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Michigan Green Party nominates slate of 34 candidates for 2010 elections

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Michigan Green Party recently nominated a number of candidates, including several for statewide office and Congress, bringing the total number of Greens running in Michigan this year to 34. The candidates include Harley Mikkelson for Governor and Lynn Meadows for Lt. Governor, John Anthony La Pietra for Secretary of State, and 7 candidates running for various statewide education-related offices.… Read more ...

Onthewilderside blog says, “Democrats and Republicans are both anti-choice: Vote Green Party”

Posted at onthewilderside.com. Based on a national Green Party press release:

Greens blast the anti-choice Stupak Amendment in the Democrats’ health care bill, predict voter anger and defections from the Democratic Party over the amendment

Green Party leaders today called the Stupak Amendment in the recently passed US House bill on health care reform a disaster for women’s reproductive rights and a betrayal of the Democrats’ stated support for women’s rights and well-being.

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Libertarian, Green, Democrat debate in Michigan’s 10th district; GOP incumbent a no-show

Libertarian Neil Kiernan Stephenson, Green Party candidate Candace Caveny, and Democrat Robert Denison — all candidates to replace Republican incumbent and REAL ID leader Candice Miller (who didn’t show up) as Michigan’s 10th district congressional rep. — recently participated in a debate. IPR has added the audio to its YouTube channel.… Read more ...