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Carl Loser charged with felony assault for allegedly rolling up car window during traffic stop

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Carl Loser, a former candidate for a Richmond-area seat in the Virginia state Senate, has been charged with assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop in Henrico County, according to police.

Henrico police said Loser rolled up his car window on an officer’s hand after debating a speeding ticket on New Year’s Day.

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Carl Loser accused of sending threatening email to campaign manager’s ex-wife

From Markus Schmidt at the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

A Libertarian candidate for state Senate has sent an email to his campaign manager’s estranged ex-wife, threatening the loss of her home and custody of her daughter if she went public about a child support issue with the campaign manager. […]

“Contact the Richmond Times and I promise I will personally take action to ensure you no longer have a home, and Corey will have custody of your daughter,” [Carl Loser] wrote.

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Carl Loser (L-VA) holds out “bag of weed” at candidate forum while arguing against prohibition

Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Loser provided some of the most memorable moments in the forum by holding aloft what he called “a bag of weed” to demonstrate what he termed the damage of government drug laws to families that run afoul of them. He also caused a stir in the studio audience by suggesting that public school teachers are overpaid, a sentiment that Sturtevant, who is married to a teacher, countered to applause.

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