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Time Capsule: Barry Commoner Rallies Crowd of 1,100 Supporters to Qualify for Oregon Ballot

Barry Commoner, a pioneer in the ecology movement and Citizens Party candidate for president, earned a spot on the Oregon ballot in 1980 with a speech before an enthusiastic crowd of 1,100 cheering supporters in Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.

The crowd, which included a visible contingent of Gray Panthers, the senior citizens advocacy group founded by Philadelphia activist Maggie Kuhn in 1970, fulfilled the state’s requirement for a nominating convention of 1,000 delegates needed under Oregon law to qualify a presidential candidate for the November ballot.… Read more ...

Barry Commoner: The Progressive Ecologist

Barry Commoner, environmental pioneer, dies at 95 | Obituaries | stltoday.com

On this day 103 years ago, ecologist Barry Commoner was born. Commoner was not primarily known for his political activism, but his primary job as a cellular biologist influenced his political outlook in regards to the rising concerns regarding the environment.

Being dissatisfied with the Carter administrations lackluster response to environmental concerns, Commoner decided to create a new political party to bring these concerns to light called The Citizens Party.… Read more ...

Emma Wong Mar, First Asian-American to Run for National Office in November, Dies

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On September 16, Emma Wong Mar died in Oakland, California. She was 89. She was the Peace & Freedom Party’s vice-presidential nominee in 1984, and was the first Asian-American to appear on a general election ballot for President or Vice-President.

Her running mate in 1984 was Sonia Johnson.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson Now On Ballot in Four States

Darcy Richardson, who has commented here at IPR for a long time and was once a contributor to IPR, is running a primary challenge in the Democratic Party against incumbent President Barack Obama. Mr. Richardson is now on the ballot in four states–Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, and New Hampshire.

Additionally, Darcy Richardson is hoping to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania, where petitioning is required, and be the only other Democratic candidate to do so.… Read more ...