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ACLU, ally of minor parties, loses major donor

The American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that has helped many minor parties and independent candidates in ballot access fights, has lost their largest donor, reported the New York Times.  This anonymous donor had previously contributed more than $20 million every year.  Other organizations are working to raise this money now, which represented a quarter of the ACLU’s national budget, but they have not been able to raise as much as would have been contributed.… Read more ...

Moderate Party of Rhode Island ordered to disclose information in ballot access case

The Connecticut Day is reporting that a fledgling party in Rhode Island, the Moderate Party, has been asked by the state of Rhode Island to provide information about “membership and structure” in order to determine if it has standing in a ballot access case.  The party has filed suit against the state, with the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union, to lower the number of signatures needed to get a candidate on the ballot in Rhode Island. … Read more ...

Constitution Party: ‘Military bows to ACLU demand against preaching’

Associated Press article reposted at ConstitutionParty.com:

Americans entering the military often receive Bibles, courtesy of the Gideons International. But the Gideons have been told that while they can leave complimentary Bibles at most military induction stations, they cannot stay there to proselytize or preach to the recruits.

Daniel Trew, public information officer for the Military Entrance Processing Command, says the policy was recently established after concerns were raised by the American Civil Liberties Union.… Read more ...

Barr wins Massachusetts substitution case

Ballot Access News reports

On September 22, U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton granted injunctive relief to Bob Barr and the Massachusetts Libertarian Party, and ordered them placed on the ballot. Barr v Galvin, 08-11340. The decision is eleven pages long. It says, “No public interest is served in having the wrong nominees on the ballot.

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Bob Barr condemns bungled police raid as example of unaccountable law enforcement agencies

Press Release from the Barr campaign. This one may be of particular interest given Barr’s professional background, which is described in the last paragraph.

Atlanta, GA — “We typically make fun of bungled police operations by saying they were conducted by the gang that couldn’t shoot straight,” notes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president.

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South Carolina Green Party goes to court

In a 15 page brief, the South Carolina Green Party has filed suit, with the American Civil Liberties Union providing legal representation, to secure their rights to nominate candidates of their choice.

The candidate in question, Eugene Platt was denied his place on the November ballot in his race for State House District 115 because he lost the Democratic Primary after winning the Green Party nomination at the state convention, which the Greens held more than a month before the Democratic Primary.… Read more ...