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Libertarian Allen Buckley may make endorsement in Georgia Senate runoff

Libertarian US Senate candidate Allen Buckley, who recently forced a runoff election after neither of the major party contenders achieved 50%, is now saying he may indeed make an endorsement. However, it will require one of the two major party candidates to sign a form promising to take certain votes for fiscal responsibility.… Read more ...

Georgia Libertarian Allen Buckley plays kingmaker in US Senate runoff

Posted at Delaware Libertarian

Since Allen Buckley’s 3.4% take in the Georgia Senatorial race kept either Saxby Chambliss or Jim Martin from scoring 50%, there will be a December run-off. You can expect a lot of national attention, but the fact is that Georgia turn-out was pretty high, and those 126,000 Buckley voters are now a prime commodity.

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Independent and alternative party candidates play key role in four US Senate races still to be decided

According to CNN

Although Democrats gained a decisive majority in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, their hopes are fading for a filibuster-proof 60 seats.

Four hotly contested Senate races hang in the balance: Alaska, Georgia, Minnesota and Oregon.

Democrats needed to add nine seats to their current caucus of 51 (49 Democrats and two independents allied with them) to gain enough of a majority to push legislation through the Senate unimpeded.

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