “Final 5 voting,” and it appears to be more than a coincidence that this issue will be on the November ballot as a constitutional amendment in Nevada, the state Yang announced from.”

LNC Chair Angela McArdle was interviewed for the article and was quoted as saying that she believes the Forward Party aims to appeal to, “[c]entrists, moderates and Libertarians who have progressive tendencies who feel that economic freedom is not a priority.”

The full article can be read HERE.

FOX news also covered Yang’s appearance at FreedomFest.

“Speaking with Fox News Digital at the libertarian FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas, Yang offered a restrained response over whether he intends to seek any office again, saying he’s “super excited” to build the Forward Party nationwide, boasting its “robust volunteer operations and chapters in every state in the country.”

Video of the FOX interview with Andrew Yang can be found HERE.

Next year’s FreedomFest will be held in Memphis Tennessee, July 12 to 15, 2023.   Interested IPR readers can find more information and register HERE.

Audio of the entire presentation, as well as most other presentations at FreedomFest, some of which include video, will be made available on the FreedomFest “AUDIO” link HERE.  (NOTE: This link currently redirects to audio from the 2021 Freedom Fest, and is expected to be updated soon.)

IPR will be uploading selected partial transcripts of other libertarian FreedomFest presenters as they become available.

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