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US Senate Candidate from LP of California Gail Lightfoot Discusses Being a Libertarian

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No one today understands what it was to be a Conservative or why we, as Libertarians, came together in support of freedom.

Most of us awakened to the ideas of freedom during the Goldwater Campaign.

That position was not Right or Left, it was a pure expression of hunger for something we knew should be available to each of us.… Read more ...

California Alternative Parties: poll, debate, school mock elections

Ballot Access News:

Field Poll Shows California Gubernatorial “Other” Candidates at 5%

On October 28, the Field Poll released a gubernatorial poll for California. The poll did not mention all 6 candidates on the ballot. It merely asked respondents if they favor the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or a minor party nominee.

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Polling Shows Little Support for Minor Party Nominees in CA

The Public Policy Institute of California will be co-sponsoring a future gubernatorial debate, and has a stated policy of only inviting candidates who demonstrate at least 10% support in a neutral poll to such an event. In order to provide for this, earlier this month the group polled the gubernatorial and senate races and included all nominees on the ballot.… Read more ...

Libertarian Gail Lightfoot’s lawsuit against Obama eligibility granted conference by US Supreme Court

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Posted by Arlen Williams to Renew America. Excerpt:

Chief Justice John Roberts has sent a full-throated challenge of Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility to conference: Lightfoot v. Bowen (SCOTUS docket page). Investigating Obama (I.O.) interviewed Lightfoot lead attorney Orly Taitz at 2:20pm CT today, minutes after she learned of this move.

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Ron Paul qualified as official write-in candidate in California

Eric Garris just reported over at the LewRockwell.com blog that Ron Paul will be an official write-in candidate in California. This is in addition to Ron Paul being on the ballot in Montana and Louisiana.

The California Secretary of State will announce tomorrow that Ron Paul has been certified as an official write-in candidate for President.

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Barr wins Libertarian presidential nomination on 6th ballot

Bob Barr will be the 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee. Ballot-Access News has reported full vote totals for each round of voting, with the final decisive vote being:

Bob Barr: 324
Mary Ruwart: 276
NOTA: 26

The order of elimination was:

1st Round: Jingozian eliminated (endorsing Gravel), Smith eliminated (opposing Barr)
2nd Round: Kubby eliminated (endorsing Ruwart)
3rd Round: Phillies eliminated (no endorsement)
4th Round: Gravel eliminated (according to a comment on BAN, endorsing Barr over Ruwart if Root eliminated
5th Round: Root eliminated (endorsing Barr, going for VP)
6th Round: Barr wins nomination

The VP selection process is currently ongoing.… Read more ...

Lightfoot to seek LP’s vice-presidential nomination

California Libertarian Gail Lightfoot, chair of the San Luis Obispo County LP and 2006 candidate for Secretary of State, has announced her candidacy for the LP’s vice-presidential nomination.

Lightfoot joins a field which already includes Daniel E. Williams of Florida, who gave up his presidential campaign in April in deference to Bob Barr, and Leonard Schwartz of Michigan.… Read more ...